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In the midst of this '50% off all crypto currencies must go!' sale I just want to write a short piece reminding all content creators on here that it's now more important than ever to churn out your best work. Although knowing the volatility in this market, I wouldn't be surprised if by the time I finish writing Steem will be at $2 and I'll have to go back to edit this article to be about why we have pubic hair instead.

If you're fortunate enough to have not glanced at the crypto prices today, do yourself a favor and don't look at them - everything is fine! And don't read any further, in fact, unread the paragraph above this one, then just Upvote, Resteem and go to sleep, I'll let you know when it's safe to wake up again.

Otherwise, you already know that the crypto market today resembles the result of trying to go to the moon on the Challenger shuttle. The bubble that was building up recently popped harder than a teenager's acne. I haven't seen anything go down that fast since Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office.

The prices have fallen, is what I'm trying to say.

Protecting myself from prices falling be like...

It is difficult to not feel at least a little disappointed, and perhaps demotivated due to the lower currency price. But is this feeling really rational? Imagine a month ago when the price of Steem was at $0.23 I told you that the price will more than triple within 4 weeks (it's currently hovering just under $0.80) how do you think you would have reacted? There will always be market corrections in the short term when the hype fades but in the long run the price of Steem will reflect its underlying adoption rate, and on that front it's stronger than ever.

Steemit has steadily risen from a top 30,000 site top to almost a top 10,000 site in 3 months, with no sign of slowly down. Many new apps employing the currency will be rolling out very soon and new users are increasing exponentially. Its future success looks likely, but it is not guaranteed - it requires our concerted effort to keep the engine running full Steem ahead even during times of momentary setback. It is this very effort of producing high quality content that generates the underlying value of our currency and will ensure our success while other cryptos may falter and fade into obscurity over time.


I hereby invite you all to join me in committing to produce higher quality content more frequently during price downturns. Undoubtedly some will be less motivated, which means they'll just be more Steem in the rewards pool for the rest of us. If the number of users on this blockchain grow to a million, 10 million or even 100 million+ do you think the price of of Steem will remain at $0.80 forever? The biggest opportunity offered here will not be seized by those who do fuck all when the rewards are low after a hardfork or market correction and then start spamming posts like a Nigerian prince selling Viagra when the price shoots up and cash out; they'll only be available to those who invest their time and talent on here to serve the community and build a respectable reputation for themselves in the long run.

Oh and if you're reading this in the future, I don't really know why we have pubic hair. They don't seem to serve much of an evolutionary function and they're always a little bit curly even if you have mostly straight hair elsewhere, which is a little bit strange. Maybe somebody comes around in the middle of the night and curls them for you while you're sleeping...

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thank you for keeping the spirits high trafalgar. I completely agree with you, having been here since august of last year, i've been through the ups and downs and slight ups and basically just continued to post my stories and blogs because I actually really love sharing my life with everybody!

I think sometimes it's too easy to get caught up on whether its 'worth' posting when the prices are down, but when you have such a great community of positive people with long term views, it's hard to ignore the possibility of Steemit really carving out a globally significant niche in the longer run.

哈哈 客气了
I've been following your work not long after joining over a month ago, and you put a lot of effort into your posts, even right after the hardfork when the rewards were low. I'm glad you're on here and hope you remain here in the Steem community for a long time yet.

I think the community games a lot from blogs like yours that aren't just about steem and crypto price. Please keep it up and I'll see you around

And what you have done every since were satisfactory after all :) Hi how are you today miss @sweetsssj?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Totally agree with the joy of simply posting in this community irrespective of what my account is worth or what my post reward is. UPVOTED & FOLLOWED and will read your earlier posts. STEEM-ON!

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Nice post. I see steem on my account like if I have 100 golden coins buried in my backyard. I don't need to know what the price of gold every day. I just know that they are there. And feel good.

As someone who has gold coins in his backyard, I agree. Have both, diversify your wealth and build new income streams as we get closer to the event horizon of a breakdown in the monetary and political system.

Where do you live again?

That's my man.

By breakdown in the monetary system I assume you mean even the U.S. dollar? And if you think ALL major currencies will fail on the exact same day...or that there will be one last one standing before even it is "painfully" eliminated by bitcoin, gold, and silver?

You are right, we know that somethings in there, something beautiful and beneficial. Although, we have not seen it yet but we believe it's going to happen and it will happen.

I think that's a very wise approach to looking at it :)

Sure it is. I'm sick and tired of all this fancy charts and graphs. They just drain the reward pool. People still don't understand what steemit and steem is. We have racing horse against donkeys in this race, we don't need charts. And don't need to push steem on exchanges so traders can made profits and steemians with no experience get burned. Price will go up, for sure. People comparing apples and oranges here. But hey, what do I know?

All that technical analysis can do is give you a measure of sentiment based on price at any particular time. If you don't believe in charts it is likely you don't believe that price is driven by sentiment..which of course is simply what anyone is willing to pay for ANY item or service at any given time based on their own perceptions. Thats what a "market" truly is. If you wish to ignore the advantage the analysis of "what people are thinking right now" that the charts offer. That's your choice of course. But don't say you can't measure sentiment...simply becuz you don't understand how you actually can.

I respect your opinion. You follow charts, I'll follow my gut feelings and life experience. After one year will see who's wallet gain the most. Have a great one.

Wallet as far as what...bitcoin? I won't own any bitcoin in the next year. What do you want to base the contest you proposed upon. You can simply pick your area of expertise...and I will likely still take you up on your 1 year challenge. :-)

Market crashes are nothing new. Wasn't expecting to happen, though I'm sure it will go back to normal. Steem on!

it definitely is!

Lol, same attitude I've had since joining.

Nice to see you doing so well and having so much fun. What a place this steemit is!

Oh and if you're reading this in the future, I don't really know why we have pubic hair. They don't seem to serve much of an evolutionary function and they're always a little bit curly even if you have mostly straight hair elsewhere, which is a little bit strange. Maybe somebody comes around in the middle of the night and curls them for you while you're sleeping...

Who else laughed so hard on this?

Pubic hair is a wicking mechnism for moisture, heat, and helps spread pheromones.😉

He got me at "then start spamming posts like a Nigerian prince selling Viagra when the price shoots up and cash out" lol

thats a big crack too. lmao

haha thanks for enjoying my silly joke :)


It's nature's "willy warmer!"

Me me me LOL

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great post @trafalgar - I am really quite new here and just finding my feet. Yes, it would be nice to start earning some decent payouts but for now I am happy to try and build a following. Hopefully when things pick back up I will be in a better position.

Oh, and pubic hair? It keeps your bits I've been told. Got to protect them from the frost you see.

Steem on!

Welcome @gmuxx to steemit! Hope you are enjoying it so far :)

Thank you. It's great, the sense of community if fantastic! Also very addictive

Yes it can be careful! lol

ahh, and here I was thinking we were all given a portable crabs farm for some reason



Although, the platform engages in so much wealth and money, let us not focus on that. What we have to focus is to build relationship, since this is the core values of the platform. Social interactions and building connections all over the world. Who knows someday we will all meet in a very huge place :)

True that. Building relationships is key in this community as one person cannot stand alone just like a tree can't make a forest. It all boils down to the relationships really, because these are the ones that will end up upvoting, resteeming and commenting on your posts. I'm a Nigerian prince open to building relationships. 😊

Good to know that you are @timoshey

i did not stop posting even when rewards went to 1USD after the fork, im just addicted and nothing can change this

all good, as long as we keep on putting forth our best stuff :)

Posting is like more of a fun. Its hard to stop anymore because the more we write, the more knowledge we acquire. Posting content is one way of educating ourselves.

Same same same !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks but I'm really looking for photos of pubic hair...

PS. It's been an hour or two, Steem is back up over $1 now, and I'm not going to shave off my pubic hair anymore!


That's lot of curly hair :)

What the hell man?! I look to you to take my mind off of the problems of the world! I am now terrified! I mean seriously. This is the worst idea anyone could put in my head.

Oh I don't mean the crypto stuff. This is just an awesome opportunity to buy. I'm worried about that at all.

But now I have to be worried that while I'm asleep, someone is curling my pubes!

Thanks a lot! I may never sleep again.

As far as you pledge to commit to produce quality content during down times... I can promise half of that. I can promise to produce content. Quality is a whole other story. Perhaps I can commit to making my readers at least smirk a little bit. Or not vomit when they read my stuff.

I'll do my best.

haha we all know you produce some of the best stuff out there hans

Sometimes I produce it twice a day... then I flush.

But thank you!

You just need to lock them up, so you can sleep tight :)

Never think of the money in the first place. Do what you love and the success will come by itself. Steemit is more than just money. It's a real world society where you need to be part of the whole. Posts like yours remind me over and over again what counts most: the right attitude and motivation.

Thanks for the words and especially for this : "then start spamming posts like a Nigerian prince selling Viagra when the price shoots up and cash out"

thats a really good attitude you have there
I post more when the price drops and give others a chance when it goes up
I don't really think my posts are worth what they get, so to balance it out I post once every 3 days or less when the price is high
I usually write mainstream satirical pieces

Not long ago (like 3 months before) steem was just 7 cents, those who have invested more and kept with the platform are looking back at those days as best investment ever.

Thank you for sharing information with us, excellent work, I would like to be great as you and I am working on it, follow me and I follow you

Right, money is something but its not everything. There are far more important in the platform than earning money, its the connection and relationship we have with steemians. Relationships are priceless which value has no volatility and will never drop.

Steemit is still an experiment that is "likely" being financed by some of the windfall Wall St has created for computerized pricing algorithms dictating current "values" of pretty much everything. If the $$$ misallocated to those who are financially backing this venture that is steemit dries up, it will likely then be only the price of STEEM itself as the final thread holding this experiment together. Unless Steemit can come up with an alternate way to sustain itself of course. Being the first social media site that pays you to spew doesn't mean squat if there is no $$$ to pay you with. :-) I simply take the attitude that I don't care if I get paid or not. I use steemit as a forum to log all my thoughts and theories (generally about markets) at one place.I don't ever expect to make $$$ by posting at steemit. Certainly not becuz the price of STEEM cryptocurrency has appreciated tremendously anyway.

Could not agree more. In times of turbulence, in any market, never panic sell. That is when you loose money. In fact, if anything, try to find the bottom or close to it and buy-in because as we have seen with BTC and Etherium one day it can be worth virtually nothing, to skyrocketing up only to correct itself, shedding off skeptics and weak stomached investors. Then cooler heads prevail and it is not only back up but often times four and five times what the correction value was, or even many times higher than "bubble prices". But STEEMIT is 'content-creation focused' so your overall conclusion is correct. Absolutely do not sell and definitely keep on posting and doing your normal routine because, as my angry neighbors once said, "We Ain't Goin' Nowhere!"

Maybe somebody comes around in the middle of the night and curls them [pubes] for you while you're sleeping...

that's frightening... from now on, I'm shaving it all off so no one can mess with it! lol

haha and when you wake up they're longer and thicker than ever!

and hence forth begins... the legend of bigfoot! lol

bill clinton.. the acne pop.. "Protecting myself from prices falling be like..." lol! i love reading your posts ! always brings many laughs

thank you very much
I enjoy your posts too :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

"I haven't seen anything go down that fast since Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office."

LOL - then you are fresh in that market, the worst was pulling back from 240 to 58 or so in early days - that was really wild as nobody know if that protocol is even without bugs :)

haha wasn't there for those days but hopefully Steem price will start crawling up again soon :)

Of course it will - just take a long time strategy ;)

How old are you @trafalgar?

I hope @trafalgar follows back, i like this post, i saw the crypto buble popping and steemed about it, well cryptos are on their way back.

I can't imagine getting upset and leaving Steemit over a temporary market crash. This is just the nature of crypto. Looking long-term, all is well and everything will prosper.

i agree, the future looks bright

I would say this market takes a set of huge balls, but then I thought balls are sensitive and weak. If you wanna get tough in this market, grow a vagina. Those things take a pounding !


Yeah, I agree with everyone else: I needed that. Thank you.

thanks for checking out the post

Alas my pubic hair was burned in that same freak volcano "accident" as my legs, face, arms... well everything. Since I do not have to worry about that, I decided there was merit in your suggestion and created a transmission.

haha good to see you back lord vader :)

Regarding Market Downtrend: What is seen cannot be unseen.
I would love to go to sleep after upvoting your article, but I have to comment first. Sure let me sleep and Wake me up when the price of steem is 100$.

hahaha =)

And I think pubic hair are curly because they are rinsed with saliva a lot.

Lol...My God!

steemin high(h) the idea/tech behind a blockchain/crypto is always more important than the sheepish market, buy/write while you still can get ahead, at 20 million users you can proly have urself a vacation :)

haha this is true

Like your way of writing, good post, love the humor.

On the other hand, the biggest mistake you can make right now if you ask me is to stop posting and take the altcoin drop as it is. I Did that once with bitcoin after it dropped from 1000 to 150 dollar, still feel realy sad About making that decision.

Upvoted, resteemed and followed!

thanks for reading gindor

Thank you for the thought and sharing with people. I think you have a soft and powerful voice. I hope more people read this post. See you again. @trafalgar

Valuable information, thank you for sharing!

I'd say rejoice, post and buy if the market is falling! I enjoyed reading this, thanks! :)

thank you for checking this article out

Wow, I don't think I have ever hat 505 on my feedback. Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it


Thank you very much gringalicious
you make great recipe posts :)

Loved your writing!

I think that it's good to write consistently and established a routine no matter what the price of steem is. I was absent for about 9 months and I totally regretted it. I do hope that steem will reach $2 soon.

ya I think the community will reward its most loyal content producers with high integrity, but it's not too late to start over
in the grand scheme of things everyone here is an early adopter

Spot on.

Late doesn't exist in the blockchain. Everyday is always a huge beginning for everyone.

Ups and downs are part and parcel of life. Golden opportunity to buy more and more steem now.

ya it would seem like it
if you think there's a decent chance of mainstream adoption like I do, investing time and/or money on here is not a bad idea

In Steem I trust.

Steem on my friend

Yes and yes. Post is the word of the day. Markets could always return back to normal

like why we have pubic hair instead.

I'm waiting for that one.

haha maybe one day =)
I'm sure everyone's looking forward to some brilliant insight from me there

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Just uploaded part #3 seconds before I read your post.
The content is what really matters. Bits will flash up and down forever ;)
And thank you @trafalgar for your ongoing support!

thank you for reading =) glad a lot of people agree with me

I read all your stuff :)
Some people tell me that it doesn't matter what one posts... and I believe it is a grave mistake. The whole purpose is to read, think, enjoy and post good stuff.

Yes, I think good quality content is a key to success in the long run
I need to focus on honing my writing and improving my jokes as well

Good can always grow even better! :)

The biggest opportunity offered here will not be seized by those who do fuck all when the rewards are low after a hardfork or market correction and then start spamming posts like a Nigerian prince selling Viagra when the price shoots up and cash out.

Hahaha, nicely said :D

In my opinion it's always a good day to have a steemy day.
I've been posting here every single day even when everybody said steemit was dying and starting their power downs (e.g. after Dan Larimer leaving). I don't regret having done that at all :-)
Patience is a scarce ressource these days.......
Great message! Resteemed

I love your attitude, keep it up :)
Steem is promising in the long run

That's the spirit

Lmao @ Nigerian prince selling viagra

haha glad you enjoyed it =)

I'm with you and I was not surprised by the dip...I bought some chips!

good move! It looks like it's paying off

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm very conservative so I miss out on short term profits. I've really enjoyed the cryptocurrency ride! Here's to the transnational banking mafia and their fiat debt currency!
Cryptocurrency decentralized-Bomb

LOL, what the hell. So many jokes in a serious post. That last para, just nailed it!
Anyways, I am pretty sure that Steem price will only rise in future as it is based on real content and real people and not on speculations, unlike many other coins. Steemit is just in Beta and already attracting so many people, social media celebrities etc., that it can't fail. Unless of course the same community which fuels Steemit ignores it. I will keep using Steemit, till it lasts, because I know something is better than nothing!!!

haha thank you
ya steem really has a good chance at mainstream adoption
good luck to all of us here and may we all work hard to bring it to fruition

great post. I was also in shock this morning and thought f*** crypto currencies and blogging about it, but then sat down and wrote a longer post about it:

nice post, upvoted

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thx. still I am wondering how it must feel for someone who is invested like you are in crypto currencies if my position drops 30% or 40%. Even for me in the mid 5 digit space it was a nightmare this morning...
you have 500k Steem * 1.40$ = 700k $ and now the price dropped to 0.85$ = 425k $ => 275k $ loss -.-

Very few bloggers will actually cover that experience. the only ones who can actually are the ones who experienced it. Most of the cyrpto advocates that are most followed on social media sites were in since bitcoin sub $200. It's easy for them to be "cavalier." I'd definitely follow someone who can explain the experience of just getting your ass kicked by 30% in a matter of 2 days...with "potentially" more to come. Those people don't make blogs tho. They come to more "experienced" players like trafalgar for "assurance." What was the most you paid for a bitcoin, trafalgar? Have you ever actually bought STEEM with either govmint currency or other cryptos?

I'm not your conventional whale, steemit is one of my first cryptos investments, I started about 2 months ago.
I do come from an stock investment background so I can take oscillations in stride, even at this volatility. Ultimately I believe in the product and how it functions, so the short term popularity contest doesn't worry me as much. Of course I can be wrong, but that's how all investments work and we have to accept the risks.

Well let's find out how much stock experience you have then, trafalgar. Have you ever seen a stock generate a 1000% return in 2 years or less and not have at least one 50% correction in the next 6 months or less?

I have always liked the way you write - the analogies are awesome - LOL.

I have been waiting for a correction to invest in Steem and had an inclination that a correction was due - the bubble had to burst.

You always 'BUY' when there is blood on the streets - that my motto.

Until this morning I had a hard time going full circle - putting in some fiat currency into Steem and then withdrawing it back out.

The exercise of going full circle is in its final leg - got the money transferred - just waiting for a confirmation that it has been credited to my wallet and then I will invest as much as I can.

Don't want to lose the investing opportunity that I lost in 2011 - $1000 invested in Bitcoin in 2011 is or was worth $1,000,000 till lately.

What if Steem goes $1000 to $2,000,000 in 5 years? Who wants to miss that train?

Cheerios :)

exactly, it is a very well functioning eco system with a non trivial chance of mainstream adoption

Yesterday after the first 250 $ drop of bitcoin I exactly did what you recommended here:
I wrote:

Never never never sell your precious coins!

At that time, I still didn't know how far the drop would be, but even if I am a little bit surprised now about the speed and depth of the dump, I'm very confident for the future. And just now bitcoin is already more than 200 USD above the low. All this happend during 48 hours. So what? These cryptomarkets move almost fast as light. But we have time and we only need a litte bit patience. All will come very great. The future is ours.
Greetings from Munich, Germany.

Yes, no point in fretting about short term price oscillations, in the long term the market will reflect the true value of these projects

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I agree! I even started posting more when everyone else got unmotivated right after the hardfork "deleted" the payouts!

A downtrend in price should motivate users to post even more! Glad I managed to get me some cheep steem earlier on the exchange as well! :3

(about to post my longest post ever at the moment xD)

hey congrats on the buy
ya good on you
I generally post more frequently when the price is lower and pull back to give others a chance to earn when it is higher. I think it's better for the platform overall

Looking forward to it.

Pubic hair is curly to keep you from poking your eye out during oral sex.

not sure if you should be going down on a porcupine in the first place

LOL! Don't judge me, it's better than a skunk. ;)

We will survive this Cryptogedon. :) Upvoted, reestemed, followed.

thank you freedomnation

I lurv the thought of pubic fairy hairdressers !!! {thinks}....'oh shyte...I hope that bloodstain on the sheet WAS a blood sucking mosquito'.....{tentatively checks for an uncurled pubic hair}

I have a simple buying strategy. Each morning I set a buy order 20% and 30% below the current prices of crypto's I am interested in accumulating. Had a pleasant waking experience yesterday morning with my cell phone pinging me notifications of executed trades.
Nice article... And I am glad to have found some one with a decent senee of humour.

Congratulations @trafalgar!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

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Hold on it's gonna be bumpy ride

For me, what's important is the community that we have 'cos the more and the longer we bond together through this blockchain, the stronger Steemit gets. The harder times that we go through only makes us stronger. We're only accumulating strength. That's what makes Steemit very special and special is a word that could make even the impossible, possible.

Great post. We need to stay calm, live our lives, keep creating great content and build our follower base.

LMAO....I wouldn't want the job of the pubic hair curler ....Best laugh today. Comments, too....really, i'm in tears LOLOL

cool one....

Haha this bittersweet, this made made me laugh , just when I wanted to cry over my €€€€ ;D