New Tweak for Steemit - Increased Visibility of Downvoted Posts! See What is Being DownVoted More Easily.

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In my previous post on Downvote Censorship I identified some possible improvements that could be made to Steemit to minimise the harm done by malicious downvoting. I've just made an Addon for Steemit that makes a small step in that direction.

When posts have been significantly downvoted they are made semi visible in the lists of posts. Since posts are sometimes downvoted maliciously it is possible that such posts will be unfairly overlooked due to their reduced visibility. This style makes these posts more visible, instead of less visible - meaning that users are prompted to explore and decide for themselves whether they agree with the downvote, instead of just skipping over the post as if it has already been found guilty of violations of the fully agreed upon anarcho capitalist rules! ;)

Downvoted posts will now no longer be semi transparent and will be displayed with a red border.


How to use

As with the themes that I recently linked you to in my Steemit blog - You just need to install the Styling browser plugin and then install this theme from the userstyles website. Instructions are below:

Ready? Let's get started:

We are going to use the browser plugin and service called 'Stylish' - available at userstyles.

  • Install the browser plugin called 'Stylish' in your web browser by searching inside your web browser's add-on area. Firefox and chrome both have areas that you can use to add extensions/add-ons and you can find the area in the browser's main menu.

  • Visit and click on the button for Stylish that has been added to your browser's list of extension icons (usually top-right of the browser). Choose 'Find styles for this site' and you will then see a list of available themes you can use to change the appearance of Steemit.

  • Choose the 'Increase Visibility of Downvoted Posts' stlye available here:

  • Click to install the theme.

Once installed, you will find that you can now more easily see downvoted posts in the post lists at

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Thank you @ura-soul!

Your scripting skills are doing a load of good (and I fully intend on partaking of them in the coming days). Anti-bullying/censorship measures are always welcome in my book.

I am personally troubled by the ease with which the rich can attempt to engage in opinion engineering (dump a lot of Steem into an account - delegate to a puppet and spam-down-vote any given category of posts (and comments).

It is demonstrably unethical and speaks ill of the true motives behind their presence upon this medium.

You are welcome!

Thanks for all you do for free speech on steemit.

You are welcome! And you too!

This is great! I hope Steemit developers take inspiration from these hobby-projects to incorporate these features in the upstream front end. This would serve the benefit for our community as a whole!

I belive , writing good content , is very important to engage followers .. :) @ronaldmcateer

It's really cool that this is being done. I don't view hidden content at all as censorship as we all have the ability to reveal hidden content, with a click of a button. I understand how some may confused hidden content as censorship, though. I don't, I'm curious by nature and comments not showing makes me even more curious to read said content.

@freezepeach - you might be interested in this!

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Interesting addition; However some of the downvotes (maybe all of them) are downvoted for a good reason, so I'm wondering if I want to see them.

what is 'a good reason' is always subjective. if you jump to the conclusion that every downvote is done for a genuinely good reason then you are also concluding that you agree with every single human on every subject - which is impossible because they all think differently. ;)

I agree, not all downvotes are with 'good' in mind :) shows the downvoted posts as far as I know :)

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When posts.. if it has already been found guilty of violations of the fully agreed upon anarcho capitalist rules! ;)

Downvoted posts will now no longer be semi transparent and will be displayed with a red border.

Does that mean that porn will now have a red border? Classy.

NSFW posts are not affected.

What about porn comments?

only downvoted items are affected