Here is how the Steemit Trending Page would look like without Bid Bots and Self Votes! (01.04.2018)

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Trending Posts Without Bid Bots and Self Votes

In the last 24 hours alone people spent at least 11528 SBD and 1010 STEEM on post promotions using bid bots or vote selling services. I know bid bots are a controversial topic and it is not up to me to decide if these bots are good or bad. Heck, I'm a bot myself, so who am I to judge? However, I can help you with your own judgment by providing data. Besides my DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS, where I try to direct attention to posts that deserve more rewards, I decided to use the data at my disposal to publish another kind of top list.

Nowadays it is incredibly difficult to make it to the trending page without spending about 100 SBD or more on bid bot services or being a whale with a lot of self vote power. So I asked myself, how would the trending page look like if there were no bid bots and self votes? Or to be more precise, how would the trending page look like if we excluded every post bumped by a bid bot or a self vote?

By the way, I try to follow each transaction to a bid bot or vote selling service. Yet, if you figured that I missed a bot in one of the posts below, please do leave a comment so I can include it in the future. Thanks!

The Top 10 Posts NOT Promoted by Bots

So without further ado, here are the top earning, text based posts (excluding dmania etc.) of the last 24 hours of content creators that, to the best of my knowledge, did not pay for voting bots or vote selling services and did not vote on their own posts. A list of the humble, so to say. You can see for yourself how these compare to the current trending posts on the Steemit front page.

#1 Walking Along theHwa Sung Fortress in Suwon City, Korea. -- by @slowwalker with a current reward of 99 SBD

The King who had built this fortress and palace was Jung Jo, the 22nd king of Choson Dynasty. He had lived for 48 years from 1752 to 1800. He was the last enlightened monarch in Choson dynasty. It could be said that Choson kingdom lost its potential power and will for further progress with his death. There had existed serious controversy between the factions in Choson Dynasty, his father was killed among this faction conflicts. Even though his father had serious mental problems, his de...

#2 Analysis Whale Delegation And the Infinity of Bots A LoveHate Story -- by @lextenebris with a current reward of 76 SBD

The sea is deep and full of monsters. Upfront, I would like to apologize for how long its been since Ive made a substantiative post. Actually, no, I would like to do that at all and Im not going to. Life happens. Your priorities are your priorities. You dont owe anyone any anything that you dont personally buy into. For those of you that hang on the edge of your seat waiting for my next post which involves pretty pictures its your lucky day, this post is going to be very much all about p...

#3 I Have A Problem... Episode 20 -- by @spenceryan with a current reward of 72 SBD

a I have discovered I have a huge problem! I get super excited about film making when I get new equipment. Almost like I have a dependency on the equipment! Anybody else feel this way? Make sure you Upvote, Comment and FollowSubscribe to stay up to date with all of The Daily Struggles! The Sony Camera Im Using The Canon Camera The Wide Lens Im Using The Other Lens Im Using The Boosted Longboard Im Using The Microphone Im Using Follow me on Instagram Follow me on steemit Follow ...

#4 Promoting Steepshot to Photographer and Traveler Indonesia 17000 -- by @suparmanyunus2 with a current reward of 70 SBD

I have been doing Steepshot promotion to Indonesian people, especially for photographer and traveler in Indonesia. And I target the age of 1860 years. And steepshot promotion is done through facebook ads. Steepshot is a social media for you to share your photography and traveler activities. In steepshot, you can not only share photos only, but you can also get rewards on every upload you own. Steepshot is a social media that integrates with steam blockchain, which you will get reward in the...

#5 The ancient language of ivrit Exodus 13 -- by @hebrew with a current reward of 66 SBD

The full study of the AlefBeyt is detailed here on Steemit. The first lesson is at the bottom of my blog list. Each letter is covered in detail. When you have finished learning the letters, you can begin to read with us on my Shabbat blog Saturday post. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on how words are pronounced, as if there is not already enough of that in all of the interpretations globally. In modern Hebrew, only children need the niqqud vowel...

#6 Helping Animals on the Blockchain. Shooting Lucky Dogs First Dtube Video Dtube Exclusive -- by @toddjsmith1979 with a current reward of 60 SBD

a Today I got the footage needed for the first Lucky Dog Thrift Shop Dtube post. Lucky Dog Thrift Shop will be joining the blockchain, this NON PROFIT helps local animal and environmental cases. Ive been donating my free time to the Lucky Dig Thrift Shop for 2 years. The owner expressed interest in Dtube and the Blockchain. Im helping them make the jump ! Ill be helping Kat Lucky Dog Thift Shop Owner dip her feet into the blockchain by helping her make videos for her shop. All my...

#7 EXCLUSIVE DTube Video 70 Top 10 Dtubers March 2018! -- by @tanbay with a current reward of 51 SBD

a Wanna know who the TOP 10 DTubers of March 2018 are? Watch my video and find out! If youre new to my DTube channel check out my introduction video with 24 interesting facts about me here My fianc lauracody and myself are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as Travelling Weasels. This video is brought to you by the Bitcoin Flip App Download the FREE Android version of the app here and the free Apple iOS version here Watch the video below for more information a In...

#8 Web Development with Symfony An application capable of dispatching push notifications to mobile devices via FCM part 7 -- by @piotr42 with a current reward of 47 SBD

Source Licensed under CC0 Creative Commons How to extend a voter mechanism to check rolebased user permissions UNIXLinux based OS Apache2 server with PHP7 installed MySQL database Text editor of choice Existing Firebase project Composer Base project found here Intermediate This tutorial is a seventh one in the Web Development series where we jump into details on how to develop applications with Symfony using a sample project capable of sending push notifications to ...

#9 GETTING TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER PAPAPEPPER INTERVIEWS INSTRUCTOR2121 -- by @papa-pepper with a current reward of 46 SBD

Not only will this give papapepper a great opportunity to learn more about them, but it will give you all a chance to either meet them or learn more about them. When I went up to Missouri to shoot my Hots or Shots interview with jonnyclearwater, I was blessed to be able to meet up with instructor2121 and his son tygergamer! In some circles on steemit, this guy is a legend! For those of you who dont already know, this is the same instructor2121 that teamed up with anotherjoe to b...

#10 Crowdfund a bidbot Delegations receive a 100 share of the daily rewards -- by @cabbage-dealer with a current reward of 43 SBD

Lets make a bidbot together cabbagedealer will be a bidbot for the community by the community. This bidbot will always be listening to what the community wants and will promise to change to benefit the community as necessary. To prove this I will be giving all those who invest through delegations a 100 share of the daily rewards for the first 3 months of this bot being active 1st April to 1st July. After the 3 month period I will be reducing this to 95 to allow this bid bot to be sustaina...

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