THANK YOU the hacker. You did more good to SteemIt than any blogger here.

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  We’ve all been set limits to our minds since childhood. Parents said: don’t touch it, don't do it, don't go there etc. Even though we’ve grown up a lot of this programs are limiting our minds because childhood is by all means decisive part of our life. I know there are exceptions but they only prove the rule.  

 And now billions of people believe that strict laws and regulation rules in communities are for their protection and safety. No they are not. They are for control and limiting. Geniuses are forced out of society and called crazy freaks. Yet they still are able to power up this world to next level because truth is stronger. One day people used to believe that the Earth is not round. So we do believe that security cameras, passports with fingerprints and even chips under our skin are protective and necessary things. 

 Blockchain way of expressing oneself and SteemIt as it’s representative denies all that old models of thinking. It just sets everyone free. And even more. It gives everyone equal opportunities. This makes possible all ways of expression. The ones that could be considered harmful too. But why we scare them? Back to basics. We’ve been programmed to (you may also call this process “teaching”). Remember the first sentences of this post. Yeah, blessed childhood. Parents and teachers decided for us what is harmful and what is not. So now we see new experience that could power us up as a harmful frightening thing but not as the lesson to be learned and how to deal with or pass by.

 The hacker of SteemIt did more for our community than all of us posting contributors. He gave us a lesson and a reminder without really harmful consequences. Such as dead SteamIt or tons of missing STEEMs. Now is our move. Is this a lesson that ought to be learned by everyone or some another scary event that just happened? You decide. 

  Yes that talks about security are now getting their upvotes. That’s a good sign. In a week or more we will see where this is going and whether the community has learned it’s lesson or not. As you know I predicted the hack of SteemIt and posted the day before it my message that SteemIt is going to be hacked. That’s not a coincidence but I will talk about it in one of my next posts. As for now I can say that my thoughts from the prophetic article are still actual but as I already mentioned I see positive movement. So let’s take our time. Do our moves and make our SteemIt safer and more secure place. 

 First of all we should discuss deeper 2FA for SteemIt. I ask you all to upvote security articles. Even if you have few expertise in computer science. But you should learn because most writers here try to make their best and explain in easy language all the difficult computer staff. Every steemer must take part in this security dialog and take actions to protect his STEEMs. Feel free to post questions and seek answers. Stay tuned for more security advises. 

 So thanks to our hacker now SteemIt has even more chances to make a social media revolution. But it is up to us - the community - whether this will happen or not. Thanks for your time. 


Very strange that many people oppose adding 2fa, although it is really simple and the best way to improve safety

I have 78 friends on facebook , I made them all joining here!

Keep up the good work, pal

I only want to use other social media to tell everyone about steemit now!

That's nice. I think the future is in SteemIt. Let's help it get stronger.

Very interesting! I like it! Good luck to you!

Thanks. Stay tuned I will post more interesting things soon.

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