✌Upvote/Resteem Service Now Available! [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

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Like many others on Steemit I have mixed emotions about "Paying for Votes/Resteems". Although I find myself using them on occasion when I really need an extra boost. Many of you know my story and know I am currently having some serious issues in life. I was homeless for a while living in my old 1996 Ford Van that is literally on it's last leg. I am now renting a place to live (room for rent) in a house in Layton, UT and earn just barely enough money from Steemit to pay rent and eat. I have been trying for quite sometime to find a way to get a 2002 or newer All Wheel Drive 4-door vehicle (due to the winters here).

So that I can start driving for Uber/Lyft and earn a descent living. Due to health issues listed in This Post I am unable to do much; I can write, photograph and drive and that's about it.

Despite my best efforts to raise the funds or find a means to rent/finance a vehicle I could afford I have had no success. I do have over a hear on Steemit, a lot of followers and a higher reputation than most others. Which is what lead me to decide to try a different approach at raising the funds I need to get a vehicle and get back to work.


What I have to offer!

As I mentioned earlier I have a higher reputation that most (if not all) of the Pay for Votes or Pay for Resteem services currently available. In fact my current reputation is 64.9.

I have almost 1100 followers as of now and more following me every day (been adding 20-30 a day most days for the last few weeks. My followers are real people, loyal steemians and many of them call me friend or family. To the best of my knowledge none of them are fake accounts, bots or other deviously acquired means of inflating my follower count. I do have nearly 200 (currently) inactive followers, but of the nearly 900 active ones they routinely vote/comment/resteem my posts.

I have a "cause" that none of the other Pay for Vote or Pay for Resteem services have. I am in dire need of help and want to be able to offer something in return for that help.

What are you offering, exactly?

* I will resteem your post for 1 SBD or 1 Steem

* I will resteem and upvote your post for 2 SBD or 2 Steem (rules apply - see below)

* I will resteem, upvote and promote your post for 5 SBD or 5 Steem (rules apply - see below)

What are these rules, exactly?

* All upvotes will receive between 1% and 25% upvote - I will personally read each post and upvote according to how useful/helpful/creative/well written I found the post.

* All those who pay for me to "promote" your post will have the post promoted to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followers as well as approximately 20 different Steemit Related Promotion channels on various chat platforms. I will also personally encourage my most loyal friends (and voters) to check out your post.

* There are no "guarantees" as to whether you "recoup" your investment, but I will make all efforts (on 5 SBD/Steem donations) to ensure you have a Post Payout in excess of what you spent on my service. Remember: This is a Charity Service to help out a fellow steemian, me!

How do I use your service?

* It is really easy, just go to your Wallet (https://steemit.com/@yourusername/transfers) and then click on either the dollar amount beside Steem or Steem Dollars and then click on Transfer

* Once the Transfer Dialogue pops up enter "venuspcs" (without the ""'s), enter 1, 2, or 5 for the amount and for the memo put the link to the post you want me to Upvote, Resteem, Promote

* Once all information is entered correctly hit Submit.

Why should I use your service?

* Because I am a descent human being and steemian who is in need of help and trying to reward those who help me.

* Because even while I was homeless and still out of work I am helping thousands of other steemians through SP Delegations, explaining things to them in chat and doing what I can to help grow this community through Business Cards I had printed and conversations I have with people when I can.

Notice the three 2,000 Mvests are actually 1,000+ SP delegations to @bellyrub (a pay for upvote service), @minnowsupport (helping thousands of minnows a day) and @msp-lovepot (a minnowsupport bot that upvotes many registered members of minnowsupport automatically)

Can I upvote comments?

Yes through my service if you send 1 SBD or Steem and a link to your comment I will upvote it as well, same rules apply as if it was a post. Namely: " All upvotes will receive between 1% and 25% upvote - I will personally read each post and upvote according to how useful/helpful/creative/well written I found the post."

Can I use your services on other's posts?

Absolutely, in fact I strongly encourage all Steemians to help others in any way they can and this is definitely a great way to help them.

Who do I contact if I have issues?

I am providing this Charity Service to raise funds and there are no Refunds. However, if you have questions, suggestions or just need some help not covered by this service feel free to contact me on Steemit.Chat


Need more Followers? Check out SteemFollower!

If you are a traveler, homeless, vagabonding, couchsurfing or just have the spirit of a Nomad then join us over at #teemnomad on PAL Discord here: https://discord.gg/SgJfQkH


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Wow! You are doing something great with your time, energy and resources! Way to go! Followed, resteemed, upvoted and shared. Keep it up!

This is a great idea @venuspcs I will use your service next time i need a boost for a post.

This post received a 3.5% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @venuspcs! For more information, click here!

Btw, i see that you send 2sbd to randowhale @venuspcs The cost of its service went down to 1sbd. Make sure to not pay double next time.


Great, I actually talked to bernie right around the time I sent that but forgot he said it was only 1 SBD now....yesterday was one of those days, ya know....

Driving for Lyft right now buddy!


How you like it? How many hours a week you "work"? What kind of money you making? What city?


Its fun getting to meet a lot of people..im driving in southern california and usually make about $100 in 8 hours

Good evening @venuspcs I hope this comment finds you well. I have just sent a transfer to you. Every little bit helps right?

Have a great day! Best of luck to you!

I just bought one for this link:


Will buy many more if it works well :)

Interesting story and I'm sorry what's going on in your life but you have to be positive all the time. You will see that things will change for the better if you believe that. I saw you gave restreem on a post of mine, thank you so much for this :). I give you my full upvote for now because you deserve it, it is not much but it helps. I think I will use your service in the future. Please try to smile more because you will see that everything will be fine.

I would give it a try let see the result.

Upvoted and resteemed :)

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Great idea!

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Great idea! I will surely use it as soon as I get the sdb (I just converted them)...I already know what post I want to be resteemed ;) Love creativity when one needs money :)


I'm ready! Sending you my link ;) can you confirm here that you got it?

This post has received a 2.26 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @venuspcs.

Hi @venuspcs I have just read your story and I really want to give you a high five for finding a way to earn money instead of just asking for it, I think this is a really creative way to go about your situation and I hope that you find success in it. I've given you a 100% upvote, it'll help a bit. I have family in Utah and I know how harsh the winters can be. Sending you love. XO


This is a great idea! - I wrote a post about "Resteeming Services" a while back and I've thought of doing something similar myself too. - I hope this goes well and I wish you the best of luck! - Perhaps I'll implement something like this myself too in the near future. Only time will tell! - Resteemed!

This post has received a 4.70 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @venuspcs.

Isn't this what steemit is all about...helping each other! I chose nursing because it was about giving back. I go home sometimes feeling completely drained but satisfied I did something for people in this world! Let me post up...then I'll hit you up! Hope it all works out for you @venuspcs


I like nurses, they must be very kind and caring to do such a job :)

Upvoted and also resteemed :]

Great post

hi i just used your service and hope to get upvoted and resteemd. Thanks and goodluck on your endeavors!

Hi, I was searching for resteem services and came across this article but noticed it's a couple months old. Are you still providing this service?


That's great!! For some reason I just saw this now. I will be sending sbd in a couple of hours for my latest article. :) Thanks!