Back on Steemit After 2 Years of Inactivatey? Did The Steem Train Crash?

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I was on my computer today looking through my old documents when I came across a file named "How to start making real money on Steemit." I thought to myself What is "Steemit"? and Who made this document? So I clicked it and to my surprise, it was a post that I had made here 2 years ago. Just like that all of the memories started coming back of this dream that I had abandoned, the potential future that this platform was going to give me.

This is the article that I posted over 2 years ago:

Success on Steemit takes a great deal of perseverance and motivation. So how can you become the next Jerry Banfield? In this post, I highlight the main things that every content creator on Steemit should follow in order to see results from their work.

Post Meaningful Original Content

To succeed on Steem and become begin to make a decent earning on the site your posts must be detailed and contain useful information. Do not try to copy/paste entire articles and sell them as your own writing, this will heavily limit your earning ability. Your posts do not have to be long but must be meaningful. Including images and videos in your posts will also increase the earning potential of the post.

Remember upvotes are not likes and people are more conservative with upvotes on Steemit versus likes on Facebook because of the value that they hold. So you have to give the reader a reason to upvote you.

Invest in Steem Power💪

Steem power is your influence on Steem and will determine how much weight each of your upvotes will hold. I wrote another post illustrating why Steem power is the key to Steemit success, read it here.

Comment on Peoples Posts

Commenting on people’s post is a fantastic way to gain upvotes and followers. Try to avoid commenting things based solely on the title of a post, rather make relevant and appropriate comments based on the content in the post. Be sure not to spam people your reputation level makes an enormous difference!!

Consistency is Key🔑

Steemit takes hard work and dedication and there is no two ways around that. Staying active by submitting stories and interacting with others in the community will increase your reputation and allow people to see you are a serious content creator.

Do Not Focus on The Numbers

Focusing on how your follower/following counts is a waste of time. Do not try to gain followers but try to gain friends!! I am in no way a whale or even a dolphin yet and I am still quite new here, however, I understand the value of loyal readers who interact with your content. Reply to comments and follow other Steem authors. Followers will come when you get your page out there!

I hope that you found this post useful and if you did be sure to show some support. Leave a comment below as I love to hear your feedback!

So, what happened? Why didn't I follow my own guides? Why did I give up on this platform?

Well, frankly I just sort of lost my momentum, I had needed cash at the time so I withdrew most of my rewards and my posts were not seeing much traction. Perhaps I was posting the wrong content or it simply wasn't good enough, either way, I do not regret doing what I did at the time. As since then the price of Steem has dropped significantly and it seems that the platform has never got the traction that it deserves. As this chart demonstrates;

steem chart.png

As you can see since 2018 the price is seemingly flat-lining.

BUT! It doesn't have to - We are the solution. I had a vision for this platform to be as big as twitter or reddit and that doesn't have to die. I want to start posting here again regularly and I hope that the community supports me and other creators because we can take this platform to new heights just with a bit of awareness. So I encourage everyone that reads this article to promote the network as much as possible and invest in this currency once again so that it can shine brighter than ever. And to all of the creators on here, don't give up on the platform because you are the backbone and driving force of this network, so keep posting quality content that people want to share and upvote.

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Good one! Starting back like how I had this break for a few months too before I keep it consistent and disregard the Steem value. From this platform, I do learned a few things:

  1. Engagement is the key, even though you have good content, without good engagement to make yourself appear under the radar of others, it is hard to shine.
  2. Consistent and make the contents that you love. Keep it casual may be a good way IMO. Getting too serious was like wanting to make the perfect content which will never happen and end up not posting for months was a bad experience for me.
  3. Join and contribute to certain community you love. Be part of a community and be active within it, that will help you to grow a lot. It is not a solo thing here but about people.

Well, these are more or less my 3 takeaways from my 2 years experience here. Of course, it is up to you in terms of commitment as everyone of us has different priority ;)

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Thanks for your feedback I appreciate the advise and will definitely take them on board : )

Welcome back! Everyone needs to come back. I took a break too but wishes I didn’t and was consistent throughout.

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