How much can one earn for being a Steem witness? How much dollar-value is Steem creating every day?steemCreated with Sketch.

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So Steem trades at: $1.368257

1 block gets mined every 3 seconds

How much STEEM is in each block? Is it just 1?

I can't really figure out how much the witnesses get per block; the FAQ says 10% goes to 'witnesses', but this article: seems to say something else.

So let's just try and ballpark it -


So that's $3940.58 per day in witness fees. Pretty good deal for them. Figure that's split across the 20-ish witness/backup-witnesses, etc.

Still, $200 bucks a day just to run a computer program sounds pretty lucrative to me.


How much currency is Steem generating per day, then? Well, it would seem: $39,405.80

Seriously, generating that much dollar-value per day? That's crazy. I mean, my time is valuable, and my attention-span is valuable, but I've glanced through the Steem bloggy post things, and I don't think I'm seeing that amount of value being created.

Will definitely require more research.

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How much bitcoin is created each day and how is that price supported? Understand the answer to that question and you'll have a better understanding what Steem is accomplishing. Better yet, how does 10,000 bitcoin to buy one pizza in May 2010 become worth over $24 million just 7 years later? You're about to head down the rabbit hole, my friend. Enjoy the ride. :)

I started my own witness here, and it's been running for about a month:

As a backup witness, the number of blocks you produce is based on how high up this list you get voted by other Steem Power holders:

You can see my block production here:

The top 20 witnesses create most of the blocks, but they get far less per block than a backup witness which gets just shy of 1 Steem per block.

It's not just about running a computer program. You have to be supported and voted in by the community. If you don't provide value as a witness, you can get voted out. Most witnesses do regular reports (you can see some of them here).

Here's my proposal post along with my witness updates 6/6/2017 and june-19th-2017