I reached 150 SP-Steem Power !

in steemit •  11 months ago  (edited)

Hello !

Yesterday i reached 150 SP !

It's great for me that my activity on Steemit is valuable and i go step by step to the Moon ;)

Steemit is for me more interesant than normal Blog-sites because there are much more people and if i want i can spek here in english-deutsch-polish-chinese- how i want ! It's international project which connected people !

AT 15.10.2018 I BUY SO MUCH STEEM HOW MUCH VOTES I BECOME IN THIS ARTICLE( And then i convert it to SP) !


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Congrats on 150 Steem, are you delegating to Steem-ua? If your not, then you should!

Is it good to be in Steem-ua ?

Yes, highly recommended. You should delegate as much power as you can. I have!

How Cool!

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