The Announcement of Hardfork 23.0

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The Announcement of Hardfork 23.0

The Hardfork 23.0 took place at 10:00 AM EST on May 20, 2020. The intent of the community-initiated hard fork version 23.0 is to nurture the continuous and stable development of Steem chain. We respect the opinions of the community and hope we can work toward a brighter future. Moving forward, we will continue to encourage and support talent, projects, and Dapps that will shine on this platform. We will always welcome new community members to bring diversity, insight, and engagement to the Steem chain.

The Steemit Team


Thank you The Steemit Team for this notification and we should look forward and support the users who keep the platform active.

Hi Everyone using the opportunity being on the top of the comment chain and to share this link from @xpilar, who supports Steem and seems to have the account of him and Norway team was attacked:

As part of the Knitrias Project Roadmap, we continue our work in supporting our Members' growth and knowlege.
The Knitrias Project Community, was created to share their works, ideas and projects. Here is the Community Id:

We will be making the announcement shortly!

Best wishes for the projects working in Steem!!

Thank you @leveuf for Knitrias Project Community, wish you all the best!

Thanks to you @Stef1 for the well wishes!!
Best winds for your projects also!!

Recent events have revealed the fragility of the Steem network in this time of rebirth, and it would be wise for the Steemit Team to compile a list of trusted apps and tools for those Steemians who have decided to remain loyal to the Steem blockchain. Thank you!

Indeed, it's been crazy to see the reason events unfold. Those truly loyal to the steam blockchain, as we all use to know it, are now over at hive.
Please follow this link to get a list of the 4 most common blogging related apps:

If you are referring to Witnesses, I agree. But the user-base has not changed much on Steemit. Most users are simply playing both sides of the fence, chasing rewards. 3Speak and Esteem are dying with ever fewer daily users. A small obstreperous minority are making it seem like they speak for the majority; they are only deluding themselves.

Most users are simply playing both sides of the fence

In beginning, yes. But in the recent weeks that's changing and more users just stop using @steemit while hive is fairly stable.

Interesting use of selective stats. Those are transactions, and not daily users. The fall in transactions on Steem is mainly due to farming and milking being halted by HF23 which zeroed out some accounts that were abusing the system. Those same accounts are probably still farming and milking on the HIVE blockchain.

Moving forward, we will continue to encourage and support talent, projects, and Dapps that will shine on this platform.

Who judges the talent? And what of us who are not talented? Those, like me who are simply everyday people writing a blog the best they can?

I checked and found that powerdown period on Steemit platform not shows current 4week period, it shows old values. Please correct it, if powerdown period is modified in HF 23.0.

You should stop en restart it. Champ!!!

I don't understand. Please elaborate.
I was not started any powerdown, So what should stop. I just checking function.
I am not starting and started yet.

steemit is incompetent to change that, dont lose more time on steem man

Thanks for suggestion. Then please tell where i go, i don't see anyone.

Thanks for suggestion.
Then please tell where i go, i
Don't see anyone.

                 - mehta

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You don't see anyone because anyone who understands the blockchain has moved to Hive. Join us on or!

The team at Steemit here have no technical knowledge of the blockchain they supposedly run. They don’t know how to visually change the powerdown from 13 to 4 weeks but it is 4 weeks. I just started my power down and it divided by 4 instead of 13. You can start a powerdown and stop it, without ill affect.

Currently, i don't want to start powerdown. I am just checking and providing my feedback to steemit team. That's it.
I have no doughy on steemit team technical knowledge. Sometimes someone else has more knowledge, that is possible. I am just providing feedback to them so that they can correct it.

That is such a poor job, i cant even believe it... So if just want to power out a fraction i cant...

Awesome gift to the lawyers who'll be representing the 64 accounts you stole from...

And I'm curious - what did @mottler do to harm the stability of the blockchain? He/she hasn't been active since 2016... oh yeah, that's right - they had a big wallet, and you wanted it so you just took it. The only thing that shines on this chain is your hypocrisy, @justinsunsteemit!

Justin Sun wanted poster.jpg

I am community321.gif

PowerDown 4 weeks? No - still tells me 13 weeks to go - why is that? @steemitblog

It's 4 weeks, it's just a display error you're seeing. The developers don't know how to fix it.

Justin Sun can copy code and buyout existing companies but he can never force free people to become his slaves.

贾斯汀·孙(Justin Sun)可以复制代码并收购现有公司,但他永远不能强迫自由的人成为他的奴隶。

저스틴 선 (Justin Sun)은 코드를 복사하고 기존 회사를 매입 할 수는 있지만 자유인을 강제로 노예로 만들 수 없습니다.

Justin Sunはコードをコピーして既存の企業を買収することができますが、自由な人々に彼の奴隷になることを強制することはできません。

Very good information for everyone here

Nothing good about the hard fork. It's a total disaster. Of course @steemitblog won't tell your that.

Thanks for the updates, we are looking forward for good and vibrant projects.

Good work. Thank you to @community321 and @justinsunsteemit. :)

Chinese translation for Chinese community is ready :- steemitblog 的 硬分叉HF23申明 | hive

I love that SteemIt doesn't even post during American working hours anymore. SteemIt is a Chinese company through and through.

And here I thought things would go back to normal. Both Chains go their own way.

But no, both chains continue withholding funds from their users in a useless battle against each other.

Withholding funds is wrong. It was wrong in HF 22.2, it was wrong when forking the Hive chain and is wrong in HF 23.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Neither does Three!


Withholding funds sends a signal to the investors that their funds aren't save and can to taken away by the witnesses at any moment.

Steem (and to a lesser degree Hive) are currently showing me that my funds are not save and are only one hard fork away from been seized by the witnesses.

In the past all I have to fear when criticising a witnesses was a downvote. Now I have to fear that my funds are seized at the next hard fork.

The only good news is the faster power down giving me a change to get out of here ASAP.

No, you have destroyed Steem.

I agree with a lot of this aside from:

No, you have destroyed Steem.

But I agree that seizing funds in both cases was wrong. I will say that on Steem there were blatant attacks against the chain by some of the witnesses who had stake removed, and it is arguable that it was done in protection of the chain. My problem is that there was very little notice, and no recognition of what each of the users had done as individuals that merited seizing their stake.

In similar regards, the Hive fork was also with very little notice (the code was published the morning of, and that is when we found out we were on the blacklist), and its seizing of funds wasn't based on any attack that had happened. It was in order to protect from possible attacks. Many users who had their funds seized (such as myself) were voting for several Hive witnesses along with Tron witnesses. I can't speak for others, but my father and I (and likely the Korean proxy) did this to ensure that neither party gained full control.

In both cases, I think that you are right that the action of seizing funds taints the chain, and looks horrible to potential investors. Especially when the account the funds are sent to is not even secure.

Agreed, I never voted for the other witnesses, but I too thought the stale mate would keep the chain safe until things calmed down. So, I can totally understand that.

I have to side with the hive team that they can pick and choose who they gave the tokens to, but it just caused a lot of bad feelings that I am not sure were worth it in their eyes.

Mostly though, I just no longer trust this deployment of DPOS on either chain and feel frustrated there isn't a greater level of respect for Stake. Investors should avoid.

In regards to Hive, have you seen this? I think it proves that we were given tokens and then the tokens were taken away.

I agree a lot about DPOS. I actually wonder if it would be better to redesign the governance entirely.

I wonder if having 3 groups of 10 main witnesses elected differently would be a good solution. For instance, 10 witnesses chosen by the stake voting for them, 10 chosen for the number of active accounts voting for them, and 10 with the largest amount stake in their wallet that decide to become witnesses. The 10 with the largest stake can either choose to become a witness, or choose to use their stake to vote for the stake based voting. I think this (or something like it) would help to create a much better system of checks and balances. I also wonder if there can be a way to have a community veto of a hardfork or soft fork by allowing the community to vote on it a week prior (or some other method).

Whatever the system becomes, I definitely think it needs to be changed. We plan to possibly write a post about it some day.

No, I hadn't seen it.

At the end of the day for me, this deployment of DPOS has proven a handful of people can not only make undisclosed changes, send false signals but also tamper with stake. That goes against everything I wanted from crypto.

Still could be an okay blogging platform.

It was wrong in all three cases. To protect the chain a forced power down would have been enough. The witnesses of both chains did the worse they for trust they could do: freeze and seize funds.

Yes, I did not agree with freezing funds either (though there were also two instances of freezing. The first being of Steemit's funds, the second being sf 22.8888).

I will say that seizing funds was something intended for the protocol by Dan Larimer when he creatted DPos. That article is from my father @remlaps.

Though I had not heard of the idea of a forced power down. That might have been a good solution!

If a potentially malicious account is powered down it can't do any damage any more. The account can cash in its STEEM and SDB and leave then chain or challenge the decision and if successful power up again.

One thing that must be considered is the possibility of a malicious account sending to the exchange, and then sending their funds to a different account to power up. Though I would say that in this case, I think all of the users effected were already powering down and leaving, so I think your solution would have worked.

You're funds weren't seized, just not duplicated. You can convert your steem to hive at anytime.

Except they were duplicated.

cmp2020 and cmp2020-pb.PNG



There's the block from the hive explorer showing how many funds I had that were transferred out of my account.

Lol, it wasn't transferred...and you know this!

Just a FYI, I voted to approve all airdrops. So I believe you deserve the mirrored funds, but again, nothing was taken from you.

Thank you very much for your vote! I appreciate it a lot!

I must say that I disagree, but what's in the past is in the past. I'm just never gonna use Hive.

Again, thanks a lot!

Or you can use it (with 5 HP) and keep explaining people that Hive is a fork, where your funds have been duplicated and deleted in these transactions you showed.

Because you are totally right. Just be ready to end up -12 rep

Yeah, I am already on the spamminator list. I don't care enough to stick around until I'm downvoted to negative 12. I didn't vote for centralization, and now I am going to use the platform that hasn't disrespected and disowned me.

I hear they are treating even you bas over there on hive lol. Watching them gloat about it is particularly disturbing. Sorry, off-putting is a better choice.

Their funds were duplicate and now in the @steem.dao acc. Source :

  • @steem.dao wallet has 445,051 HBD and 83,370,205 HIVE which is slowly being converted into more HBD for the DAO
  • the 83 million HIVE and 164000 of the HBD represent Steemit's Stake and those accounts which supported Justin Sun's witness takeover, this currency injection is new to the Decentralized Hive Fund

Correct, I just wish the pre Justin steem witnesses would take responsibility for seizing funds initially. They based it on pure imaginative cause and it wasn't right despite the spin being placed on it. Its quite rich to see the hive supporters now up in arms when steemit is now responding in kind with cause based on actions and not speculation.

No, the steem witnesses that froze Justin's stake ruined the best thing to happen to steem. A prominent figure in crypto taking notice of the platform and making an investment.

I partially agree there. The witnesses should not have frozen the funds. Freezing funds is wrong.

But, as we now know, the mistrust in @justinsunsteemit was justified. @justinsunsteemit is indeed an authoritarian who desires dictatorial control over the anything he purchases.

Im sorry, you've confused yourself and morw important you're likely going to confuse someone else.

Steem witnesses were free to mistrust Justin. No matter that cause, they had no right to freeze his stake [FIRST]

if someone purchases something, its common sense theu would expect control over their keys.

True but as I posted earlier:


Retaliating with even worse measurements made it only worse.

Incorrect, if they set the precedent of fund freezing for protection of the chain from some future event, so too it is prudent for Justin to do the same.

Justin is in fact more responsible to do so since the hive witnesses with all their newly found fortune and new ninja mine only publicly proclaimed their only intent was to dump all their steem to destabilize the chain and token price. Furthering their objective of punishing those who have not flocked to hive.

Its the pot calling the kettle black. Except its worse because the initial aggressor of stake here did so because of whatever their imaginations allowed their minds to create, but the latter is doing so to protect users that have remained and still have stake on steemit with a factual basis to do so.

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