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Just a quick response to the allegations that I have many accounts and use this to enrich myself.

Plain and simple, I now have many accounts.

The recent accounts have been created for the sole purpose of creating the proper environment to be able to run @transparencybot. Funds that these accounts have made in the past two months by posting and voting have been or will be redirected back to transparencybot. I have not withdrawn a cent since being on Steemit and to date have invested more than $25,000 USD.

In order to have enough SP to allow @transparencybot to be useful, I have used some of my personal investments to self vote these accounts.

I would rather have not had to do this, but now, with the SP that has been gained, @transparencybot can continue its mission.

There was no doubt in my mind that eventually, all of the accounts would be sacrificed for this cause. This I knew when I first started this project and that level of personal sacrifice is just what it takes sometimes to stand up to these abuses we face on Steemit and elsewhere.

Transparency bot will now continue to post and to downvote selected authors for abuses of bidbots.

BID BOTS are destroying the platform and the price of Steem!!

We all know this. How low will you let Steem drop before you take action!

Fault me if you like for self voting, but take a closer look at why!

We need our platform back!


self-voting is a dodgy way to raise voting power, especially if you are missioning against bid-bots... because in a way bid-bots are still doing more for the community than self-votes...

but i do absolutely see the mission that you're on. We've had run-ins about your self-voted intro comments a while back and you've explained this to me... upon which I lost my objections against your self-voting.

It's the same strategy as employed by many anti-abuse initiatives like steemcleaners etc who have to resort to self-voting in order to "stay in the race".

And maybe that's the real issue here, to little stake is willing to sacrifice some ROI for the sake of the platform.

Now, I haven't fact checked your statement on never cashing out anything so far, but granted that to be accurate, that's the deciding factor... are the "missionaries" extracting value from the platform or are they creating/protecting it on the platform?!

if i didnt self vote, id barely earn a cent.
as it is, im luck to make a dollar a day off a post :P

You are not alone. Steemit as I knew it is destroyed.

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Ehem... have you seen boosters self upvotes? They are triple digit.

Yeah... I didn't say that voting-bot-whales don't abuse their VP... that's disgusting, but totally off topic here. Maybe you missed my point, it's a bit cryptic I guess :P

Self voting is not great in that if that is all everyone did, the platform would suffer a slow death.

You are correct, it is really one of the only ways to raise enough SP to fight the good fight since everyone wants someone else to fight for them.

Check it out, it is easy enough to see if I have ever powered-down or withdrawn to an external account. Everything is transparent after all!

DAMN! I fault you a little for self voting...but not that much.

I hope that you haven't done anything too questionable with these accounts to raise SP for your project. Considering that you are trying to fight bid bots and they're primarily used to make a good ROI on shit content, I doubt this.

Might I suggest a program to encourage delegation? Perhaps similar to the MSP's votes for delegators. Perhaps with the caveat that they do not use bid bots.

Thanks for the reply.

No, nothing questionable other than voting on myself. No bidbots were used :)

Truly, people just have to decide if they want to support the quality content that bidots bring to the front page or manual curation. Delegations may come in once Steem drops below $1.00 and back to .89 and lower and everyone finally wakes up!

I see one of my posts was downvoted by you and a bunch of others. Is that because i used bots? Did you even read the post to see if it was high quality? I spend a ton of time writing on here and posting all original content. It is not my fault that the best way to get noticed is from bots. That is how the platform works. Why punish people with good content?


He flaged us to with his 100 accounts. You can send us your postings, we resteem it for free.


You are only downvoted by the bot if you have opted out of the comments.

You can opt back in if you like.

How do you opt back in and shouldn't that be mentioned with the opt out option?

Flag them instead, makes the comment invisible except for the note at the bottom ;)

@investfourmore Your opt-out request has been received.
You will no longer receive informational comments from transparency bot. You may opt-in at any time by simply replying to any @transparencybot comment or post with the tag #TBOpt-in.

Hey just a thought...... Why not use some of that sp to delegate or "sponsor by voting" authors/ creators who don't use bots..... Further incentivise it..... Because Steemits survival clearly isn't enough. If I knew posting something of quality would get noticed on it's own more often I'd never use them. I'd probably even post more often. Btw transparency bot was one of the first cool things I noticed about Steemit.... To be fair it's also what introduced me to bid bots....

Pretty cool. Didn't know about this. Thanks for getting back to me. My use of bots is minimal. Maybe I'll stop all together. What are your thoughts on stuff like Quator ?

What do you mean by outbidding?

Yeah I don't know if I can say it better than enforcer just did.

Yeah I don't know if
I can say it better than
Enforcer just did.

                 - mysearchisover

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I guess he means he's sending out so many delegation requests to be filled that it chokes out bots that rely on delegations to perform their services?

Essentially, artificially raise the barrier of entry.

Dead on! I think I've seen at least 2 bots I may be helping to kill. It's a slow assassination process though. They basically do get choked off overtime if I am able to outbid them.


Can you please stop flagging our postings?
Our fight was weeks ago and over. Why are you starting that again?

What's that gonna do besides make you more enemies?


Damn, this is how this platform works. You want to ban official bidbots and prefer when people trade Upvotes in the darknet?
This is NOT "abuse" at all.
Abuse is when a single person declare himself as the sheriff, prosecutor, judge and executioner as himself!
If someone uses bidbots it is obvious and most important bidbots make their own comment. This is all "transparency" we need.
For example in my postings I announce to use bidbots but wait for about 24 hours not to destroy curation for the others. They all will have higher curation when value of the post becomes higher because of bidbots.

COOL Name, Great Dessert ;)

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