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RE: The Announcement of Hardfork 23.0

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I partially agree there. The witnesses should not have frozen the funds. Freezing funds is wrong.

But, as we now know, the mistrust in @justinsunsteemit was justified. @justinsunsteemit is indeed an authoritarian who desires dictatorial control over the anything he purchases.


Im sorry, you've confused yourself and morw important you're likely going to confuse someone else.

Steem witnesses were free to mistrust Justin. No matter that cause, they had no right to freeze his stake [FIRST]

if someone purchases something, its common sense theu would expect control over their keys.

True but as I posted earlier:


Retaliating with even worse measurements made it only worse.

Incorrect, if they set the precedent of fund freezing for protection of the chain from some future event, so too it is prudent for Justin to do the same.

Justin is in fact more responsible to do so since the hive witnesses with all their newly found fortune and new ninja mine only publicly proclaimed their only intent was to dump all their steem to destabilize the chain and token price. Furthering their objective of punishing those who have not flocked to hive.

Its the pot calling the kettle black. Except its worse because the initial aggressor of stake here did so because of whatever their imaginations allowed their minds to create, but the latter is doing so to protect users that have remained and still have stake on steemit with a factual basis to do so.

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