5 Most Important Tools To Make Your Steemit Account Grow

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Every single day I invest a decent amount of time and effort in growing my Steemit account. You can see here how my posts, followers and Steem Power steadily grow. Of course the two most important activities on Steemit are writing and commenting, but there are also many valuable tools that help me a lot in growing my Steemit presence.

A nice advantage of Steem being a public blockchain with a good API is a possibility to build a rich ecosystem, or, as they call it, the Steemiverse. That's why there are literally tons of helpful tools out there. For your convenience I've chosen only the apps proved to be the most useful or interesting (or both) to me over time.


The most helpful Steemit tools for daily use

  • ChainBB: communicate, ask questions and browse Steemit using a forum-like interface.
  • Steemwatch: set up a custom list of aithors / topics / events to follow. Especially useful as your follow list grows. Get notifications to Steemit Chat or Slack. For Telegram users there's a similar service (offers less options).
  • SteemD: add a username to the end of the url to find out what exactly happened to you or other Steemit user on the Steem blockchain.
  • Steem Center: a wiki to learn and share Steem knowledge.
  • Steemit Chat: make friends and promote your posts. As of today is temporarily offline, use Discord instead. Attention; there are special channels for post promotion (Post Promotion on Steemit.chat and upvote-resteem on Discord), don't do it in other channels.

A few more interesting apps which could be helpful

For thoses gifted with a researcher spirit there is a lot more apps, and I didn't even mention various APIs, but if you're a dev, you can use one of them to build more interesting Steemiverse apps.

  • Steem Whales: discover who is who and whom to read and follow on Steemit. For me the most useful section is Trending Authors.
  • SteemVP: find out who helps you most on Steemit.
  • There is a really big app collection at steemtools.com, just keep in mind that not all apps work as expected, so use them at your own risk :)

What other Steemit related tools did you benefit from recently? Let me know in comments!

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thanks, very informative post!


Hi Martin, thanks! We are neighbours by the way :) I am in South Bohemia.

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Great post! Very helpful for a young newbie like myself! BUT, I was wondering if you knew an easy way to find fellow Steemit users? Let me know!


Thanks Kelly, do you mean finding your existing friends on Steemit or new ones?


Existing friends. I have literally typed in their user names but haven't been able to find them! It takes me to the google search thing on Steemit. Please help! I'm the new girl on the block and am still learning!

This is a post worth bookmarking! Thank you for taking the time out to collect, curate and post!


I am resteeming this post right now!

I found the tools very useful to me. I am reading all your posts. Great posting

Hello I learn a lot with your post, I'm going to take this as part of the post that teach those who are starting thanks for the elaboration. The greatest success in the community. Beautiful family.



Thank you for this post I need to know everything I can about steemit so I'm very interested in these kind of articles so thanks!