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RE: How I Found A Way To Adapt To All The New Apps & Services Out There!

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Great work as always Jack.
The terrible twos eh?! I think you're right. Steemit has been a great place to disseminate truth since its inception however I've seen some disturbing flagging in recent months by those who wish to shut down free speech or who just hate to see people succeeding. Hopefully this type of behaviour can be combated going forward or the platform will be superseded by a new one that dissuades censorship of content but punishes flagrant abuse and plagiarism. The problems won't be easy to solve but blokes like you with the drive, vision and fortitude can succeed.
Steem on dude.


Every one of us is important in any process of development and change.

Wait til the baby teeth start being pulled out, then there shall be a lot of screaming and yelling!

Can't wait dude 👊😎