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RE: The Announcement of Hardfork 23.0

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why aren't you guys advocating for those you maliciously excluded from the hive airdrop?

Just check my comments on hive and you see I did. You can also check my votes on the hive proposal system in favour of airdropping to blacklisted accounts.

One can oppose all freezing, blacklisting and seizing of funds.


But has it happened yet? No. I think the energy being wasted here by (somehow still) unhappy hive members is misplaced.

No, it's perfectly places.

  • Stuff I'm unhappy about Hive ⇒ post on Hive.
  • Stuff I'm unhappy about Steem ⇒ post on Steem.

What you are missing is that you can be a member of both chains. There is no official requirement to close one account and only use one chain.

Mind you: After @justinsunsteemit did the ultimate evil and seized funds I'm powering down and wait for good time to sell.

On scale of 1 … 10 — with 10 being most evil:

  • Temporary freezing funds or accounts: 3
  • Excluding users from blockchain fork: 5
  • Gaining control over DPoS blockchain with sock puppets: 7
  • Seizing funds: 9

With each step it got worse and there is only one step left: stealing everyones funds.

I wish I could format.

/methinks do you even format?

Sorry I need to brush up on formatting.

Im not missing anything. I know people can be a part of both chains.

You mention in another comment not too far from here that 'two wrongs don't make a right' [acknowledgment of the initial hive witness freeze of Justin's funds to be blatantly wrong and provocative.

It would be refreshing then to see the holier than thou vitriol to die down and it has to start with hive and their proponents. They started this entire mess and they will have to be a large part of the solution rather than playing kryptoKaren on Twitter and falsifying information to crypto news sites that assume(wrongfully) that hive community has the capacity to share their dealings without making stuff up and only present facts including their own personal accountability.

That is what I would have hoped for as well. Both chains going their own way and not making it worse then it already was.

And then I read about the blacklist and the bug in the script creating the blacklist.

I don't know if you know but the idiots on Hive used a script to create the blacklist and there had been a bug adding innocent accounts.

What a mess.

No, the bug was NOT a bug. It was intentional and used as a means of punishment aimed at those who didn't pile onto Justin for fabricated causes.

The rebrand of blacklist to error was in response to blowback.

Also if it was an error as they are conveniently claiming after the fact, why the gloating on steemit borking a fork, yet claiming an error while doing a fork of their own.

The irony is pretty thicc in this comment section since those with the most to say and criticism have the most experience and were the stewards of the chain.

Also, why havent those affected by the bug been airdropped their tokens if it was supposed to be corrected?

One does not exclude the other. You can try to dosh out some unjust punishment and have a bug in your script.

And those affected by the bug like @scottcbusiness where silently reimbursed. That you don't know that shows you are not full informed.

No, to this day, not everyone has been reimbursed. Do you need a link? Fid they finish doing it today? If not, quit lying to yourself. Im as informed as they come.

No, to this day, not everyone has been reimbursed

Dit I say everyone? No, I didn't. I'm well aware that only a few selected where reimbursed.

Don't argue what I didn't say. That's called straw man fallacy.