SteemIT - lick it for success

in #steemit3 years ago

I see one trend on SteemIT - you have to lick as many asses as you can to receive any "money". Which is i guess normal in todays society - everyone wants to ban, mute, kill the ones they dont like. The ones who speak different then they want to hear.
Yeah you are not special. Money on steemIT is fake. People receiving steem dollars get way too much. There is more and more bots, robots, terminators who vote, creating clans, syndicates supporting their agenda, their people they choose.
SteemIT is no way free or is being used as it meant to be. Shitty content is being upvoted, while good content doesn't even get noticed.
SteemIT is exploited by those who early started using it. Well but maybe this is what we should expect knowing that more then 90% of people are dumb sheep.
Till this day when even idiots know - TA analysis DOESNT work - still upvotes idiots who claiming they can predict price in future by looking at old price data. Impossible, and never was done. All those clowns have 50% chance to be true. Most of them cant even reach 50%.
People paying them for pleasure they having reading how their chosen coins will skyrocket. Deceiving themselves from truth.

So the point is - the more you exploit your readers -the more you getting paid. This is BAD practice. People should get a job if the only way they can make money is by deceiving, exploiting people. I heard McDonalds looking for new waiters.


If Mcdonalds is looking for new waitors then why are you here? Seriously tho. All jokes aside I can tell you are extremely intelligent. You know what the hardest thing about having high intelligence is? Questioning. Ah what a gift but also a curse. When does it become a curse? When we start acting like "a jerk". Isn't the model of any business to have supporters? Well..... Anything and everything in this beautiful world starts with an idea my friend. But what is an idea without supporters? Mcdonald's didn't become the trademark it is today by the CEO being emotionally abusive to potential supporters. 90% sheep. Ah I disagree. The first fundamental mark of even having an interest in cryptocurrencies the person would have to be to some scale "partially awake" The 90% herd well that would be Facebook. And honestly. I will proclaim that you may be asleep. To be "awake" is to be enlightened. Enlightened people do not proclaim or impose their own mentally manufactured negative truths on others and then call them "sheep". The one who is awake craves nothing more than to give love and proclaim truth. The truly Enlightened individual is a light in the dark. Their heart beats at the tune of all men and the last thing they do is try to analyze their dreams and devour them.
Not an enemy, a potential friend. ~

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