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For business development, even the most promising and important project still needs partners who will support the platform's eco-system and complement each other's functionality.

Today I will try to introduce you project ZEUX platform. That's exactly what this mission is about. So he claims to integrate your financial portfolio with your digital money so far. Together, we will look at how they will make that claim.

Zeux as a leader in the market of mobile payments in cryptocurrency attracts a lot of attention and desire from potential partners to enter into partnership agreements.


Zeux is an organization organized by the FCA which will officially launch its activities in the European Union in 2019. And its goal is to serve the rest of the world in 2020. Project officials say that with your investments, millions of users in the financial world will be able to integrate financial transactions in digital money and other portfolios (which can be easily done with a single click).

The timelessness of everyday life, such as crowded cities, complex business relationships, and the increasingly time-consuming of big cities to live, has undoubtedly made the need for change in the financial world the most. We have a life increasingly referred to as digital transactions. This ensures that the financial services market is constantly growing. Indeed, digital payments reached 433 billion dollars in 2014-15. It's been years since the system was first paid attention. Non-contact payments (NFC) reached $ 10 billion. Bank cards have reached almost 80% of total purchases. It is estimated that mobile payments in stores will reach $530 billion by 2020, which means an increase of 80% in 5 years between 15 and 20.

In krypto investment, ICOs exceeded $7 billion in 2017 and $12 billion in 2018. However, crypto investment is still in the process of crawling. The finance industry wants to transform tokens into an asset class. Nazdaq began to whisper that we will see bitcoini in the futures market in 2019. All of these developments signify that the current $300 billion share of the Krypto-money market has grown to 500 billion and is part of the 10 trillions of securities market. I mean, we just started. This project has targeted this market.


Financial Services (Banking,Insurance,Investment v.b.) have important roles in people's lives. However, these services provided by traditional financial institutions also bring many difficulties with very high commission fees.

· It has very low interest rates in return for the time you spend investing in developed countries. In short, the endless complexity of bureaucracy is a serious obstacle to financial investment.

· Although the return in the Krypto-money investments is too high compared to traditional products, the new Krypto-money market is still crawling. Banks, insurance and fund managers offer very limited options for customers to participate in the Krypto fund investment opportunities.

· Crypto-in case you take personal action to invest in money, you can actually turn into a nightmare for the ordinary crypto investor to buy, transfer and manage your wallet.

· Krypto payments have no sales points, Krypto-money is primarily sold on a stock exchange and then converted into a bank transfer, even in projects developed the fastest solution finds half an hour. It's impossible to wait in front of a POS machine at a time like this.

· International transactions are very expensive and time-consuming. It takes 3 days to do business through SWIFT.

· An integrated solution for all financial products could not be produced. Fintech companies are looking for solutions for this. (Like Apple share), however, in the solutions created here, multiple accounts, passwords, authentication, such as incredible complexity of information and time loss at this point prevents the potential to take action.


Integration of the solution of the Zeux platform. In other words, bank accounts, investment accounts, NFC payments and decentralized transfer transactions. Creating a solution for all financial transactions with an advanced interface within the same application will solve a lot of problems. You're gonna tell me how Zeux will do it with all these banks and financial institutions? I'il tell you the details. But let me write it in the shortest form. Of course, blockchain technology will solve by taking advantage of unlimited possibilities. Now, let's sort out the details of the integrated solution.;

· Let's talk about an interface in which platform users can manage multiple bank accounts first with PSD2 (open banking).

· For both price and crypto investors, a collective platform will be created where you can see the accounts from different funds combined, which will also allow you to compare cost and interest between different accounts.
· KYC information will be recorded in blockchain and stored in a decentralized manner with a consultant service.

  • NFC mobile payments on PoS machines will make sure. For all these operations;

1 - the platform will not have annual fees or registration fees.

2 - no fees or commissions will be requested for the currency.

3-for cross - border transactions only, a minimum fee of 0.1% will be charged to cover the network costs for processing these transactions into the block chain.

4 - the use of globalized, international token (ZeuxCoin) for fast, secure and free transboundary transfers will be carried out.


The use of the Zeux interface has been particularly simplified. One of the most important features is that users can access all their savings or investment accounts in a few easy steps. In the centre of the Zeux app has a basic financial ecosystem platform and a personal data vault in Zeux. The personal data safe and KYC Assistant feature gives you the luxury of securely managing the user's credentials within the block. Since this data can be used in newly opened accounts, wait times and many procedures are eliminated.

The fact that the records in Blockzincir cannot be changed and that the usage of the records in the possession of the user facilitates the operation prevents various difficulties. Biometric verification has also been added to the application. If your phone permits biometric verification, it will protect you against hackers.


An application that will manage your wealth must naturally have a very serious protection software. Zeux platform therefore developed with the application;

· Apply regular training and certification programs to Zeux employees

Event Response Plan and default access locking

  • Never access the root software

· Multi-factor authentication

Strong password, Secure Key Vault network, data migration encryption

· Anti-DDoS protection, firewall, VPN access, intrusion detection and Prevention System 23 hosts

  • Anti-malware software, penetration tests

· Expert security teams have created software that is equipped with all types of attacks, such as regular code inspection.

The agreement on mutual partnership will benefit both projects, because they can make each other even better.

Since Zeux is building a global platform for mass use and the level of interest in the project indicates that Zeux will soon be installed on every smartphone and will be used everywhere, they need a platform on which they can carry out fast and secure operations to ensure maximum smooth and uninterrupted operation of their platform, so they chose Hedera Hashgraph as a partner.


Hedera Hashgraph also benefits from the partnership with Zeux Because seeing the full potential of the Zeux platform to destroy the usual way of Finance and micropayments and become a new leader in this area, Hedera Hashgraph gets the opportunity to significantly expand the scope of its hbar tokens, which, despite the entire prospects of the Hedera Hashgraph platform, will soon be able to become a new digital gold. Now we will outline the overall picture, with the help of Zeux you will be able to buy bread in a store or make other household purchases for a crypto currency, these operations will be carried out using Hedera Hashgraph whose token can also be used as a payment.


Project team:


Project road map:



It is safe to say that these partnerships are perfectly suited to each other and significantly expand the scope and functionality of each of the platforms, but we should not forget that both projects are at an early stage of their development,so now there are good chances to become an early investor and get a good profit. However, the projects, albeit at an early stage, are developing very,very dynamically, because it is fair to assume that one of the biggest names in the world of crypto technologies in 2019 will be Zeux and Hedera Hashgraph.

Thank you for attention!
All useful links can be found below:

Website: https://www.zeux.tech
Whitepaper: https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/ZEUX-White-paper-Eng.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5074181.0
Telegram: https://t.me/zeuxapp
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/ZeuxApp

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@tomson777 It's a nice project and looks to help the financial problems in digital market. But we as non European how can we get benefit from it before 2020

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Zeux begins its activities with the European Union, and then by 2020 will expand its activities around the world.

The only benefit can be obtained with early investment at the ICO stage.