Another pleasant way to see your STEEM Wallet

in steemit •  4 months ago

I've just found this post showing an alternative to see your Steem Wallet in a way that you can check your balances in "REAL TIME":

The balances of your wallet update more or less every 10 Seconds, block by block and it really produces a pleasant sensation when you see the numbers growing ;-)

Check yourself: (Change "toofasteddie" by your steemit account name)

Thanks @fyrst-witness and @yabapmatt for the cool idea.

Steem on!

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This is really cool. Thanks for sharing!


Glad you like it

That's quite cool, thanks for that. The more SP you have the quicker it advances.

that's a fun way to see your balance, of course the way STEEM prices are now you can also use it to watch your balance shrink in real time.

very nice.