The Best Part About Steemit Is How Hard It Is To Grow When You Start

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For Minnows and new Steemit users, starting from scratch is hard and possibly the best part about Steemit.  Let me explain.

When you first sign up on Steemit, you start with no followers, no content and no money. Well, maybe a fraction of Steem to help you get started, but really nothing substantial. You start at the bottom of Mount Everest with nothing more than your creativity and some boxer briefs to help you climb to the top.

You start looking around Steemit and see that @sweetsssj is making $2,000 with her travel blog and see @crypt0 making a grand talking about bitcoin. (two awesome people to follow) You see people making hundreds of dollars talking about food. You see poets making a few hundred dollars with each poem. 

A lot of people see all of this and think they are going to get rich and they post their own food blog and they make $.02. They keep trying and after five posts their highest earner is nine cents. They get discouraged and their sixth post is about how Steemit is a scam or complain that it is too top heavy and unfair how minnows don't get enough attention.

Guess what... That is the best part about Steemit. It isn't easy. 

Let's go back and look at @sweetsssj. The sweet looking innocent girl from China is a MONSTER. She is one of the hardest working people on Steemit. She started in August of 2016 and has posted over 6245 times. Her blogs are masterful. Well thought out, creative, funny tons of pictures and highly informative. She replies to almost every single comment and there is a reason she makes almost two grand a post. She is really good. She puts in the work and she doesn't take her followers for granted. She is what you should be striving to be like on this site.

Just two months ago she was making less than $100 per post and she was still delivering the same great content. 

I don't bring her up so I can get a nice up-vote from her, I do it so you can realize that hard work and good content can pay off but it won't be immediately.  I bring up @sweetsssj for you!!! Because this isn't easy. Making money on Steemit is simple if you want pennies, but if you want dollars, then you have to put in the work.

The best part about Steemit is how hard it is to make good money on here. The challenge itself filters out the people that are here to make money quick and those that are here to contribute to the community.  It isn't easy to be successful on Steemit and that is what truly makes it different.

Plus the reward system minimizes Trolls so it makes it easier to have open discussions and be creative and personal.

If you want to make quick money, then go somewhere else. This isn't the place. If you expect rewards and don't want to put in work, then go somewhere else. This isn't the place for you. Steemit can be a lot of things to a lot of people, but if you are one of those two people, find something else.

For me, I've been on here almost three weeks and I can tell you that if you want to make good money, it is 100% about the work. I'm making a few bucks a blog now, but I have over 1100 posts. I put in the work, and try to provide great content.


We are still in Beta. The reason that @sweetssj is making so much money now is that she built up a really strong following before the big rush of June 2017. Her value skyrocketed. 

What does that mean for you? Soon there will be another big rush on the site. Maybe in August or September, but whenever it happens the people like me and those making a few bucks but have 500-1000 followers will all of a sudden see their value skyrocket. Just like @sweetssj did in June.

It means that if you put in the work, there will come a time your Steemit value will jump significantly. Not to mention, if the value of STEEM gets closer to $5 by the end of the year. 


Put in the work, grow your base and use people like @sweetssj as an example of how to do awesome content. If you focus on the community and not the rewards, when the community grows, so will your rewards. (all gifs from



I never posted much but ever since HF 19.. I have been incentivized and love it.. while in beta its all an experiment . Play the game friends

Marco nice to meet you. I'm glad you are back posting more. Wow, you've been here a year. I really appreciate you stopping by and you picked up a new follower. I couldn't agree more. It's all an experiment and I live playing the game. Have a great day.

Nice rant!
Could not agree more in any way.

Dude, you rock. Thank you so much for reading. Your support really does mean a lot. I'm working on that blog about how I break up earnings and projections. It will take me a little while, but it will go up tonight.

One of the best reasons why Steem will shine - proof of work is not mining, or any other form of computerised POW. It's hard work by the very people themselves, writing beautiful content.

That is so true. I have to mine my mind to find new blog posts but pushing myself is part of the fun. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and replying. You got a new follower!!!

Wow, walkingkeys you really have out done yourself here. Thank you for providing such useful insight to our dear friends on steemit. I'm also really thankful for you using me as an example too. You are right, in that it does take a lot of hard work and perseverance. Tenacity is a trait that will determine those who can go far, and those who will drop off midway. From the looks of things, you are going to be one of the people at the front!


Thank you so much. I really think you do a great job here and can be a shining example to others. I appreciate your work and my first couple of days here, you upvoted a comment and I got $8. It really meant a lot to me. Keep up the great work and one day I hope I'll be where you are today. I'm sure by then you will be lightyears ahead but you deserve it. Keep up the great work and thank you for the kind words.

There is no replacement for hard work!

Damn right. Almost everything is out of our control except for how hard we work.

"Guess what... That is the best part about Steemit. It isn't easy."

Im loving that line. :) Indeed you need to hard work in everything you do in order to succeed. Especially on Steem. No quick work for quick cash. You need dedication and putting your heart into it.
Thanks for the awesome post @walkingkeys . (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Followed and upvoted.
Keep on Steemin'! ;)

Damn right. The best things in life you have to work for. Thank you for the follow and upvote. you got a follower back. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. I look forward to seeing what you put out as well. Nice to meet you.

Woah there! Much thanks and much love for following me back. :)
The freedom to share your life to the wonderful and engaging Steemit community is the real motivation why i joined. Earning money here is just a nice bonus, a way of giving thanks for the time and effort you are putting in to build up the community .
Oh sorry, its not a community, it is a family. ^_^

with that attitude you will be successful. I am sure of it. Keep up the good work.

Hey @walkingkeys! You really summed this up nicely. It really isn't that easy as many thinks to get going from scratch.

Many people started out here last summer and are just barely climbing up the ranks. Most people here that you see have a high impact when voting invested heavily in steemit back when 1 STEEM was just 0.1$, because they believed in this new social cryptocurrency.

Definitely worth resteeming!

Thanks for adding great value to the platform!

Vote @sc-steemit for Witness.

Proud Supporter of the Cryptocurrency Gridcoin

Your support means a lot. It really does and I appreciate it. In a couple of years I bet people will be talking about us now and how we could invest in STEEM at $1.60. lol I believe in this new social crypto and love this community. Thank you so much for the support. You helped me early on here and I won't forget it.

great post..i inspire from your post.i am at the same position that you mention 1st.i am still trying by best.Hope one day i will do well

Thank you

You got a new follower to help you on your journey. Just keep putting in good work, learning more and taking the time to respond like you did here and you will be successful. Good luck!

As a newcomer to Steemit, I found myself very inspired and well-guided by your post. Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit. You got a new follower. The best inspiration can be perspective sometimes. Good luck.

@walkingkeys I have been lately enjoying your posts quite a bit, so I'm really honored by your "follow". As a token of appreciation, and knowing how much you love gifs, I want to give you this:


Wow, that is awesome. I really appreciate it and very kind of you. Thank you so much for the kind words, it really does mean a lot. Where in Mexico are you? I love Mexico. My wife and are planning a trip down there in two years. We honeymooned there too! Thank you so much for this. It means a lot. Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it! Keep up the good work and we will keep reading it! I'm in Mexico City, if you are ever here, I'll be more than glad to show the places I like here! Gracias!

Mexico City is on the list, but something we are planning on doing after the kids grow up a little more. I just checked out your blog. You are doing some cool stuff. Looking forward to see what you post. Thank you for the kind words and support!

Yes, Mexico City is a magical city! So glad to hear that you have it in your future plans!

Thank you for checking my blog and for your support, it really means a lot to me.

no problem. Support works both ways. Keep up the great work.

You just summed up my philosophy exactly. It's nice to see it in words from someone else. To let me know I'm on the right track. Thanks Dude.

Awesome! There are a lot of us doing the right things on here and I just want to let the new people know that they can do it to. They just need the right expectations and need to put in the work. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

Damn you did it again, wow man, i really appreciate your contribution to the community. i´m so glad to be one of your followers! keep up the good and non-lucrative aptitude (sorry for the bad english tho)

Thank you!!!! I really appreciate your ongoing support. It means a lot. You English is awesome too! Don't worry about that. I just try to put the best I can out there for people. Thanks for following.

That support will last, i´m pretty sure of it hahaha. Take care bruh!

Great insight, and great perspective! I've been here just under a week, and it's hard to envision how I will ever get from making a few bucks for a long and well-though-out post, to the point where I can post a silly meme and have it make $100 in minutes :-P However, I enjoy writing and debating for the sake of it; the money is just icing on the cake.

Thank you for the kind words. One thing to remember, a silly meme can resonate with people and easily. There is a good balance in there somewhere. A Balance between great content and ideas and simple content that is relatable. When you a just starting out, you can try a lot of things to see what people respond to. It took me two weeks to really come into my own and figure out the balance between what I want to put out and what people want to read. Good luck and keep Steeming on!

Thanks for the inspirational post! I started using Steemit a week ago and the community is a lot friendlier than I expected. Meeting all these lovely people is very rewarding as well.
You have another new follower👍

Thank you! You got a new follower too. Steemit is a great community and filled with awesome people. Welcome! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thank you!

No dude....thank YOU😉

Another dynamite post! You have inspired me to keep going with Steemit. Keep up the good work. I upvoted you.

Thanks a lot for this post. I joined yesterday and it was nice to read something like this which literally explains my last 24hr experience with steemit lol and clarifies a few things.

I am so glad you found this post early and welcome to Steemit. You picked up a new follower to help you get started. If you scroll down through my blog, there are a lot of posts dedicated to new Steemonians and helping them succeed. I've only been here 18 days, so I know what it is like and what it takes to get going on here. Good luck. Let me know if I can help in any way.

thanks i'll definitely check out some of your other posts

Thank you very much!!!

Encouraging post for this new guy! Thanks.

Very happy to hear. You got a new follower. Welcome to Steemit. I also am interested in homesteading, and I'm a part-time prepper myself. lol. Nice to meet you!

These posts are what keep some of us in the mix. Thank you!

You are welcome. Thank you for reading and replying. I really appreciate it.

Brilliantly motivational, love this sort of post. You are so right Sweetjess's posts are great and I appreciate the work she puts in. I appreciate your posts too as they keep me on track and point me in the direction of further learning. Thank you

I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply. It means a lot. I am so glad you find value in them. We all have to help each other stay on track. Thanks again.

Hi @walkingkeys, your posts are very inspirational to us newbies. I started following you when you gave me the one thing I needed most at the time, a reply. Thank you so much.

Wow, thank you! It is great to know that I am having a positive impact and just sharing the wealth of knowledge that I have learned on here. Keep it up and you will be making the big bucks one day. I appreciate you taking the time to reply here. You rock!

I applaud the high earners. Their success is a reward for their efforts. I am less motivated by the money than the desire to share things that interest me and connect with like minded people.

Amen. The ones that focus on the community will get the rewards. The ones that focus on the rewards miss the community. It is nice to meet you and you got a new follower.

Very true and thank you

They are an inspiration! It means it can be done. I feel a lot of people that are on here want to make a quick buck. They don't realize that it takes hard work to go somewhere and get discouraged when they don't make 100$ a post right away.
But Steemit has so much to offer.
Come for the money, stay for the community 😉

I agree a lot come for the quick buck but they miss the point. One of the best things about the reward system is it keeps the trolls away. lol. @rlyeh I really appreciate the ongoing support. It means a lot. Thank you!

You keep posting interesting stuff! 😄
So I'll keep supporting you

hahaha, deal! Thank you!!!!

Sometimes i'm not so sure, iv'e made and seen posts that are quality content receive almost no attention at all,but someone simply re-posting content from another site but worded differently can end up with $400.

Obviously there is some start up involved but i feel that people don't become big on the site, hard work or no, unless you catch the attention of a few whales.

I fully agree with your post but sometimes it seems like sensationalism beats quality on steemit, then again i've only been here a fortnight.

I can almost guarantee that the people that are re-posting content from other sites and making $400 still put in the work to have that ability. I agree some content is missed and some of my best blogs went virtually un-noticed, but only good content and hard work attracts the attention of the whales. It takes a while. Howard Stern did great radio for a long time until he started making money. It is like that with everything. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. You will win in the long run. You picked up a new follower so I can be there when you start hitting it big. Welcome to Steemit.

Another great read with information I needed thank you!

Thank you so much or reading this one too. I really appreciate it. I hope you can find it useful.

Man 500 - 1000 follower is HUGE. When you start looking at her? It interesting, I though she was born star of steemit. I thought her domination started from begining. Thanks man. You improve my world view

lol, that is my goal. I really appreciate you stopping by. I am going to check out your YouTube.

I love you man. You and @fyrstikken are nicest man on steemit for me.

Thanks man, I appreciate you interacting with my posts. I'll head over to your blog later and do the same. I don't know @fyrstikken but I will go look now.
Thanks man, love you too!

NOT MY youtube. Films on youtube

Appreciate stuff like this. Remind us that steem is hard work but can pay off. Helps motivate me to keep trying my best an

I'm glad you find value in it and thanks for taking the time to reply. You picked up a new follower.

Thank you I very much appreciate that. Going to follow you as well. Feel like we need more solid advice like this to remind us that good things take work.

you are welcome and thanks for the follow. Nice to meet you. Anything good in life takes work. Looking forward to seeing what you posted.

Appreciate it. I plan to hit it hard at steemit here and see what comes of it. You're right, good things take work. That is what makes it worthwhile.

Resteemit to get it out there for all the new folks coming in! Thank You so much for doing this article, it rocks!

Thank you so much and you also picked up a new follower. I'm glad you found value in my post. That is why I do it. Thank you!

great post, very encouraging.

I am happy to hear that. Thank you for reading! You got a new follower.

Hard work always pays off. I think it's really great to produce consistent content right now too. When Steem will explode and go mainstream, we will be the ones who reap the biggest rewards by being early adopters.

Shine on!

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Sorry for spam

lol at least you apologized for spamming, lol

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