2300 Followers and Going to Teach People About Steem and Crypto at Google Launchpad!

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Thank you to my followers and going to Google Launchpad to teach people about cryptocurrencies including STEEM(it) of course!

Big Thank You to my 2,300 Followers for supporting me and many others in the cryptocurrency community! @virtualgrowth is off to Google Launchpad in San Francisco to teach people about cryptocurrency and of course mention steem(it)! Will be speaking to about 100 or more people that will be there interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and presenting some sort of Welcome to Cryptocurrency 101 type of presentation.

Will start with the basics of a wallet and of course the start with bitcoin up through steemit and where we are today! Will see what people understand and are interested in learning. Taking some time to also mention numerous project that I have worked with over the past year. Some of which are included in my new footer with images and links found below.

Finally Played in a SPL - Steem Poker League Event and Won!

Finally got to play poker for STEEM with the SPL Steem Poker League and managed to win my first tournament with them too! Also discovered that some people in the group are also in California with me so we will be setting up a Steemit Meetup of some sorts in the Los Angeles, California area sometime. Maybe in the next few months! Could possibly get a location for a meetup where some people can spend some time talking about cryptocurrencies and of course Steem!

Will save up some STEEM from this post and others to continue with my new efforts of assisting with MeetUps and education for example. Also open to sponsors or donations as I would like to have funds to cover expenses and possibly enough to give some away to people who attend MeetUps I host as well to encourage more people to attend and effectively reward them for coming to my MeetUps! Just numerous possible ideas I have depending what may be possible and what people would like to give and be given!

Steem, BTS, and Asset Market Update 9/4 and Giveaway for 9/10

Still giving away tokens in my spirit of giving with a combination of Steem and bitshares related tokens with my love of tokens and giving!

What are your thoughts on introducing cryptocurrency to people?

Thank you to everyone that replied with feedback and suggestions that I may use for introducing cryptocurrency to people. Appreciate getting feedback from a variety of people that may be new, more experienced, or had teaching experiences themselves. Everyone expressed ways hat work or do not work, of which both are helpful.

virtualgrowth to speak at Google Launchpad Space in San Francisco September 6th

Going to speak at Google Launchpad to a whole bunch of people for just my second time in this type of fashion. Few other times have been in more casual settings during a few Steem Meetups that have been a lot of fun and look forward to many more!

MEETING of the MINDS: So Long and Thanks for the Fish(?) rondonson, sirlunchthehost, and mckenziegary

Had a great time in Las Vegas being the first to be interviewed for a blockchain documentary and looking forward to a lot more with these great guys! They also attended my first crypto MeetUp that I hosted and organized! Planned out literally days before meeting while on my bus ride to Las Vegas!

Also got to play a game of pool which is another of my passions and shot quite well! Wish I had gotten some footage of that. But was more concerned with getting ready for the MeetUp and what not. Was a lot of fun and definitely want to do something related to pool and other games that I and others love in the steemit community! Think it may be with poker with a potential Steemit Poker League MeetUp off the blockchain. Time will tell! Hoping I have more time soon to play poker with the fun bunch at/with @spl!


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Congrats to you! well deserved

Keep going my man! Don't stop!

Become like The Juggernaut!



Keeping spreading the word my man. Between sirlunch's documentary and the google event your gonna be too big time to even go on my show ;-)

Have fun at the Google event. Imagine when Steemit becomes a threat to their business model :)

Dude, first line 'each' should be 'teach'😎

Kick ass! MSP stands behind you on this!


Thank you very much @aggroed!

Congratulations on this amazing milestone, @virtualgrowth, and good luck at the Google Launchpad! Spread the word on good things to other good folks! You are a star!


Thank you very much @oleg326756!

Wow what an inspiration you are to us minnows.
Following you for more

Go teach them about Crypto.
Do not be quick to introduce Dtube to them!
Remember Dtube is an upcoming of competitor to Youtube!
Have a nice talk.

Nice! there will be some very enlightened people after your talk. Can't wait to meet them on Steemit ^_^

Off topic: Hey @virtualgrowth I can't pay fees with "prize" it gives me some error 🤔


Not sure on this at the moment. But can and willing to send anyone bts if they need it to pay a fee that gets some PRIZE. Thank you for letting me know.


Here is screenshot,

No need of that :)


Fee pool refilled.


Thank you, appreciate it!

Very good job @virtualgrowth for making cryptocurrencies more known !

Congratulations on the HUGE number of followers - crikey!
I think introducing anyone to anything new(ish) and exciting like crypto can only ever be a positive and productive thing for all parties.

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now following you for your information in altcoin forecasting

Congrats on the followers, and it's awesome that you're spreading the wisdom!

Good job bro.go ahead

That's pretty inspiring to someone like me who is new here.
I wish you the very best!

Steemit Bank invested in your post.

Follow Steimit Bank

Oh my this is a wonderful thing to do... meetups! Waw... well i hope to be in one of the meetups someday to also see and discuss crytocurrency with exposed people with diversed knowledge on it as I am still handicapped on it for now,but I continue and struggle to learn. I believe this meetup will help a lot of people and I wish you the best on it. Well done sir

Well said! Looking forward to hearing more about the Google Event. Give'm hell!

congrats ^^ keep it up !!!

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