Sorry For The Delay, I Sprained My Ankle

in steemit •  5 months ago

Morning people of steemit,

Sorry it has taken me longer to post as you saw in the title I sprained my ankle two weeks ago. I can make up some heroic tale of how I rescued a cat from a tree but I just stepped on it the wrong way and fell. It was swollen like a grapefruit. But to my credit I still went to dinner and a movie after. I am mobile now with slight pain and it should be 100% in the weeks to come.

But back to the contests. This is the time roughly when I will be posting them, maybe an hour or two earlier. This is the first day I have been up at this time so will see how it goes. For the next week or so I will post articles at this time to adjust as well as post a couple of contests to try them out. When we are a go I will do a big post asking for delegation and people to spread the word that daily contests can be found here.

Also I read the SMT updates and am quite excited. From what I have seen it looks like I can make a coin so it will be one for gaming if communities are a thing and if the contests go well that might be another option. But we will see when it gets closer to the date. I will stick to one at a time to grow it properly. Are you thinking of making one or are you excited about new ones? It will be cool to see all the opportunities that pop up for content creators when they are ready. Think of all the sites you can post for?

That's the update so far. How are things of steemit? I see the market bot alts has been dropping but I think a bull run is soon.


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Wishing you a speedy recovery @whatageek! And being able to go out for dinner and a movie afterwards - you da man! 😀

Nice to see back in action man! Sorry to hear about the injury but I am positive that you'll soon be back to hundred percent :-)

Also ... I am quite happy to know that the contests that you spoke of earlier will soon get going. Excited about that!

Sorry about your ankle! Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks :)

Welcome back!

Get well soon the way you had done a fabulous job


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sorry for your Ankle

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Speedy recovery, and good to see your back :)