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RE: Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!

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Congratulations and thanks for this wonderful initiative of yours in India. I'm very new to Steemit and looking to learn a lot about steeming from you.
I'd love to organize such meets in my city too. You are always welcome to my city to address a gathering of interested potential steemers. I'm from Udaipur in India.

Am following you now.


Maybe Jaipur might happen later in the year but Udaipur sounds interesting too. Let's see how the next couple of months go!

WOW! That's exciting. Would it be before Lisbon Steemfest or later. Do keep me posted.
I can understand Udaipur is a smaller city in comparison. So if you ever have plans for Ahmedabad too, do update me as well 'coz it's much closer to Udaipur than Jaipur.

Certainly, stay tuned to my posts or join #India on Steemit.Chat :)

Joined. Thanks for pointing out. Good to see 170 members there. How many Indians are on Steemit these days? Any rough estimate from you would be appreciated.

Not sure about that.