Me and Yabapmatt made a COOL STEEM WALLET!

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I had this idea and paid Yabapmatt to code what I had in mind, a COOL WALLET that shows your balances in realtime, block by block. (change steemit to your own account to see your balance)

Check it out and please vote for @fyrst-witness and @yabapmatt on the witness voting page.

Screenshot (105).png

Check your balance in realtime at:


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LOL.. you are funny

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@rockstar007you appear to have developed a bit of a st-st-st-stutter. Maybe you're a robot with a serious glitch.

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Is my profile possible like this..???

This is a good thing although it is just for seeing what we or maybe others own in their accounts without much going to the account itself, still cool though.

I found this tool interesting , useful, and even entertaining . THANKS


Great and excelent tool. This tools help me looking accounts I want upvote and one of the my favorite toool.

This is the first of many great things to come...!

Agree! I'm sure there would be more to come in the next months. The potential is really great for crypto and steem!

Congratulations excelent tool. As I'm a curator this tool help me looking accounts I want upvote.
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that is cool. I spent some money on bots to trend this wallet. Hope you make good curation :)

very cool scheme...

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Just checked it and it's pretty cool. Nice job guys!

Btw also checked Steemit's account. Jesus...the way it mines is ridiculous...almost 0.4 SP in every refresh. I wish they could use all that SP the way does and throw some upvotes

steemit, yeah - that is a very busy account. I hope @ned will implement our wallet as part of

Wow, what a great idea! as always working on innovative and quality projects. A hug my good friend. @fyrst-witness

it is relaxing to see your money grow like that.

Yes, I can imagine it!

super cool, i would consider using this as well, , thanks for making awareness of this, will resteem this and upvote

Hello fyrst-witness!

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I really liked the way you put things.

You're very welcome! @yabapmatt makes some very nice tools!

This is neat! Very handy tool for Steemians, i needed to pin

Thank you

Thank you! Interesting idea.

This is interesting. Very nice and i would definitely vote you as a witness. By the way, i am just new here. Only four dyas old. See you around.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the environment here and of course the reward if you'll be posting actively with quality and unique contents. Just socializing will be fun too :)

Yeah, thank. I will definitely make the most of my stay here. Incentive part is yet to be experienced. Can't wait.

keep it up

Nice!! I use something else but they show other informations that I don't really need. I will replace with this one. Good work!

Pretty interesting. I was surprised to see my numbers changing.
Maybe you can pay him to make a blog post explaining the changing numbers. lol

I hope you will grow more my friend

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Great tool , looking good

good job bro !

Interesting apps. Creative idea indeed

that is bad ass. lt is like an old time ticker on the stock market

How much you paid?

very, very nice man

congratulations for help us!

it is very useful:)

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

I think that's Person have great Coding experts and also Your wallets Looking Like very Huge

@fyrst-witness It works great. Wish you great success with this one. Hope we will see many more new features soon.

Awesome! Nice job --> new landingpage when I open my browser xD

hmm this looks good, is it safe ?

WOW, great job, thanks to you guys I know now that my SP is accumulating by itself, didn't knew that before, awesome top notch, one reason more to support the steem network, thumbs up :)

very nice tool fyrst-witness..It's a pleasure to see the numbers are changing..ha ha ..thanks a lot once again fyrst-witness..

Best way to describe !! 👍👍👍👍👍

That's really awesome! Love the animation on the last digits :)

Cool tool you guys must have done a great deal of work
Kudos to wish I can be a part of the team

great post dear wow i like you and your profile is very good best of luck

Wow,, Nice feature Very helpful!

nice man can we use it and can trust worthy

Cool idea, but, horrible design. Keep it up and learn some UX/UI. <3

That is a really cool wallet! Thanks for making it @yabapmatt and @fyrst-witness. One thing that I think could also be useful to see on it is the current dollar value of the SP and Steem/SBD on the account.

I guess you didn't have a good look. It's at the top

I can see the Steem and SBD price, but not how much the account is worth in USD. One can always do the math, but I got too used to the way displays all the dollar values.

Okay, I get what you mean now. Yeah, I like that feature.

It is Great and handy tool, bookmarked :)

great idea from @fyrst-witness let me change mine as well

good i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Nice tool. But it's exactly what people can see themself on steemit.

You should really put some extra functionality.
I would suggest timeline charts, gains/losses etc

Nice one.. It comes in handful

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Very useful and fantastic tool ever created here!

Kudos to the both of you! What would we do without you guys! You keep on making Steem life easier and ligther.

Thank you!!

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i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

good post...

i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Good :) advisor77 on steemauto

doesn't look like this tool is functional anymore...any plans on bringing this back to life ?

Great idea! I like this project.

Great idea! I like this project.

wow.............wwwwwwwwwwwwwww ..............Great

its really a great tool to work with.

what a great and innovative wallet I will download it now!

its a nice tool . This tool is very helpful to see the account details . I really appreciate this project .

Looks great, but you didn't tell us what add ons it has.

Edit: just checked it out. Really cool. Also shows history

Nice tools can make more.

is it really that much useful

@fyrst-witness, Great content. I will follow you and your content. I really liked the info.

very nicely done. :)

Great tools broo..
Love You....!!!!

i will check this out

How can I also use this to earn

Smart tool. Thank you

Very Nice work...

That is really great way to know the balance.

wow, wonderful...

That's interesting!

Very useful tool, thank you sir

it would the same as we seen during filling a glass of wine or my favorite drink for which we wait very excitingly.

Thts really huge🙄

Really greativ implemented. I like this classic style.

It is a pretty cool wallet, love to see the interest you get in each block.

Excellent idea @ fyrst-witness, you could send the link to vote them in the witness

congrats to all steemians

That's really cool dude!

Great Info

Awesome tool to track some live data. I really like it. Good job!

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@fyrst-witness thank you for sharing this tool.

Thank you so much to share that's amazing information to us.. super

Really a useful tool. Thanks

I'm following you and @yabapmatt.

hi~nice to meet you. I am Korean.

Nice one.
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very nice & helpful tool....

Is this really true!

Very useful tool! Thanks for the development

Cool! this feature is really awesome.

very nice..keep it up

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