Delegate Your Steem Power To VoteMe Bot & Earn Daily Passive Income

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What is it about?

VoteMe is a bid based upvote bot running on a server. It daily earns SBD or STEEM when users bid to get upvotes on their contents. If you have at least 60 Steem Power in your account, you can convert it into a daily passive income just by delegating minimum 10 or more steem power to @voteme.

What is delegating power?

It means temporarily give portion of your upvote power to another user. The bot will use these delegated powers to upvote other users' contents. In return you will earn a daily pro-rata reward from the bot. You do NOT need to transfer any STEEM to the bot account. You still will have the ownership of your delegated powers. If you do not want to continue, you can un-delegate your powers anytime you want.

How much will I earn?

It depends on your contribution and how much the bot has earned on previous day. The bot distributes 80% rewards to all delegators next next day. Consider this imaginary example. There are two delegators - 'A' & 'B'.

  • The bot earned $50 SBD on previous day
  • Next day it is going to distribute $40 SBD to all delegators
  • 'A' delegated 9000 SP and 'B' delegated 1000 SP, their shares are 90% & 10% respectively,
  • Next day 'A' will receive $36 SBD & 'B' will receive $4 SBD.

If the bot earns no money on previous day, nobody will get paid on the following day.

How can I delegate my power?

To delegate your Steem Power, simply click one of the following links and click continue button. Sign in into your account to complete delegation.

Make sure you have at least 50 SP in account for yourself. You can increase or decrease your delegated power anytime. If you increase, make sure you have that amount of powers left in your account. If you decrease, it will take 7 days to return in your account.

When and how can I un-delegate?

You can un-delegate all of your Steem Power anytime you want by clicking this linkIt takes 7 days to return into your account. If you un-delegate before the payout, you will not receive any money from previous day's income.

Where can I see how much power I have delegated?

Go to your wallet. Under STEEM POWER section you will see your delegated power into the parentheses. 

Thank you for considering to delegate your power. If you have any question, leave your comment below. Feel free to follow @voteme to get latest update.

Let your steem powers reward you back.

Alright going to try this out :)

Actually you only give out 80% :\

Hey i found something:

Please fix()

We are accepting only Steem Dollar at this moment.

Hey can you share your script for @voteme ?
I would really be thankful.

Thanks 4 u i like u

How much I have to send you to get my benefits

To get vote in your post send minimum 0.01 Steem Dollar to @voteme with your post link as memo.

To earn daily income, delegate at least 10 Steem Power to @voteme.

I send you 10 SP, then how much I will have return?

If you mean Delegating SP, it depends on how much we receive SBD on previous day & how much you have delegated. It's not fixed. The more people will use our system the more you will earn.

heyy you are working great... there is much more to learn from you... <3

You got a 10.00% upvote from @voteme courtesy of @john371911! For next round, send minimum 0.01 SBD to bid for upvote.

Do you know, you can also earn daily passive income simply by delegating your Steem Power to voteme by clicking following links: 10SP, 25SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.

Thanks. Is it robot auto reply? You still didn't answer my question.

looking so beautiful and really nice picture.

follow n upvote mee n i do the same 🙂

Thanks 4 u

Interesting ... But we must know that in steemit is not just to get the money alone, but the positive rating of the post is more important.

You are right. That's why we do not accept bid on posts which is more than 3.5 days old. That gives enough time for people to downvote posts that do not deserve upvotes.

looking so wonderful and extremely decent picture. and you vote me me vote up you

Well, sorry but even 10 SP is a lot of steem power when you are so very low in reputation and so new :/ i think it could be a usefull tool for new serious people on the platform but even tho i'm here since 2 weeks i haven't still got those minimum 10 sp to get access to this service.

How to upvote via @voteme I still do not understand thank you


delegated 250

Awesome. Now you will receive your share daily.

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very nice publication

beautıful post thanks

follow n upvote mee n i do the same 🙂

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I am not sure what this mean as I am very new to this sttemit. I might need to learn more about that I feel.
thanks from @sjob

Very helpful, for us who need more

Why can not I get into steemit connect, please help her me

I'm very new to steemit. Can i still participate here? I think I only have 0.1 SP

i have send 0.01sbd but i havent sent my link of the memo. can i post my link here

The sbd we will win when we delegate steem power is automatic or do you do this manually? Delegando sp, will I automatically receive the profits or need some warning ????

Awesome! I will be upvoting all your posts regularly!

🙌Mine too

Nice post, please vote me

Why do I need to keep 50SP for myself and not delegate all my SP?

Hey @voteme, I've tried to delegate but even though I thought I had enough SPs, I can't because of not enough!?

No mean to be rude but since you followed me and you noticed that I am giving free upvotes to all my followers for FREE. Does this type of action affect your service?

No it doesn't.

Cool so Do you mind to follow me on twitter also I think we can be very close friends in this space of money talking.

So how do I get upvotes from voteme? I just send SBD? Is there any limit I can do? How many votes do I get for how much SBD?

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