How I Found A Way To Adapt To All The New Apps & Services Out There!

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Where to begin?

Well, in the past few months we have seen so many new applications that are based on The Steem Blockchain.

Many of them are bringing users the options to utilize different tools which automatically open up new opportunities.

I have no intention of listing all of them here. It wouldn't be fair if I missed any in a list I put together, that is how many different pages/portals, services and apps there are out there already and our blockchain has yet to celebrate its second birthday!

2nd birthday picture.jpg

I seriously think that all this is still moving fairly slowly in comparison to the the light speed at which things shall be moving by the end of this year!

Don't for one second think that this is wishful thinking or an exaggeration, the momentum is going to build up in no time and mark my words, the momentum is already beginning to accumulate, even at this "naughty twos" year of life, once it start accelerating, there is nothing stopping it!

One of the things that is already getting a little hard to keep track of is all the different types of posts out there. From the regular blogs to lets say the Vlogging and the Photo blogs!

I'll name for example a few of the options we have:

A vlogging site that is up and running and which uses Steem!

Then there is

Also a vlogging site,

and how about,

A site offering an instant photo blogging type of service!

Right now, with just these three services that I have given as examples, it is hard to keep up!

Imagine what is going to be happening in lets say, around this time 2019?

Now, I am going to be a little bold here and state something that I believe to be true, yet have not triple checked it.

Most Steemians who are blogging (and not sh#tposting), are doing it the good old traditional way, by writing posts. Each and every person in their own individual manner is expressing their thoughts and so on.
Some believe that only those posts which are written as if they were for a Doctorate deserve more attention, some state that those which show initiative and creativity deserve more attention, some don't agree with anything that anyone thinks or writes!

Ahhhhh, The beauties of DIVERSITY!

Now lets imagine the extensive range of diversity coming our way with all these new services and applications happening and expanding. Services that allow for all areas of "blogging" and sharing of life experiences, from all corners of the world, all within milliseconds of each other!

OHHH BOY! Aren't the curation teams going to have a field day trying to figure out what is and isn't a Picasso of the modern world!

Who's to say that my little boy isn't worthy of a Picasso MEGA upvote with his unique works of art!

my picasso.jpg

Well, seriously, we can't judge "tastes" can we!

So, not to get sideswiped with all the fun and games that are already here, some of us may already now need to find a way to adapt to the new situation.

Many of us Steemians have been active on other social networks, many still are active on other social networks.

Many of us when we first came here started doing things the exact same way we did them elsewhere. Nothing unusual, after all, we are only human!

Soon we all learned that this was a "Social network based on blogging", which was ideal for the "Proof of brain" requirement that our Whitepaper so clearly mentions.

Now, we have all different types of approaches and views to what contemplates "Proof of brain" thanks to these new apps out there!


Talk About Open Minds!

With just this little peep into what all is already out there and I'm only hinting about the speeds at which all sorts of new options shall become available to all of us in the very near future.
I dare say that we have countless opportunities to expand our experiences here!

my divider1.png



my divider2.png

So, after thinking about it long and hard, I thought of various ways that I could use all these new tools, like the ones I mentioned earlier, and not compromise my regular blog page here with other forms of expression, such as photo blogging or vlogging!

Keep my blog page as it was and yet not miss out on any of the wonderful and interesting opportunities that are already here and new opportunites that are without any doubt coming our way!

Improvise, overcome and adapt

That is what I did!

I came up with an idea, which shall suit my needs and plans pretty much perfectly!

This here profile @jackmiller shall be my nucleus!

While all the electrons and whatever other blowflies I have buzzing around shall be on my Photo, Video & Fun page @mypics

Yes you read that right.

I have opened up another profile which is mine and has all my details on there and it even has the same header on there, but in its description it clearly states:

Drum roll.....

Jack Miller-MyPics🖼

@jackmillers Photo 📸 & Video Album 📽, Dtube,, and any future 3rd party apps that I may start using ☑️.

Don't believe me?

Check it out, here is a screenshot!

mypics screenshot.png

So, from now on, no more mixing apples and oranges, everything will be back to being spick and span!

In my own special little way that is!

What is most important of all, I won't be missing out on any of the fun that the new apps offer us and it shall be crystal clear to everyone that @mypics is "@jackmillers pic/video/3rd party app Page"

Now I'm not saying that this solution is going to work for everyone out there. What I am saying is, that this solution shall work for me!

For those of you who wish to do the same and who have never registered a new account yet and want to open one,

Just go to the following link:

You will need
0.5 Steem

and 65,000 Vests (= 31 to 35 Steemish)

The 65,000 Vests are delegated. What that means is that you are loaning that new account the Steem Power. You can at a later date when your new account has lets say 35 Steem Power of its own, undelegate the SP and have it back into your account within 7 days after giving the order to undelegate.

This is what you shall see when you type in the web address I just gave you for opening up new accounts:


You MUST copy and SAVE the password prior to doing anything!
If you go and create the new account and forget to copy and save the password first. It is GONE.

That user name shall never be available again.

Likewise, you shall lose the 0.5 steem for nothing.

Best thing to do in that case, is to just undelegate the SP and go think of a new user name and not forget to save the password prior to creating the new profile!

Wondering why the "wink"?

Well, I can almost bet my neighbours bottom dollar that someone out there is thinking of opening up @mypicks .

Well I dare you to open that profile and check it out!

What ever you decide to do, make sure it's right for you.

After all, it is your experience here that needs to be FANTASTIC!

I really appreciate the fact that you read this post!

I hope that it opens up some new ideas and views on just how unlimited things are becoming here for ALL OF US!

I'm happy that we are all here & can't wait to see what all the future holds for us!

Yours truly



Great work as always Jack.
The terrible twos eh?! I think you're right. Steemit has been a great place to disseminate truth since its inception however I've seen some disturbing flagging in recent months by those who wish to shut down free speech or who just hate to see people succeeding. Hopefully this type of behaviour can be combated going forward or the platform will be superseded by a new one that dissuades censorship of content but punishes flagrant abuse and plagiarism. The problems won't be easy to solve but blokes like you with the drive, vision and fortitude can succeed.
Steem on dude.

Every one of us is important in any process of development and change.

Wait til the baby teeth start being pulled out, then there shall be a lot of screaming and yelling!

Can't wait dude 👊😎

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Thank You !

I love that you secured @mypicks along with @mypics Jack. Very nice move. :)

You know me!

It takes one lightbulb moment for me to go ahead and make it happen!

Sure does :)

@mypicks is racist against people who identify as pick axes. I am offended.

The direction of your post has opened my mind to variety of possibilities.

My only concern about those apps is my security, some of them do require password login. Will my account be safe from hacks?

Steem Connect is a safe and great way to use any app.

Again, that is another bonus to doing it this way, if something goes wrong somewhere, the damage control is there!


Thank you for sharing your information. I, even, did not know about the existing applications in Steemit. I liked your option - I think many people in Steemit would like to advance quickly and successfully. I'll keep your article.

Sharing our ideas and thoughts is one way to help people come up with more ideas that can help all of us move forwards.


I appreciate the information I get from people who spend a lot of time in Steemit and have a lot of experience already. I also want, like many people, to be successful, so I closely monitor any information in Steemit, which may be useful to me in the future. Thank you:))

Ha, I just had to look at @mypicks. Anyway, I noticed that there are a few people who are doing this.

I don't have enough power to consider opening a new account in the same way as you, so I just picked up a free SIM (Lebara) to receive the code. And then I'm just waiting for my alternative account to be approved.

I didn't want to annoy anyone with my crappy first attempts to use the other apps and platforms.

Just be yourself and you'll be right mate!