RE: The reason your comments aren't being upvoted is probably because they're bad

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The reason your comments aren't being upvoted is probably because they're bad

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Hi @raikuhen , thanks for writing this article. You actually did a good job by writing this article. It gives insights to what us steemians should write in a comment section. There is one article that I read just now, it is also related with the comment section, but it is about spamming. It was wrote by @crytoctopus. I think his article might interest you.

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Sorry for responding so late, I usually don't touch anything related to work on weekends, so I didn't see your comment until now.

I just finished reading the article of @cryptooctopus and I agree with him. People who just spam you with whatever comments they can to either upvote themselves or hoping the author upvotes them deserve to be punished.

Luckily I'm not in a similar position to his since I don't really receive a lot of similar comments, but I see his point of view and I agree with it.

People need to learn what type of comments to write if they hope to get upvotes - useful feedback that can help the author improve, comments that express the point of view of whoever wrote it or something that can start another conversation.

Repeating what the author said or saying a bunch of random words hoping to get an upvote is just a waste of time, for both the author and those who check the comment section hoping to find something interesting.

Thank you for your comment and for recommending the article of @cryptooctopus :)


Its ok. By the way, thank you for responding to my comment, and yeah, I just replied today because I only discover that replies section in this Steem app just now.