Why steemit is genius and will beat the dunning kruger effect

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Only because somebody telling stupid things to a topic does not mean he knows it, thats why other also tell this stupid words to a topic.

But now with powerfull people who know about a topic they can just flag stupid comments to 0SBD value.
Because they know better and will explain why they did it.
Then the flaged humen can start thinking and try to write better.

Thats why you can edit your post.


Now its the first time i ask for a resteem if you concur.


Re-STEEM is not showing on my control panel, tuvokhl :(

because its old. only possible 7 days.

That's true! Filtering content is hard but it does promote better content.

Yes, but a side effect can be filtering non main stream ideas. Boltzmann was considered to be a complete fool by his contemporaries.

The flag wars have already begun in one of my small circles. Many are abusing the flagging feature and destroying other's reputations for apparently no reason. It is going to get ugly..Re-steemed

I dont know in which circles you are. But i like to look into it.
Can you write some posts here?

Thanks for resteem.

I see it that way:
You can also abuse upvote? If a lot of stupid people upvote content that has no value.

For now here are all only upvoting.
Nearly nobody downvotes.
And if this happens then all cry.

But its only POTENTIAL payout. You have to fight for your content.
In a digital world of thoughts.

Its just amazing.

Someone with a powerful account can down vote or up vote a post that they're not knowledgable. How can you balance these cases?

Yes, but other people with knowledge will speak out and maybe together they got more power. Its also possible to comment under his posts or comments and get a powerful upvote for that.
For now o lot of people just have to learn more here i think.
I think its quiet perfekt here just the skin could be changed and look better.

It Does start to promote those with experience in these areas to COMMENT and VOTE.
I shall resteem, I see that you have a "Method To Your Madness" ;)
I have a well-educated follower that might be interested! He made a post about Flagging recently.

just tell your friend about my flag attack on @sgtreport we will see if he understands what he tells.

I will link him

I actually sent him a link to this post, the other post makes more sense after you read this one.

I found 3 writing mistakes on my own.

Thank you for the lil's sbd gift you sent. :)

I tought you resteem. But its okay if not...
Then its just a gift.

Next time we can talk about how much it cost if i want you to resteem my article.