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RE: What if STEEM POWER wouldn't increase your power?

in #steemit4 years ago

The issue is that if every account received an equal share in the rewards pool, the system would be highly vulnerable to Sybil attacks. Although accounts are more carefully vetted now, it is still vulnerable to account spam, and in the past it was MUCH more so, and there are still users with literally hundreds of spam accounts. Furthermore, the account creation fee would have to be increased dramatically, since each new account takes an equal share of the rewards pool which is currently much more valuable by orders of magnitude than the current account creation fee.


Yeah the key fix could be in the account creation fee. It could be a whole new economy in itself. Bitcoin made life so much more complex with all these new possibilities lol

Question then is what would happen to adoption.

If SteemIt is so valuable that creating an account keeps getting more expensive, the price of STEEM probably keeps rising as well. But for now you can buy accounts for 0.2 STEEM i believe (after the first free account).

Right, so in order to spread Steem outside of wealthy/investor/enthusiast circles we might need new strategies. Facebook etc is free after all.

It's going to be interesting when Synereos Qrator becomes public and we have something to compare to.

Да по идее,бог с ними,с ботами,борьба есть борьба,если чоловек по делу пишет,его заметят и люди и боты,задача Стима развиваться,значит прирастать прибылью,значит оплаты всем хватит..и так до бесконечности..))

Precisely what I was thinking.

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