Here is how the Steemit Trending Page would look like without Bid Bots and Self Votes! (18.10.2021)

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Trending Posts Without Bid Bots and Self Votes

In the last 24 hours alone people spent at least 3842 SBD and 18139 STEEM on post promotions using bid bots or vote selling services. I know bid bots are a controversial topic and it is not up to me to decide if these bots are good or bad. Heck, I'm a bot myself, so who am I to judge? However, I can help you with your own judgment by providing data. Besides my DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS, where I try to direct attention to posts that deserve more rewards, I decided to use the data at my disposal to publish another kind of top list.

Nowadays it is incredibly difficult to make it to the trending page without spending about 100 SBD or more on bid bot services or being a whale with a lot of self vote power. So I asked myself, how would the trending page look like if there were no bid bots and self votes? Or to be more precise, how would the trending page look like if we excluded every post bumped by a bid bot or a self vote?

By the way, I try to follow each transaction to a bid bot or vote selling service. Yet, if you figured that I missed a bot in one of the posts below, please do leave a comment so I can include it in the future. Thanks!

The Top 10 Posts NOT Promoted by Bots

So without further ado, here are the top earning, text based posts (excluding dmania etc.) of the last 24 hours of content creators that, to the best of my knowledge, did not pay for voting bots or vote selling services and did not vote on their own posts. A list of the humble, so to say. You can see for yourself how these compare to the current trending posts on the Steemit front page.

#1 Steemit Crypto Academy Beginners Level Season 4 Week 7 Proof of Keys -- by @awesononso with a current reward of 75 SBD

Over the weeks we have been able to discover new concepts in the blockchain world and understood them too. During weeks 1 and 3 we talked about the BidAsk spread as we looked at the basics of the topic. For week 5, we talked about stability in the volatile world of digital currencies. It has been a busy season and I really hope we dont forget all we have learned. For this week, we will be looking into a different topic with some familiar concepts. Welcome to the 7th season of the ...

#2 Steemit Crypto Academy Summary On Homework Task Week6Season4 -- by @kouba01 with a current reward of 54 SBD

At the end of the sixth week of the Season 4 assignment on October 16, 2021, I want to thank the 64 students who participated this week by submitting their essays to answer the assignment. This week we have presented the most important and best trading methods with the Chaikin Money Flow Indicator CMF in a detailed explanation which you can use and integrate into your trading strategy. Intended for active traders and novices in crypto, this section reviews the different technical in...

#3 Club5050 Is An Effort To Improve The STEEM Ecosystem In The Future -- by @sofian88 with a current reward of 54 SBD

class textjustify Starting from being active again on the platform, last April to be precise, I was determined to be more productive in creating exclusive content, joining various communities and humanitarian activities by managing 50 percent of the results posted to charity accounts to support more disadvantaged people so they can useful for others. I am also determined to strengthen my account by increasing the power up of the remaining 50 percent of the income I receive af...

#4 Crypto Academy S4W6 Homework Summary Advanced Level Investment through Private and Public Sales -- by @fredquantum with a current reward of 54 SBD

Introduction class textjustifyThe season 4 of the Academy has entered week 7 and things have been running smoothly ever since it began. Last week which is the week 6, I presented a lecture and this article would be used to give a summary of the participation of students in my lecture. Lets get into it together. Investment through Private and Public Sales class textjustifyIn the just concluded week, I discussed the topic Investment through Private and Public Sales which started with ...

#5 Using eosio singleton tables on WAX Blockchain -- by @marcosdk with a current reward of 42 SBD

We use the tables within a smart contract to store the information as if it were a database. Thanks to the indexes we can quickly access the records we need and thus save us valuable microseconds of code execution. But sometimes we need to store simple data that reflects the current state of something were keeping an eye on, such as the current version of the program or an event counter. These types of tables do not require an index since they will only have one record to access. They are...

#6 Betterlife Actsofkindness Visiting the Sick -- by @miftahuddin with a current reward of 38 SBD

Coexistence between fellow human beings is highly recommended. Helping each other is the key to our life. No one can live alone without the help of others. Today, together with the village head, we visited the community who needed all of our hands to help with medical expenses and basic daily needs for their families. This mans name is Usman who lives in our area. He had a tumor on his head that made him no longer able to provide for his family like everyone else. Right now he was...

#7 The Old Reservoir Which is Left for Nature Hiyare -- by @randulakoralage with a current reward of 29 SBD

Another exited day dawn with a clouded sky. I was all set to spend a long day in Hiyare! We had a couple of plans for the day. Hiyare is a village in the Galle district, near Akmeemana. Hiyare is famous for the Hiyare rainforest, the Hiyare reservoir and hiyare Bioersity Research Center. This area is abundant with natural beauty. Location Due to the travel restrictions, we selected a place within the same district we live. Before we visit we watched multiple youtube videos and ha...

#8 1018, Mon btc rose 16.5 weekly and the dominance rose to 46.79 which means altcoins are wating their turn -- by @jhdklk853 with a current reward of 29 SBD

Yesterday1017 0000 2400, UTC0, bitcoin price recorded its starting as 60923, its lowest as 58933, its highest as 61765, its closing as 61553. After the start of Sunday, Bitcoin continued to move sideways around 61k, but from 2000, a large sell volume exploded, btc dropped over 2,500 in 30 minutes, reaching a low, then rebounding to 61k at 2200, and then rising further to close 1.0 up after reaching the previous high at 2345. Looking at the 4hour chart, yesterdays low fell 6.6 from the shor...

#9 Five footballers are presently playing for the same top clubs that their dads did. -- by @lordhojay with a current reward of 28 SBD

It is simple for a parent to have a positive impact on his childs profession, especially if he was successful in his own. Because of comparison and pressure, it is difficult for a footballer to follow in the footsteps of his successful father in football, yet several of them are now playing at the teams where their dads thrived. 1 Daley Blind image source Daley joined Ajax when he was eight years old and stayed for 16 years before moving to Manchester United for four years. In 2018, he...

#10 My Commitment For Club5050 Club75 Club100 -- by @stream4u with a current reward of 23 SBD

Thumbnail Created From My Commitment For Club5050 Club75 Club100. It was just a coincidence that my commitment to self and the new program Club5050 Club75 Club100 is started at the same time. From starting October 2021, I have already decided myself that from now further, I will be using maximum rewards receive at the time of Post Payout for Powering Up means in STEEM Power. I will try to use rewards in powering up at the same time during redeeming rewards or ma...

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