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RE: The Announcement of Hardfork 23.0

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I didn't say one person either. I gave one example of a group.

You are the one confused by what is generally called a false dichotomy.

There are more options than none, one and everyone.

And looking back at our discussion I can see that the inability to see alternatives and gradations is indeed your main problem in understanding the situation.

Everything in your argumentation is either or and never any middle ground.


Yawns get over yourself. Go troll in Hive man, nobody here cares for your lies.

I laughed, you lost. Have a nice life.

Declaring yourself the winner? And declaring that all 1.3 million users think the same as you do?

You are so full of yourself and you have just outed yourself as an idiot.

PS: If you tell me to do something it is quite likely I do the opposite. That would be the opposite of of your intention. Not the opposite of your words.


Yup. I'm an idiot. But I have the funny feeling that you post so much on steemit because you realize hive is goinng nowhere. And fast.

Listen, nobody cares what you think. At all.

You might want to have a look at the statistic:

@justinsunsteemit actually blocked @penguinpablo because the numbers are so bad for @steemit they don't want you to know the truth. Of this kind of censorship is unacceptable as well.

Why has steem more than quadrupled in price since Justin acquired Steemit inc? And why is hive dumping back to parity with steemit if its so great?

If the hive devz are so great, how did they code an error into their hardfork, then conolain of steemit inc having some trouble.

Even more interesting is, if you beleive hive is so great and steemit so bad, why do you continuously shit post here?

You looking for upvotes or something?

I never said that I believe hive is great. I think I mentioned that before: Read my comments on hive and your will see that I'm very concerned about the points you made.

Again a false dichotomy: If I find steem bad I don't have to find hive good. I am pretty disappointed about both chains.

Personally, on scale of one (disaster) and 10 (best chain ever) its hive 5 and steem 3.

And I'm not actually sure what I do once I powered down my steem. Might invest in a PoW coin as DPoS seem to be not SAFU.