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I hope you Yanks didn't get beat up too bad on Black Friday. The traditional rioting and mayhem was certainly up to my expectations with fisticuffs over toilet paper taking the spotlight on network TV. One guy locally had been camped out in front of a Target store for 2 weeks and the management even gave him permission to set up a tent with all the comforts.

Want to be in a Steemit video? This could be your big chance!

@winstonwolfe is working on a Steemit video composed of 1-second clips and he wants us to help by sending clips we made on our smartphones which he will edit into a video made up of 60-120 one-second clips. I submitted my clip and here is a frame from it...

This is really a great idea because it would show that Steemit is more than posting blogs, but a working vehicle for human collaboration on a truly global scale. Here is the link to his post: I have an idea for a Steemit video. I need your video contributions to make it happen!

@surfermarly has an even more ambitious project in mind with the idea of promoting growth for Steemit. It would have a storyboard and clips of Steemers saying why they like Steemit, amongst other things. Something like this:

@surgermarly wrote:

Lately there have been a lot of voices defining "growth" as THE key factor for steemit´s success in the medium term, among them Ned himself (e.g. during his recent interview on Cheddar TV)

You can add your comments and suggestions in the comment section of his post: What about producing a USER GENERATED STEEMIT VIDEO in order to encourage growth?


If you are into trading cryptocurrencies, you may be interested in @liberosist's article: BTC hits $1,000 in India. How is this possible?

Finally, if you like to get rewarded with Steem, you may enjoy @taskmanager's regular posts. Here is the latest one: The Morning Task Manager (11.25.2016)- Steemit Posts That Pay You!. The rewards vary and some are rather simple and easy.

That' all for now...Good Night!

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