Looking back how I started and grow here in Steemit

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Today I'm celebrating my 60 days here in Steemit with 50 score reputation! Indeed, It was just 2 months ago since I joined this community yet, It feels like I've been here for almost a year already!

Every day has become a very exciting day for me because of Steemit. My boring days turns into an exciting and challenging journey. My first month was a bit tough as I don't have enough knowledge and was still in the process of learning the system. I started to love the platform and the kind and humble people of it, so I decided to bring myself to the next level. I spent days on research and experiments. I dedicate most of my time to learn. I have followed several Whales and observed how they work in this platform. And yes, all my sleepless nights of studying were all worth it. I've learned a lot and it made a huge contribution to my journey and personal growth here in Steemit. And it's always nice to remember my achievements for the past 2 months. So I listed it below to serves as an inspiration to other minnows.

My achievements

  • Got 50 score reputation
  • With 919 leased Steem Power
  • Got 294 followers
  • My post has been featured by popular Steemians
  • I got noticed by some whales :D
  • I have won in several contests
  • I was able to host my own contest
  • I was able to launch my first project for minnows

Some might consider these as small achievements. But for me, it was already huge and worth a celebration. Because I believe that you will start receiving big blessings if you know how to be grateful for every small blessing you received.

And I want to thank @lynrogan for helping me to became part of this community. Also, these people who became my inspirations here in Steemit.


You might not know but I admire your humbleness and generosity to other Steemians. And I told myself that I also want to become like you :) So thank you for inspiring me and other fellow steemians.

Thus, I want also to inspire other minnows like me who are losing hope on this platform. And in my own little way, I want to help minnows through my small Free resteem and upvote project via @resteemvote.

The purpose of @resteemvote is to provide a Free Resteem and Upvote service to all minnows. I understand that some new minnows don't have any SBD on their account yet to afford paid resteem and upvote service. Thus @resteemvote will help them to take the first step. Just yesterday I launched the @resteemvote service and I am happy that many Steemians are there to support the project. I might consider adding new services in the near future to help more minnows in this community. You may check its Introduceyourself post Here to know how to avail the free service.

Life is wonderful and there's no such thing as failure unless you quit! Keep going, Keep Steeming!

Kindly continue supporting @surpassinggoogle who has been very helpful. Vote him as witness by going to https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Thank you for dropping by!

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Hard working pays you back. Congrats and best of Luck. I am also trying to get your status
Thanks for inspirational post

Surely you will :) Just enjoy what you are doing and keep on steeming!

thanks a lot. it matters a lot.

Thanks a lot for this inspiring story of your venture up until now! I am still far away from any of those achievements, but have not spent so much time and effort as you obviously did. Just followed your @resteemvote service and shall see how it goes. Good luck and much success further on!

Hi @lawking! Thank you for dropping by, don't worry you will also come to this point. Just keep going and be inspired.

All you're hard work paid off. Congrats and salute to you. You are an inspiration to newbies and other steemians. keep up the good work. continue encouraging people with your own little way. have a wonderful day. done upvoting it.

Thank you @uwanderer! :)

Please is mine. continue sharing positivity and good vibes. have a wonderful day

i hope I can reach this reputation sooooonn.. thank you for the inspiration @wondersofnature

Of course, surely you will @orhem! Just be patient and keep steeming :) All efforts have great rewards.

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This is so encourage. Congratulations for all the milestones you've overturned thus far @wondersofnature. Your family must be very proud of your growth in such a short space of time. You inspire to keep steeming to the moon..

Thank you @kofibeatz! :)

Tis my pleasure. I'm glad I found you..

Launching a free reblog and upvote service a very noble initiative, with that you can help many others. Im wishing you success in your endeavour.

Thank you so much for the support @prch. God bless you :)

Good luck it's very hard work I really like your post thanks sharing your excellent post

Thank you @mamun123456!

Welcome please visit my blog @wondersofnature

Good luck
Hard work will success

thank you :)

Happy 2 months to you girl @wondersofnature
Thank you for your @resteemvote program

Thank you @sn0white :) you are very much welcome too

nice. God Bless!

nice blog po.

I feel I have a few sleepless night ahead of me trying to work this thing out!! Congratulations, by the way xx

Thank you! No worries, all your sleepless nights will worth it. Just keep going and be inspired!

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Curious? Read @resteembot's introduction post
Check out the great posts I already resteemed.

ResteemBot's Maker is Looking for Work

Its been long time coming..thanks for sharing

Congrats on your 2-month​ achievement 😆

thank you :)

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You are a wonderful steemians.

😍 Thank you @teardrops, it's because you are very supportive to us!

You are one of the rising stars of steemit.

I hope I can be motivated to be like you! I have followed you and your new account. But I will let others avail of your free service. I am not much motivated to do more than comment, upvote and encourage.
Thanks for being a thoughtful kind steemiter!

of course you will, you just need to find your passion and do what you really love to do. Thank you for your support @iamstan

Congratulations, Ica! :)) Best of luck moving forward! Keep up and looking forward to your future posts ;) Upvote deserved.

Thank you @wild-forest :)

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Wheeee congratssss

Thank you 😀

nice post

wow. congrats!