Steem Price Steem $0,793512 USD (3,17%) - Power Up Your Steem

in steemit •  4 months ago

 The  Part Number 2

 The low price of Steem gives you the opportunity to buy Steem and build your SteemPower 

 What do you think about buying Steem now and building up its Steempower? 


 ** I've previously posted this video, but think it's in its place
to run it again  

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What do you think about prices? Are we at the lowest prices? I have powered up when prices were 1.3 USD. I can power up again but I'm afraid prices will decrease.


Hi @chorock

It is possible that the price base has not yet been reached.

But power up is smart "Vesting - STEEM tokens that are powered up to Steem Power will earn a small amount of new tokens for holding." Do not believe that everyone knows about this

And the more power you have the more you can give in voting power and you earn more

And who does not want more Steem when the prices are again good

I think thats is good and good too for you share that @xpilar


Hi @heriafriadiaka

Yes, I think that those who have an opportunity to buy can be a smart choice

great disco

very good disco
to power up



hehe, thanks @sultan-aceh

I think this is a very right step. This will greatly help the development of steem power from every user who powerups when steem prices are low @xpilar


Hi @alfarisi

Higher voting power, the more steem I deserved back


Sure, I agree with what you say @xpilar hehehe

You are great xpilar! excellent video! congratulation to you


thanks @ahlawat

Beautiful & informative video...

On a serious note, I do 100% agree with your stance. When the prices are low one should buy the steem this is the rule of commerce too. It is also a wonderful opportunity for all those who wants prominent member of the steemit by acquiring the more steem.

Thanks for this awesome advise @xpilar :)


Nice to hear, thanks @salmanbukhari54

Hello @xpilar greetings,

Buy Steem at this time would be a great investment, in my case I would love to buy and grow my SP but unfortunately I am spending my SP to pay debts. :(


Hi @yanes94

Yes, I understand you have to do it.

Hope you later manage to build up your SP again


Thank you very much @xpilar. I also want that to happen and soon. 👏

Greetings and good night. 👋

Its the golden time to power up steemians time to grab them all :D


Hi @blazing

That's right because we've only seen the start of Steemit progressively

Am very much agree with you Snr. @xpilar on this matter, it is really a good time to get some steem and power up! As long as one could hv opportunity to do so, it would be wise move, and besides, there is always no lose in power up, the higher your VP, the more you earn, and in due time when this reddish atmosphere over, and Steem and others crypto currency rise back, who won't smile and sit up to expect more explode of Steem... Thx for reminding, how I hope I could have hv chance to power up too... it is well.

Thank for share..


Hi @davidad

Nice to hear, hope that many will understand and take advantage of the opportunit


Hope too!!!

A very good tip for everyone! Thanks.


thanks @bluemoon


With pleasure!

yup many people doing ot right now you know exyle bought 500 steem right now and thats good a one more person bouhht about 8000 steem ohh mann


Hi @hassanabid

Yes, those who have an opportunity can make smart purchases now

@xpilar, For sure it's an great opportunity and in my opinion people who can afford, this is the great opportunity.

And for sure current phase is really difficult because the Crypto Sphere is reflecting in rough time and crisis.

But the situation is due to the Domination of Bitcoin because price of Bitcoin can push the prices of Altcoins.

But for sure Steem Economy hold some exciting times ahead and in my opinion we will going to see the growth in future.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Hi @chireerocks

Yes, I agree with you


Thank you so much. 🙂