It is still flowing over here at Steemit with offers to earn more.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Many are tempted to try the different services.

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It is still flowing over here at Steemit with offers to earn more.
Many are tempted to try the different services.

Most services cost something to get something back.
Everyone wants to be visible on Steemit, get many followers, be voted on with good rewards. It's not that easy when it comes in over 17000 - 20000 blogs every day.

What do you think are the best services offered and what is your experience with them?
Do you have other opinions about what is best to do without using those services?

Anyone who posts a comment will be upvoted by me on their comments in this blog even though I do not comment on your comment.

Comments that are good for the users with good content will I reward extra with Steemdollar.

Those who provide such services are welcome to promote their programs here.

Regards @xpilar

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I personally like @booster and @randowhale

You basically get back what you put in with the chance to get more

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Sounds sensible
Tell me more about how it works

Upvote from me comes a little later

Send @randowhale 1sbd with your post link as the memo, and he comes and votes between 1-5%
Comes to a little over 1$- 3$+

@booster works the same way except you can send whatever amount an your splitting a vote with others who send sbd.

In both cases you get the sbd back plus a little extra.
I just like having more upvotes and exposure so i use it.
Promoting your post by .01sbd will also get you a vote worth 10cents...

Lol, i buy too many votes. Its kind of pathetic when i really think about it

Sounds good.. but what do they benefit from it? Where do they make their profit? As @Xpilar said "most services cost something to get something back"...

Hahaha. Not pathetic, just sending yourself some love:)

They are just using their voting power to upvote or in some cases resteem, so it costs them nothing. But the user pays them 1SBD. :-p

That's right, they help others and earn more for themselves or?

I like @booster as well. Randowhale is a nice little bonus vote to give a minnow.
I am testing bellyrub today.

When you tested the bellyrub it would be nice with a feedback

Very good question @xpilar


yes buddy

This post received a 4.8% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @xpilar! For more information, click here!

Sent @randowhale 1sbd and was upvoted from 7.31 to 7.52

Lol. You used randowhale on my comment!
Thanks bro.
It was about $1.44 it upvoted!
Make sure your using your original post link.
The comments have Re: in the link.

Ill give ya a randowhale vote back.
Just dont use him 2x for the same post

LOL, then we got tested that way too
Thanks @ generation.easy

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Minnowbooster can give an additional small boost if you need. Good for small starting channels.
And there are people who offer good upvotes for sbd (135%+ more than you pay). But didn't use their services yet so not sure.

Others who use minnowbooster?

Nono. Sending people sbd for upvotes.


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ther's alot of services in steemit here are a few of them :
for whaleshare you need to have bitshare account and use whaleshares or beyound bit for it.
you can buy delegation for here or like @booster from @minnowboster you can get upvote 1 steem = to 100 SP delegation so it's worth it as i've already tried it
for you @xpilar i think selling your delegation is more worth cause you don't realy post alot that's my opinion :)
minnowbooster you need to join discord and subscribe with 0.002 steem in their program they give every 12h upvote worth 0.3$ worth it
for the other like randowhale booster i'm not realy into them cause of steem variance in the market that's all :)
i add the for more follower and more upvote not alot but more it's new

Then will check some of

if you need any information for any of them just tell me


This post received a 4.5% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @generation.easy! For more information, click here!

See 7.50 all the way to 9.33 = $1.83

He gets the 1sbd plus curation rewards.
Seems like a good way to make it win-win

It's good, seems to be a win-win

thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed :)

Thank you

u are welcome :)

Wow, amazing..
Thanks for sharing information :)
Resteem @xpilar


Welcome my friend :)

i like to keep it natural flowing no money money thing :D

There are many who do it and do it well

woooooooooooooooow [email protected]


so many tempting offers hahah

There are many, so I wonder what works

Honestly i am not try with the bots and whales offers, i am doing my own way of hard working all the day and it works me fine for me. but once i saw your post it make me to think twice

It's about what's best for you, maybe some of the services will help.

yes agree . i going to think again. thanks for the brainstorm

you're welcome

i never tried it yet

Hope to find out more about the different services

looks like you tried all the offers here in comment section :) which one was the best

I've just tried @ randowhale on this post and look fine

Amazing post dear friend :)


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

My pleasure dear friend.

Wow..once again nice post with good article from @xpilar
(1) your presentation and written skill is excellent sir....always you have earned my respect.
(2) you have got good command.
(3) I think you have more creative and different idea about steemit
(4) I think you have very good tips and tricks about using this platform
(5) your valuble ideas and knowledge is very useful to me
(5) Thank you so much this post
I have become ur fan.
will be regular reader of ur blog.
Happy steeming....

Thank you very much for your comment about me

You are wel come my dear friend @xpilar
I'm awaiting your next valuble uptade in this platform...
Happy steeming and keep it up post...

Thank you

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@minnowbooster and @randowhale are most commonly used. minnowbooster can be used to buy an upvote , lease steempower starting from 1week aggrement to 3 weeks. for Upvote you can bid starting from 1SBD , if you bid higher at the time minowbooster is on 100% voting power, it will upvote you arround 25$ worth. To lease steempower you have to send 1steem for 100 steem power on 1week contract. Or you can dedicate your steempower to minnowbooster on intrest , which comes daily in seem power. Thank you

Seems it will help Minnows with good voting power.
But as often they have little Steem to buy for, otherwise they have to go to the market to buy Steem. Seeing that it may be difficult for Minnows as many of them live under poor conditions. And that's the people who need our help most here at Steemit.
But i see that @minnowbooster and their team are doing a great job of helping.

Yes it is amazing to have 100 steempower only for 1 steem. Also there is potential return on investment of 1steem. You may get more than 1 after a week.

Yes, that's amazing. Seems to be a win-win

Yes it is , cheers


I like the bank service by neoxian. You can deposit on the bank or take loan. I think its the best service here in steemit. But its my personal opinion.

Seems like @ neoxian delivers good services to the community

Yeah @neoxian is contributing to make community better by providing good services

Thumbs up here for @neoxian
Understand that there must be a lot of work for @neoxian

Hi @xpilar...though these bot upvote services are nice for sure.....I think joining and building communities will get you on the right path...because as you said everybody wants followers be seen and not just a 2 minute blip on the feed and to make joining communities such as @minnowproject....or get followers and upvotes and seen....and the more you build yourself up in the community earning rep amd followers you will be seen and as long as you are writing valuable good blogs you will be paid.... but see in these know your followers and they know you are active everyday ....I am a member of #minnowfaucet @nicnicy and I strongly support it and am active daily...and I will join The minnow support Project soon :) buying votes and followers might help an inch ...being in a community supporters and friends...will get you miles....will make you successful. ...I know that The minnow support team has education classes on writing quality blogs and much more....There is no Fred Flinstone get rich quick's still time and work so why not have friends and support and education along the way......what's that old saying give a man a fish he eats for a day teach him to fish he'll eat for's the truth....but hey that's just my 2 cents :) :) Kaleigh

Good comment

STEEMIT is full of these services

And then it's good to find out what's of the best deals

Thank you for making this post. Both your comments and the replies are really helpful for a novice steemer like me.

I've tried using @buildawhale - paid 0.1 sbd for a 0.17 upvote. Will have a go with some of the others in the comments here. Thanks again.

Nice to find it useful, hope more come here and tell what they are using and how it works

Honestly this post is really great" it's like revealing all that in my mind, but upon all, I must send my warm regards to friend of mine @xpilar has been a wonderful Blessed to me and to this platform called steemit" I must tell u the truth he was the one encouraged me to keep active here, if people were like him this community will be more interested than this, @xpilar is someone wish me good, this post really make sense to me.
I wonder most times that if anyone upvote, retweet or comments there is reward for that? but still barely u get upvoted on every of post while others get better ^^ but this post revealed lots of hidden truth behind some people success here I tagged "Services" give and take back " kudos to @xpilar ..... and to those who offers ^ services I think they all support the steemtian amateur..
@xpilar 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪#@davidad 👀

Nice to hear @ davidad
With this post, I really want to reveal what helps Minnows

My upvotes are free!

So great @millionairemark
Seeing that you are using some of the services we mention.
Can you tell us a little about it and how satisfied you are

I always try to upvote your posts whenever possible. I'm satisfied because we both get paid.


I think where you go @xpilar .... hopefully you are healthy @xpilar Thank you for coming me post and vote @xpilar


Where you @xpillar .... hopefully you are healthy....

@xpilar ........... Are you healthy

Yes, but have worn my back now. Getting better now :)

Hahahaha .... nice to meet again ...

Ok @xpillar.... i will see it

Do you have another job yeah .... good luck
I think because I do not post a bird anymore so you do not come see .... hahahahaha