TransparencyBot - Daily Report Card - 4/13/18

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This is a daily summary for Transparency Bot.

For more information on this project, you can view the introduction post here.

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How to Read this Report:

  • The number of comments (and blog posts) posted by transparencybot each day.
  • The number of upvotes it received that day.
  • The number of downvotes it received each day.


Transparency Bot has only been online a few days yet there is already a reduction in the number of posts using more than $50.00 in bidbots. It is still very early, but as you can clearly see, the numbers are improving daily. This of course could be mere coincidence at this early stage, yet the dramatic drop from day 1 to day 2 is very noticeable.

A few comments on patience.

When @introbot (a sibling of @transparencybot) first started and asking people not to introduce themselves more than once, I received an inrush of very hateful, cruel and personal attacks by those who had been using this tag as their personal posting area.

There were hundreds of users posting hundreds of times, daily and weekly in the tag, making it completely useless for that which is was intended.

After only a few short weeks, the number of repeat introductions in the tag dropped dramatically and now only a few remain. The bot has been hugely successful.

This mission is no different and it will take a little time for the results to filter in.

I do hope that this time will be granted, the platform is surely worth it.

At this point it is TRULY up to the community to decide.

Why do we need more transparency?

Yes, transparency Bot is presenting information that IS available on the blockchain, but NOT otherwise available on Steemit.

Transparency allows all of us who care about this platform to know what is going on, directly see how it affects us, become more educated as to what can be done and then; hopefully, act in a way that protects our platform for years to come.

@TransparencyBot needs your help, this must be a community effort or it WILL fail.

This is a non-profit initiative, all funds received by or delegated to it will be used directly for this mission only. No one, including myself is being paid for any service or product. Please consider supporting it by upvoting this post and/or the comments left by @transparencybot.





Imagine a consensus document that stated a clear, "bright line" list of do's and don'ts. It would be "the community's" consensus regarding what constituted harmful (to the platform) behavior. It would mainly cover the use of bots and of flagging.

If such a consensus could be reached, next imagine a bot that would each day produce a list of "offenders" and would impose a punishment upon them.

The suggestion might be shocking, but this is exactly what is done in, say, California. IOW, I'm suggesting that we establish a Penal Code for this platform that is enforced by a bot that is empowered by delegating power to it.

I sentence you to one 15% up vote for this comment.

They say "sunlight is the best disinfectant". I use bots with a philosophy behind, as explained in "Best Way to Grow on Steemit"

So I have to hit $50 to get these reports? I think the reports should be in steem dollars and not USD but that's just my suggestion. I know for some bots you can request a report.

The STU calculation is very complex and hard for people to understand, so the calulated value in USD is used, based on the Steem price average held by the witnesses. This is always days behind, so no calculation is perfect.

Yes, at this time, if your post does not exceed $50.00 USD in payouts from bidbots, it will not be commented on. This is not the amount you spent (or someone else spent), but what was received from the bot.


thanks for sharing

@transparencybot for president !!!!! Long life to @transparencybot.

Applause to you another proactive move by @bycoleman. I hope it would create similar result carried out by the sibling. We need more people like you in this platform to achieve this goal together.

Thank you for the very kind words. We need more people like YOU!


thanks, this post very inportant

Hi @transparencybot it looks like you been spammin the crap outta some people on steemit huh? what should we do about that/?

Sounds like a criminal threat, to me! Once we have a Penal Bot, let's put @iflagshit on trial first and make an example of him.

Your days are numbered, @iflagshit.

you were the one that recommended the penal code for steemit hahahaha

Yeah. A consensus document. Not some lone vigilante who thinks that he is God.

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