So, my daily updates are going well.

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Love Steem
and Steem 🐳s
will love you


I'm just saying... this steem thing isn't so bad...

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Car look really good. Lucky you!

Thanks, for clarification, that's not the gift from the whale -- the gift from the whale was just a fat upvote. The car belongs to the dealership I work for. I just had it out for a joy ride and I pulled over to Steem onward... :)

I knew it Because I saw your fat $45 in the bottom post. HAHA

quite fat, rite?

i'm barely a minnow. its my own fault, because i haven't taken the time to do anything on steemit yet. trying to fix that.

Bro, I know exactly how you feel. I've totally slept on Steemit and consider the haul I've brought in past week or so, I can say it pays to stay here. Just forget facebook and find your crowd here. You won't regret it.

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Love is in the air!

What app is that you are using?

Truly, I'm in ❤️ with steemit 😜😜😜😜😍😍😍

Who isn't who received their first $0.01 for a comment?

Boom. Wait until you get a $5 comment.

I am impatient. Give me my $5 comment upvote now. Call a whale and make it happen.

Full power comment for me right now at 70% is $.06 -- You're welcome :)

I am clicking so hard on everything you write that I already had to change my hardware.

Ok, that was the last GIF for me today. Until I change my mind.

Very kind of you and you know I likes me some gifs.

eSteem. I can not recommend it enough.

Better than the real thing? Like sex dolls?

hahaha a goat chained to the wall?

Thank you all for helping me
turn my wall into a total shit show 💲💲💲

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

That's what you get for writing words!

I knew I should have written foods.

Sugarwhale😂. Best regards and congrats!!!!

Pretty much. Fat fat fat on whale blubber!!! 🐳


double meeps


OMG!!!!!!!!!! 😮

It happened again! By accident!