Is Cryptocurrency The Future: Join Steemit For 3 Month Challenge

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Hey people of steem,

And for those outside of steemit welcome. This post is for anyone who is still unclear on cryptocurrency and the benefits it has. There is still trepidation when it comes to the area and people who do not see the big deal of this emerging field. If you are a gamer and know about decentralized items and loot then you probably have an idea of how big crypto is going to be. If not you might not see why a site with crypto is better than one without.

To those people I challenge then to use steemit for 3 months. It is a social media/blog site that rewards users for their content. By using this site you can see how much better sites on the blockchain are. You can get rewarded for your content and send funds to anyone around the world without cost. These are big leaps in the social media space and by using this site first hand you can get a feel of where the industry is heading.

It will take apps that utilize coins before it is really mainstream but if you want to see what those apps will be like get on steemit today. Try is for 3 months and see where we are heading. It really is a shift in how we do things and is an exciting future for both devs and users of the tech.

If you are new here send me a hi in the comments


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One thing is for certain; you will make 100% more money than if you just post in centralized social media like Facebook!

"It will take apps that utilize coins before it is really mainstream." :-)
Cheers to the coming future!

@whatageek yes you right If people are confused with cryptocurrency, so they should try to Steemit. Thanks


It’s an easier gateway to crypto currency and decentralization.

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I am not new here.
I am not sure but I think soon It will be my sixth month on this amazing platform.

It has been a really great time here.

But I still want to say hi to you


Cryptos are definitely the future. The only problem that people have with cryptos is that they want to make big money and they want it NOW.

Patience is key with everything in live. So HODL and enjoy your gains in the long term or in this case STEEM ON and increase that mf Steeem Power, it will serve you right in the future. :)

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Impressive decentralised investigating.

Iam with you my man. Powering up some more but being smart about it. Thanks for the Post :)