Resteemed Thought For an Idea

in steemit •  last year

                               I was just looking at the tabs we have

                                 knowing  Steemit is still in Beta 

               I was thinking maybe the Blog tab should be our personal work . 

                        They should add another tab that of course says

                             ""  Resteemed ""

                 That would be for stuff  you  resteemed for other people . 

             because if you resteem more than you Blog then next to nobody 

                 will see your work , Just what you resteemed for others

                       I don't know does that sound selfish ??  

                           opened to options .  , Just a thought anyways 

                            Best of Both Worlds               

                                  They will see other people's work

                                              as well  as yours 

                                        Why ?? 

                                Because you resteemed for someone 

                                       and If the New tab is added 

                               then others can see everything easier

                                       and Boom  Everyone Wins

                                Just a Thought 

                                                   Thanks 4 Reading  :))  

P.S   I am Referring to these Tabs  :))


  • Blog
  • Comments
  • Replies 
  • Rewards
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I agree! This would be a great idea. New tab for resteems <3

Nice idea, it will make things easier

Hope everything is OK ?

I will follow you to see your future posts! +upvote