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RE: Stopping Downvote Censorship on Steemit: Suggestions For a New Model for Anti-Spam That Prevents Malicious Censorship

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Another really well written and interesting perspective on an issue that seems hot right now. I've not been here long enough to fully understand the argument for and against your solutions.
I'm not a fan of the ability of anyone to censor/downvote someone based on an opinion. It's too easy for feuds to get started with tit for tat down voting with the weaker rep always losing. That sounds a bit fascistic to me and the kind of thing that could lead to the platforms downfall.
Like I said I haven't currently formed an opinion on the way forward however 'powerful' vindictive down voting needs monitoring.


Thanks! It's an issue that I have really been focusing on for a while in my life as I design software and run my own social network - plus I regularly get censored on other networks.. So there is a catharsis involved in me helping improve this on Steemit :)

I have just created an addon for steemit that mildly improves the situation with downvoted posts being hidden. ;)