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Get Social with SocialX… A platform that enhances community building through social networking with cryptocurrency rewards.
SocialX is the building blocks that helps her clients build communities through cryptocurrencies. All your life streams, messaging, photos & videos on a fast, secure and decentralized platform.
SocialX is the first decentralized photograph and video app which willfirmly store your LIFE MOMENTS in an exceedingly single app. With SocialX, users will not necessarily post photos & videos on centralized platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Our platform uses the newest blockchain technology to make sure short loading times are achieved.
You can tell why SocialX is totally different. Popular social media networks fail to uphold the best of freedom of expression. Therefore, the centralized design of widespread social networks puts them during a scenario wherever obliging with censorship laws and rulescould be a necessity if they're to remain in business. But not the same case for SocialX
• Many are concerned about the social impact of business and technology, but what if the same power was used by business for the benefit of society?

………..The Crowd-SocialX…………..
Nothing else could be more than a messenger whereyou'll send payments and sensible contracts to friends from at intervals chats whereas enjoying the default encrypted electronic communication service, employing a peer-to-peer protocol not relying on centralized servers. SocialX offers the safest and most reliable social media application available. Worthy online contents are rewarded even with little likes on social media content posts by followers and friends, The SocialX Upvoting System acknowledges the worth of your photos and videos, and rewards you with cryptocurrency.
Livestreaming amongst others are held in high esteem as good livestream produces immense price for its audience. That’s why SocialX can seamlessly integrate Live streams into her Community.
Clients or members earn money with their photos based on an Integral License Management which permits you to DECIDE to keep your photos private or if you wish to exchange photos for tokens. Photos can be bought for web content development.

A perpetually growing user base is that the key to a winning social network. we know our unique selling point (USP) can attract photographers & video-lovers simply, however we'll embrace a paid referral system to incentivize your friends & family to join SocialX this is an advanced system referral that helps build the SocialX community with your contributions as you Top up your Ether address via coinbase for example, and send it from your Ether address to the SocialX presale smart contract. So, be a part of this unique financial technology brought to you as you gain the SocialX tokens in your participation in the SocialX ICO. When you participate in the SocialX ICO, you will not only become part of a revolutionary platform that provides real worth to content creators, but will also be an early adopter of a decentralized economy movement. Contributors will receive SocialX Tokens, which will be tradable on the major exchanges and may generate a return for their owners.
Enjoy your Contributions as soon as possible in contributing at the right bonus tier, because token sales commences soon. The earlier the better.
Benefit Maximum freedom as the user friendly SocialX platform comes by for you.
SocialX brings you an opportunity to express yourself without hindrances to interact with your friends, family, and others who share similar interests. The use of an online cryptocurrency without any previous experience to utilize a decentralized network to store images, videos, and data on a trustless service in which no one can have access to the privacy you need. SocialX comes with a great opportunity to be an early adopter to see as it grows and even builds a business within the network through licensing and data distribution.
SocialX is very easy to use, it is built with a great User Interface, focused on a rich media experience, it’s a medium focused on creating a good and perfect content for the community.
SocialX revolutionizes the way you create and share contents online and rewards you for it. With the use of blockchain as a new opportunity for creators to achieve financial freedom.
Decentralizes interactions as it puts an end to centralization in the way we interact with peers by putting together concepts from social media in relation to new advances in cryptography and distributed ledger technology.

Get rewarded through blockchain technology by interacting with those of similar interest on the SocialX decentralized social media platform which is a community driven project.

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Eth Address: 0x9AD5a70a6993a8d4D070a4F3b1dd633E720f670F


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