Steemit Secrets 01: If You Want To Get A Whale's Attention Do This

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When I fist got started on Steemit it was hard to get attention on my blogs until I started doing this. This is a secret of mine, but I want to share to help others grow. I share a lot of tips and tricks, but the "Steemit Secrets" series is going to reveal my very best tricks for helping you grown. Now on to the first secret.

How To Get The Attention Of Whales

When I first arrived at Steemit, I realized very quickly that I needed the attention of the more established Steemonians to succeed. I knew the only way to do that was to get myself noticed and put myself in situations to succeed. So here is how I did it.

I spent my first two weeks reading and replying to people rated over 50. The ratings of each member is beside their names in a circle. The higher the rating, the more experience and value that person has. I simply found about 20 people that I really liked their content and that were ranked 50+ and I replied to their daily posts each day.

I didn't just target people with 60+ because I know that the people in the 50 range will grow into more valuable Steemonians and I could build a relationship now with a lot of them, and then grow with them as time goes on.

Now I put a lot more work into the newer people to help them out, but at first I almost exclusively read the content of the successful people on here.  I would go to the hot or trending section and look at tags that interested me. I would scroll down the page and find people who were seeing the success I wanted and I clicked on their blog. 

I created a list of people that I would go and check out their posts each day. Then when I got to their posts, I read them and gave an honest and thoughtful response.

Just by engaging with them every day for two weeks got me noticed by a lot of bigger voters. I would just comment and reply. I didn't ask for anything. I never once asked them to check out my posts or follow me.  I just gave great feedback and did it consistently. Even now I go and post and reply and I don't ask for anything, that is important and the key to making this work

I just engaged and they took notice and most of them have returned the favor one way or another. Some are very loyal supporters of mine and have really helped me grow, but it was natural.  I never faked it, it which is very important. I am genuinely interested in the people I picked to follow and respond to.

Sometimes I would write a paragraph responding to a post. It takes a long time. I spent hours and hours following and responding to the top people. It has to be an authentic answer to work. Whales will sniff out anyone trying to get a leg up, so you have to be interested and invested.

There are a few that never took notice, but many did and it has helped immensely. They took notice because I was honest and cared about their content and their stories. Being authentic and not asking for anything is how you make this work.

The other part of this secret is, I also learned what is successful on Steemit. By reading the posts of successful people on here, I saw all the different things that people are doing and learned a lot about what I needed to do in my posts. I saw what headlines worked and which ones didn't do as well. After a week or so, I saw how they presented their blogs, their timing and the things that made them successful. It made me a better Steemonian.

You can do it as well. Go find a few whales that put out content regularly and engage with them. Be honest and don't ever ask for anything. If you do a good job, they will notice you and some will start supporting you.

If you do this regularly, and you are honest and give good replies and don't ask for anything it will work. 100% guaranteed, but you have to put in the time. Steemit is tough sometimes, and you have to put in the work.

I hope that helps. Look for more blogs about the secrets of my early success. Let me know your thoughts below and if you have had any other techniques that have served you well.

Thank you for reading and I really appreciate each one of my followers. You all rock! Good luck, go get noticed and Steem on.


Great steemit secrets .. shhhhh ;)

Ya know we have been on here for a month now, very happy with our success which is nil. What I like is that most people that respond to a post have something genuine to add, I have even been corrected, but in a good positive way. I am going to give your method a try, will see what happens, but so far this platform is fare superior to anything else I have been on! Thanks for the info, best of luck!

Than you so much. Let me know how it works for you. Just be honest in the feedback and don't ask for anything and be consistent. It will work. I really appreciate your feedback and can't wait to see where we are in 3 months. you rock

Organic growth is the way to go and will build lasting relationships and connections that are win-win. We're all in this together!

This is absolutely great advice. As yesterday I was suddenly upvoted by a whale I came to the same conclusions. The only thing that really matters on Steemit is good content and a good attitude. Don't beg, don't request upvotes, do not annoy the others, but contribute in a manner that suits you.

The whales will come and you will experience this spectacular phenomenon:

That is awesome! I'm happy to hear that it worked for you and you got some well deserved attention. keep up the great work and thank you for your kind words and for reading. I appreciate it. You have a new follower.

You also post kick ass comments so... you lured me in with your wit @walkingkeys...luuuuured me in 😝 on a serious note, great blog, great advice! Upvoted

hahaha, my wit is my secret weapon that can't be taught. Thanks for noticing. Ir really appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff. I means a lot. You rock. How is Bali?

Lol. Oh we are not there now. I WISH I was instead of being bored in LA. I actually posted a couple blog posts with pics a few weeks ago if you want to see how awesome it is :))

Hell yeah, I'll check it out. LA is pretty awesome though. I lived in San Diego for a while and love southern ca.

This is a really good post - it totally makes sense to me. I think it is the golden rule...if you help build up someone else, you will get built up in return. I am fairly new here but I am enjoying having a place to share my experiences about homesteading. Thank you for this post, it is really helpful.

good tips

That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing

no problem Chelsea. Thanks for stopping by and reading another one of my posts. Your ongoing support means a lot. I appreciate you!

No problem. Really is a good idea. You can have alot of followers but if they aren't quality ones. ..

Nice post. The slow, steady, honest method. Nothing wrong with that. The "follow back" at first didn't bother me when I was brand new, now it's starting to get annoying. If I like your content and you contribute, then I'll follow you. Simple as that.

That is how it works. I agree. I follow everyone that comments on my stuff. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for you coming back and reading another one of my blogs. I appreciate the support.

This is good advice. I'm tired of seeing Steemit Facebook groups being spammed with f4f all over. I know that doesn't work because even with a higher number of followers, you still have a spammy cesspool in your feed. I'd rather build up my following slowly with good quality Bloggers, and follow them back than to gain numbers by doing f4f.

That's the way to do it.

yes!!! What's up today @drakos? How are you?

I'm good, setting my plan in motion to setup a witness server :)

dude that is awesome. Let me know and I'll vote for you. It is the least I can do for the continued support. Good luck and please post a blog about it. The witness stuff I don't know much about.

Thanks. Indeed when someone starts a witness, they need to post a blog about it to get attention and votes for it. You can check that in #witness-category.

yes!!!! you are right. the number of followers doesn't matter as much as the quality. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. You rock

Thank you and thanks for replying back. :)

Very well written buddy. I completely agree with your post. Hardwork in the right direction always pay... No bullshit,no shortcut....

"No bullshit, no shortcut"
You are absolutely right. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I really appreciate your ongoing support @honeychum. We'll get to where we want to be because we have the right attitude.

for sure brother, we will.

Thanks for the advice!

No problem. Thanks for taking the time to read it. You got a new follower.

You're a very positive steemian

Being a very true, honest and positive person has taken you to your position over the reputation 50 mark, very nice work man 😎

It's always nice to see posts from you coming up in the feed. You're true and to the point, but also very helpful and descriptive.

Love your work, everyone should follow your good lead 🙂

Vote @sc-steemit for Witness.

Proud Supporter of the Cryptocurrency Gridcoin

Thank you so much man, it means a lot. It really does. I try to do my best because I believe in Steemit and the people here. People like you make my days better!

Nice post and thanks for sharing. I've read this from some other Steemonians too and I absolutely agree with you that one should read the posts and follow those that post great articles that really interest you. I personally believe that people should blog out of passion and joy and not just to make money. I see far too many lame posts and people trying to get others to upvote their posts.

I second this comment, @averyandme and @walkingkeys.

I've only been around for a few weeks here on Steemit. Only published two posts for a photo contest, all my other posts are comments. I'm still trying to get a better understanding of Steemit. I mostly comment on posts that I actually enjoyed reading, like this one. But I also see many posts that aren't that great, "lame" as averyandme said, and lots of copy/paste 'follow me / upvote me" comments.

I haven't been around long enough to know whether this works or not, but I'd like to believe that the effort of giving genuine comments and quality posts is ultimately rewarded. The strategy you recommend, walkingkeys, sounds like a great one. I've already been doing that here and there, but not so much as a strategy. Will double down on that!

Thank you for this information. Really appreciate it

no problem. I hope it helps. You also got a new follower.

No harm in trying. #hustleisthekey Thank you -walkingkeys

Well I tried registering the site still need more work compared to steem site. Though is great I believe with time the site will be a better one

thank you for sharing this.

This is a great strategy. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time and effort to help out the minnows.

no problem. I am happy to help. I'm also a prepper so you picked up a new follower. We have to stick together.

That's awesome @walkingkeys and thanks for the follow. I agree about sticking together. I resteemed a post by @pinnsif who made a list of 100 preppers and homesteaders here on steemit. It took me a while but I followed everyone on there. I should be on the next list he puts out.

I thought we were just called Steemians! Steemonian sounds funny. Anyway, good stuff. I've not been here long at all, but have been doing what you're saying and even after taking a few days off posting anything at all, I'm still growing in followers over about 10 a day and plan on getting back in soon!

Appreciate that advise, thats very much needed.
Blessings to you!!

So glad I could help. Blessings to you and have a great day.

@walkingkeys, I had already been doing what you discussed in your article but on a small scale

I appreciate how your article reminds me to scale up my engagement of Steemit. Sometimes you can be doing the right thing, but not be doing enough of that good thing.

and there goes the cliche' slowly but surely...great job...I wish I could adapt your style :)

Yesss... @walkingkeys. Thank you for saying it here, loud and clear:

  • I did not ask for anything
  • I always gave my true opinion of their post

This is Our long awaited New Society based on True Merit through Honesty. I feel and hope that Pressure groups and Alliances founded on greed (of followers and upvotes, etc) will not succeed!

Thank you! you picked up a new follower because we need to look out for each other. The people that want to grow the site with honest feedback. Thank you very much for replying. Nice to meet you.

The pleasure was mine @walkingkeys, nice to meet you too

great post yooooo !!!, thnks alot , so the only thing i must do is interaction , seems easy but takes alot of time , i guess i ll give facebook, and target topics that matters to me , i love chitchats lol check out my post --->
careful its trajic and real , coz it happned to me and makes me miserable those couple of days , (upvoted and resteemed) keep up the good work @walkingkeys

Great advice @walkingkeys. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Nice tips and I love the ideas on how you work on it. Thank you. I followed you!😊

Great post. I felt like I was looking in a mirror. This is exactly my M.O. also. I started doing it somewhat unconsciously, but now it is a method. Geometrical growth in account value now.

Thanks for the tip. Been here for less than a week and learning the ropes of success. I truly appreciate your tip.

What a wonderful post very insightful, I have been on here for five days now and have not really been looking at whales posts. The (50) explanation helps a lot too I did not really understand this before, and now that you mention about the content and layout that makes lots of sense. Thank you for sharing this.

Very smart approach to Steemit. I used this same idea when I started and it works. Plus, it made me a better Steemian.

Thanks for that! I appreciate it. It is good knowing that it worked for you and now that you a highly respected veteran on the site, it means that much more. Thank you for your valuable input. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply. Have a great day!

All great information.... But..... Dont ya ever just feel then need....

lol, when I feel that way, I normally just leave and go somewhere else.

When i see an opportunity .....

HAHAHAHA, that is great. Lol you got a new follower for being funny. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I agree, if you are going to go do something, go all in.

Awesome advice friend. Read it through and it has tons of good points. I've been doing poorly this week and I've been seeking advises or recommendations on what needs to be done and your post is something that could help out a lot. Thank you.

There are a lot of ups and downs when getting started, but just keep plugging away. I am sure you will get it. It takes time. Growth is pretty easy at first, then it can be tough. Just find your voice and tell the world. Good luck! Thanks you for reading.

Will do that. Thanks for the amazing words.

@walkingkeys, your blog read very similar to what I would have advised to newbies. I checked your profile page and saw that we are very similar and close in terms of our time here, our perceptions and the way we go around steemit. I am glad I found someone who has a similar mindset as mine.

I never ask any one to follow me, nor upvote my blog or ask them to resteem. I always reply to the point while commenting and never digress from the subject. Just keeping the comment related to the subject blog.
I have done exactly the same thing that you have mentioned here. I am a first time blogger here, 3 weeks old, and already convinced that only sincere hard work will take me somewhere in steemit.

And my comments are always very long. I use my mobile most of the time and my finger aches in typing and correcting my words. It is painful at times, but I can't write short comments you see. It's my habit to be a bit elaborate always

Anyways, Thanks for echoing my mind. God bless.

Thanks for the tips!

This is great advice! I just started on steemit not too long ago and I read a post saying it's good to post consistently. So I've been focusing on that pretty hard, instead of on finding good blogs to follow. (Although, I have spent the last two weekends almost exclusuvely reading blogs! So addictive!) What's your opinion: should it be more of one than the other? Or perhaps equal?

Great advice for those just coming in! Resteemit to get the word out to others to learn!

You rock! Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read and support. It means a lot. Thank you.

I am here to grow a community I like, so supporting others doing the same is my goal.

Thank you! I shared this with a few of my family members who just joined Steemit! Appreciate it!

Great secret that worth millions...thanks pal..

Another great tip! I've been commenting on all kinds of posts from the beginning; all because of all the warm welcomes I received. I guess the Steemit community is very different from, for instance, the fb community.
Good luck becoming a whale yourself👍

Thank you so much. It is a lot different because it is isn't easy to grow like facebook and the reward system demands good content and friendliness. It will never be the same size as facebook but it will grow and I can't wait.
Thanks for the great feedback.

Same here! Even though I don't fully understand all options, I'm having a good time here.

It takes time. I'm still learning too. Just keep it up!

It seems to be the right advice! Thank you

Thank you so much for reading. I am following you. You seem like a very nice person and interesting. I love helping people too so I can't wait to see what you post.

Thank you. You are very kind to me ))

Kindness and hard work are two things we have complete control over. Thank you for your kind words and looking forward to seeing what you post.

What a timely post this is! I'm starting out on Steemit and I definitely gonna use the steps you explain here. Thanks @walkingkeys

WELCOME TO STEEMIT. You got a new follower to help you on your journey. It takes time and effort to grow. Don't fake it and be honest and you will win!! Good luck.

Thanks for sharing those golden nuggets. I've also noticed that sincerity pays off. Consistency is key. It helps to engage with your interests and not with randomness just for the sake of it.

You are very right. Thank you for engaging with my posts. I really appreciate it. I am happy to provide any assistance I can. Good luck and you got a new follower. Thank you!

Growing together is the best thing about this community. Any feedback you could leave on my posts would be appreciated. Trying to learn more and improve every day.

Thanks for the follow @walkingkeys
Much appreciated and followed back. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this series.

I will definitely follow this, this is really good this really effective?

I never thought of it this way but that's a great idea. I'll have to put it in the bag of Steemit tricks (:
And it does take a lot of time to be on here posting and meeting people. How many hours a week do you figure you spend? Did you put a lot more effort in at first and can now do a bit more coasting? Or do you think you have to keep up with it all the time?

I just checked you replied to my post came to follow you in favor and Found your blog had great content keep it up...

Thank you! I'm following you too.

What an awesome tip. Sure wish I would have found you about a week ago.

Hi there! I'm Zamara, just followed you after searching 'how to be successful on Steemit' and what really sets you apart from other writers regarding the same topics is a sense of authenticity. When I read your posts, it doesn't ever feel like... Sorry I'm trying to find a good way to explain.......... The methods in this post, for example, aren't superficial and I think it has really helped me begin to set goals and practices of my own. It's like sometimes people giving advice for success on steemit can recommend so much at once and it ends up scaring off people like me who are just looking for reassurance and a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Hope you can understand what I mean, your style is ORGANIC, comfortable and your style of writing makes creating a plan for steemit success really practical and down-to-earth. Cheers! Thank you for helping me!

this info is gold. thanks for sharing, bookmarked.

You are welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read it and reply. I appreciate it. You picked up a new follower.

Thanks for your insight. Just getting started so I still have a lot to learn.

I'll definitely follow this up. Thank you 🙂

thanks dear

thanks that's sounds good. I'm genuinely busy at university now, so I don't have much free time. It's taking me a while to get started :-)
I am still somewhat overwhelmed by amount of content here and I am not sure which way my esteemit journey is going to go ;-)

Very helpful. Followed and voted.

Exactly what I wanted to hear. I must say this is gonna be an amazing journey.

I am also undergoing the same phase . And good to see that you have reached 60 mark. Congrats for that.
But one problem i am facing...biggies dont read the comments that i make on their posts. And its obvious...they get 100's of comments.
How to get around this problem?

Hmmm. very interesting. I'm also looking for followers and comments. Thanks for your information

Lol. Seems legit. Just the discipline, consistancy and patience to make it work :). Like an event in a game. You have to spent your time in the event to get the rewards! Going to do this! Thx for the tips :D!

Great advice. I'm new and I've been wondering how to get moving . Thanks!

I've been doing the same thing. I find i comment on anyone's posts that I like and that I have something relevant to say, and i see that it has gained me followers, too.

Awesome. Yeah it works for sure. Just being engaging with other and being interested in what they have to say will reap great rewards for you and the people you are replying to. You got a new follower!!! Keep up the great work.

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