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Here it is, let's share it like crazy! Enjoy! :)

Enormous thank you to those who donated video clips for this project. You have all helped in the goal of creating a face for the Steemit community.

Music: "Shine My Light" by Cosmic Gnostic (aka @dailybitcoinnews)
Ending Animated Steemit Logo by @alechahn

@acidsun ~ @alechahn ~ @anarchrysalis ~ @anca3drandom ~ @andrarchy ~ @anotherjoe ~ @apolymask ~ @aunt-deb ~ @avarice ~ @ballinconscious ~ @barrydutton ~ @beanz ~ @benjamin.still ~ @brianphobos ~ @carlos-cabeza ~ @chanthasam ~ @chrisaiki ~ @churdtzu ~ @countryinspired ~ @craig-grant ~ @creatr ~ @dailybitcoinnews ~ @dantheman ~ @ddschteinn ~ @dwinblood ~ @dylanhobalart ~ @englishtchrivy ~ @eric-boucher ~ @ethanjames ~ @ezravan ~ @firepower ~ @kevinwong ~ @jamesc ~ @fishingvideos ~ @fortinbuff ~ @future24 ~ @fyrstikken ~ @gavicrane ~ @giftedgaia ~ @good-karma ~ @haphazard-hstead ~ @heiditravels ~ @hulkbuster ~ @immarojas ~ @jackmanmania ~ @jessamynorchard ~ @jlufer ~ @karenmckersie ~ @kerkyra ~ @kiddarko ~ @lasseehlers ~ @liondani ~ @lloyddavis ~ @lok1 ~ @lovejoy ~ @mariayves0912 ~ @mattclarke ~ @maxse ~ @meesterboom ~ @merej99 ~ @mielediborgo ~ @momoftwins ~ @movievertigo ~ @mrs.steemit ~ @mrwang ~ @mummyimperfect ~ @ned ~ @sweetsssj ~ @noganoo ~ @octav ~ @opheliafu ~ @papa-pepper ~ @pfunk ~ @phoenixmaid ~ @piedpiper ~ @pitterpatter ~ @prufarchy ~ @raymonjohnstone ~ @rebeccaryan ~ @reneenouveau ~ @richardcrill ~ @lindseylambz ~ @rigaronib ~ @roadscape ~ @robrigo ~ @roelandp ~ @rubenalexander ~ @runridefly ~ @sarahjordan ~ @scaredycatguide ~ @senseiteekay ~ @shieha ~ @shla-rafia ~ @shortcut ~ @simply1moore ~ @sirlunchthehost ~ @sirwinchester ~ @skapaneas ~ @soldier ~ @solidgold ~ @steempowertwins ~ @stellabelle ~ @surfermarly ~ @sykochica ~ @tarekadam ~ @thedrollyears ~ @the-future ~ @titusfrost ~ @transhuman ~ @writingamigo ~ @zaebars


What a great moment! I'll have to see it again and again ;-)
Thanks for your outstanding work @winstonwolfe, putting the puzzle together like that. It's a nice Christmas present for all of us.

Thank you for motivating me to do it! :D

This should be an annually thing...

Well done man.

I'm very cool with this idea! It's incredibly easy to put together so long as the community is willing to donate the needed footage! :D

Beautiful! Almost had tears.. okay just one teardrop :) lol

Isn't it funny how that works? I'm not doing anything particularly special with the edit. It's just one second after another. I've noticed the music tends to go a long way with it.

Wow, that turned out to be great video!

Let's do this often or in 2017 as well! 👍

Good job everyone...

I'm definitely not opposed to this! :D

Job well done @winstonwolfe!

Thanks for putting this together, and glad that together we could all make it!


Nice salamanders dude lol

1 salamander, 1 lizard, and yeah, I actually found them in December too!!

GREAT JOB!!! Thanks for including part of my video to it, especially because of all your help! Good choice of music to go with it too. Namaste :)

How many people there ! ? OMG ! This was awesome ! So glad so many STEEMIANS got involved in your project ! And a big thank you goes out to. @merej99. She was such a big help and promoter for your project. @winstonwolfe. It was great ! Thanks and for sure we should do this again ! Yippee! Love it when the community comes together ! Steem on ! I resteemed and shared on Twitter and Facebook !

A fantastic and ambitious idea - congratulations on completing it; adding more great content to Steemit and setting a brilliant example for the rest of us!

Thanks for the praise! And thanks for contributing footage! :D

This turned out amazing! Really nice job. I know how hard you worked on it, and it turned out great. Thank you.

So glad you like it! :D

Love love love it!!!!! I hope you continue to do this @winstonwolfe. It's great to see the diversity all coming together for common purpose. Totally awesome--sight and sound!

Glad you enjoyed it! With this kind of response, I don't see why doing more down the road would be out of the question. ;-)

I so love your enthusiasm too. This is a great contribution to the blockchain. Glad to hear there will likely be another opportunity on the horizon.

Nice! The video clip you saw of me here was awhile back calling my corrupt city hall to the then-Ombudsman of my Province who oversees such Municipal matters - I drove to Toronto to do that (:

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This Is Your Moment - Steemit Crowdsourced Promo Video

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Well done! Take a well-deserved bow!

Am going to be replaying this a bazillion times to see who I can name and will be sharing it freely.

Thank you! And thanks for submitting video for it!

Was a fun project! Oh, and just so y'all don't think I'm too ditzy, I did see the names listed on the clips. I deliberately didn't look the first few times. I was amazed at how many I could identify considering I've only been here a couple months. That speaks to the vibrant community that's growing up in front of our eyes.

Dude. Smashed it. I saw a lot of familiar faces there. Only problem is you peaked early. The very first clip was clearly the best ;)

Shared on facebook. It hopefully won't be shadow-banned, at least not yet.

Lovely intro ;)

Awesome Winston! Great job. Thank you so much for doing this. Now I'm pumped up for some more steemin'.

Thank you for submitting footage for it! :D

Incredible compilation, will have to get in on the next one!!

Thank you! And yes please! :D
Not sure when the next one will be as of yet, but I know there will be one!

I love the video!
I've already shared it out to facebook myself. Hope others share it out as well, it's such a beautiful piece to share with others, even if they have no idea what Steemit is. What better way to give them a first impression!

Hell yeah!

This is fantastic! Great Job @winstonwolfe!

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Well done @winstonwolfe! I'm so happy that my song found a perfect use for it and the intention behind that song when I created it was specifically for something like this, and Steemit. :)

Hey thanks for replying! I just edited the post to put credit for you and @alechahn , the creator of the ending logo. I was in such a rush last night to post it that I somehow managed to omit that part.

Thanks for such an awesome song. It fits tremendously well! Glad you like the end result!

You are awesome but I just discussed this with you elsewhere haha!

I have the blessing to do a post on this myself so it will be up sometime the next few hours.

Cool video! Now I feel stupid I didn't participate.

I was hoping this video would be the bait to motivate people for the next one.
Looks like my plan is working.

Alright, who's down for doing this weekly??


LOL Weekly might be a bit much. Monthly would be too, I think.
Seasonally might not be bad. Annually at a minimum. ;-)


I know how much work it is and chasing down people and content is part of it lol. You really do nice work WW. Thumbs Up from the Great \White / North

I have not been on Steemit much the last 3 days so I have missed a lot. You worked very hard on this project and so IDK how many times it has been re-steemed etc. which I am big on doing with others' content. I know I RS the requests for video every time I saw them or caught wind of them in the newsfeeds.

Often through @merej99 who everyone knows is pretty awesome.

IDK what is frowned upon and what is not in this blogosphere LOL. I am not a blogger and people have issues over this, or that. It is hard trying to learn SO MUCH of everything here and the Crypto stuff.

I was thinking I would re post this in my feed with a new blog post. The payout period is over now for THIS post, so I am trying to learn how to deal with these kinds of things. I wanted to ask your blessing to do it.

I am just a little #Minnow bumbling along here lol! I wish I could do more to help people on here. I will wait on a reply. I think a lot of people after re steeming this may want to do the same - to keep it fresh in the newsfeeds and reach people with it -- that your post may not have done. I hope you do not mind me asking.

I finally recently learned how to get into that steemit chat place too or I guess you can msg me on #Fascistbook lol

Have a nice Christmas and TY again for all your work on this community project - it was a great idea and a resource to bring people over here.

Go for it. Repost this video to your heart's content. I'm not the only one who made it, I just gave it structure. Without the donations to this video by the community, there would be no video, so anyone who wants to post this can.
The idea is with this video is to spread it and show the world outside of Steemit who we are. ;-)

I kinda figured along these lines but I did not want to upset anyone, it seems to happen a lot lol.

TY for the reply brother.

I have been fairly off line the last few days.


I'm heading over to YouTube now to upvote and share.
Great Job @winstonwolfe
You're aces. XOXOX Merry Christmas.

Wow! This is so awesooooooooome!!! :D

Nicely done compiling everything @winstonwolfe! Perhaps in the future there could be a common theme or what not. This was a really great idea to bring members of the Steemit community together. Amazing job to everyone involved.

One tiny nitpick though, it was hard to read the text at the beginning because of the effect. I'm not sure if it's just me.

Amazing!! I love it. You've done an amazing job!

Brilliant video, thanks for including my work. Congratulations, I'm great

Brilliant work.... it showcases the diversity of the community perfectly... my first 'resteem' !!!

Wonderful! Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to you for editing it together so well.

Very nice project. There even could be other variations of this.. ie: instead of background music, give each person 10 seconds to talk, with a maximum of 120 entries. That'd make a 20 minute video.

I know, I know.. @intelliguy if you want to see something like that, do it. Nah, I'm an idea person. I like to share what's in my brain.

But awesome job on this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

I was thinking of something similar. For example, we could choose a statement of some kind. Perhaps a short speech. And each person says the whole thing into a camera and sends me their video, and then I splice it all together so that it flows from one person to the next so that each person gets a couple of words of the speech.

Brilliant! Was excited to see this! Hope you make another one fast....happy holidays!

Very cool! I'm glad I was able to take part in this project!

Shared to my Facebook page as well.

That was beautiful!!! Resteeming and tweeting this now!!

Thanks for getting my second in! 😎

Fantastic project with a wonderful result!

Very exciting my friend @winstonwolfe. Thank you very much for allowing us to be present. Congratulations
Merry christmas to you and your loved ones

Nicely done Kent!!

Awesome man! Shared on facebook twitter and linkedin

Aw man! Great work, I did not know this was coming out so soon after the final videos were submitted. You did a great job!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this, no matter what role you played in assisting. Was so nice seeing some of the faces we talk to every day LOL

There I am doing activism at the 1:22 mark!

Have a nice Christmas everyone.

Your friend in Liberty --

So beautiful!!! Awesome work. Thank you @winstonwolfe for this incredible piece of art and....

Throw it down @brianphobos!!!

Wow. That was incredibly uplifting. Thankyou winstonwolfe and everyone who contributed.

Aw mate, that was flippin magic!!

One a month sounds like a great idea - Jives of January. Feelings of February. Moves of March, etc.

Great video!!

What a wonderful video! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

Nice work everyone! This certainly needs to get a 2nd part!
Ending Steemit Logo animation is superb!

Incredible video! Congrats to editors and contributors.

Awesome video, great collaboration! Thanks for organizing this @winstonewolfe, you chose a good 1 second of the video for me ;) I am at 2:00 mark ^_^

Awesome!!!!!! Upvoted and resteemed!!!!

Great work!

Awesome job! Thoroughly enjoyed every second! :)

This is a great work! Sorry for not being on Steemit recently, so we missed it since now :
One curiosity: I watched it two times, didn't manage to find our bees' second, is it there?

Good catch! That one actually did not make it in once I realized I already had a clip from you. I wanted to try and finish this with one clip for each person. :)

Not a tough prediction to say it will be in top trending page for all the month.
Nice done! You, we, all.... steemit is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!