The Traveling Dentist Vol. 3: Struggling To Stay Focused....

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Does anyone have any ideas on how I can pay better attention in class because I'm desperate!

Wake Up. Class. Study. Sleep

Throw in a few moments to eat and that pretty much described my week, as well as what my life is going to be like for the years to come. Although the schedule will change some when I start working with patients, I choose the hardest professional career to commit my life to, and it's starting to get real.

The biggest issue has been my inability to focus in class and during my allotted study time.

As I type my two roommates are learning the properties of amino acids and I'm over here thinking about how I can't wait to buy apartment complex and nodes. All I truly want in life is passive income and density is a perfect way to put me in positions to make power moves.

Of course money isn't my only focus. I can't wait to learn the skills that will allow me to take my patients out of discomfort. The only class I'm really paying attention to at the moment is our general dentistry course where we are learning how to prep a tooth for a amalgam filling on a occlusal surface. I know, a bunch of terminology you probably don't understand, but it's a dental blog, so it comes with the territory.

Although I'm not that focused I'm still exhausted, so I'm going out tonight!

I'm not raging, but maintaining a good social and academic balance is key to success in any stressful school situation. Although I don't have the academic side on point, theres no sense in wasting a good hump day because I can't be productive.

I am trying to be a little lenient on myself because I haven't attended school since the stone ages, so hopefully during my next update, I'll have a better balance. Until next time, this has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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Didn't see this right away. I should put you on autovote. I'm not on here as much lately :(

I also have a terrible time concentrating for ANYTHING!

ADHD... smh


That would be an absolute honor lol I'm honestly going to do the same for you because I can't be as consistent as before!

And ADD is the literal story of my life lol. Currently in a infection and prevention lecture and some how ended up on here lol.

good post

I think the fact that you are thinking about investments while your roomates are studying really shows your potential.

The fact of the matter is that you’re setting yourself up for a high demand high paying career, yet still have your priorities in check.

You may not realize it yet, but your future is very bright. Try not to sweat it.

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Ayeee Spenc! Happy to see you still grinding out here with an impressive rep I might add! Seeing your growth has been fun bro!

And thanks man I appreciate the comment! I just can’t wait until I can make these day dreams a reality! Hopefully Steem and crypto explodes sooner than later so I can start making moves haha