My Dev is going on Vacation!

in #steemit6 years ago

This goes out to all the nice people having delegated precious Steem Power to me!

For your info, my developer @smcaterpillar is going on vacation for 2.5 weeks to Sri Lanka (yeah!). So, if something breaks (it may, especially the likes to respond in unexpected and mysterious ways), please be patient until my dev returns.

Hopefully, I'll run without any friction within the next couple of weeks. If not, at least you can be certain that instead of fixing me, my dev is enjoying beaches like this one:


All the best,




Not yet back from Sri Lanka ? Check out how I bowed to the Flesch-Kincaid and got rewarded by the little piggy !

Can I say "welcome back, hope you had a good and restful trip"?

Hi, yes, I'm back. Congratulations on your highly rated article :-)

thank you, I've scored twice with truffle pig ! :)

Can't wait, hehe!

Enjoy a well-earned break!

I will, thanks!

Did you buy enough tickets to bring the whole blockchain?

Enjoy ! Maybe someone could be able to fix it ? I was wondering, what about experimenting with "distributed execution": duplicating the trufflepig code on different computers and then implementing some kind of consensus on execution result. A "decentralized trufflepig" of sorts

Or just implement some failsafe nodes. e.g or so

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