First go vote on the twitter poll mentioned in this post.

... and then just for your information, here's the post about it on Ethereum Classic subreddit...
[EDIT: Removing the link after realizing driving trafic to the link could actually make it a "hot" or "controversial" post on reddit and therefore work against us.]

I'm just saying... What you do with it is up to you. ;)
(I'm not encouraging anyhing unethical.)

Thank you for sharing, Thomas! That Reddit link is for ETH voting, isn't it? Luckily, no noise there.

That's right. Also I was looking for a similar post in Moneros subreddit just for fun... looks like noone even posted about it. :)

Haha! We, with our community, gotta win then. ETH support, despite the lack of a closed community, is very impressive. Still as a Steemer, let's put ourselves first.

Too bad for Monera. And happy Dogecoin didn't win! :)

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