The Truth About Steemit!

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As you all know Steemit is a platform for users to blog, post pics, post videos, comment, like and earn money. When I first came across this platform about 3 weeks ago I was very excited to start using it and start earning some money. My first thing I saw about steem was this picture. download.jpg

When I first signed up and browsed all the content I was very happy to see all these nice comments and all this great content from a variety of different users. Of course as a new user I start commenting on lots of posts trying to get some upvotes on them and when I finally got some I got very excited about a couple dollars and even the couple cent ones.

After a couple days of commenting and posting some random content I started wanting more then just a couple dollars from comments and a couple cents from posts. I wanted to start posting good content and earning a ton like how I saw other people doing on the hot and trending pages. I did lots of research on how I go forward with this and saw lots of youtube videos on how people made $1000 over night from there first post.
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.40.22 PM.png

I took in all the stuff I learned and tried it myself and nothing happened. When I say nothing I literally mean my posts and the stuff I was doing was getting me a whopping 0 cents! I don't expect to get rich over night but I did expect at least a couple views or at least some kind of reward. So I started doing my own research, not research based off youtube and I started to notice that all these users who makes lots from there posts have a ton of of steem power and have invested a lot of there own money into this site and into the steem crypto currency ( which is what you earn from this site ).
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.44.15 PM.png

I also noticed that a lot of these people were not commenting or upvoting any other people, they were just posting content and earning a ton from it. A lot of these people also were getting a ton of money sent to them from tons of random users.
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.46.25 PM.png

This made me realize that people are paying for upvotes and the reason a lot of these big posts are earning so much money was because users are trying to earn money off them from upvoting curations and from comment rewards.
IN NO WAY am I saying that good content is not earning the money they deserve but a lot of posts that earn a lot are not good content but are just rich people with lots of steem power.

So after all this research and realizations I can see that you earn money if you have money, it's really hard for users without lots of steem power to get there amazing content seen and profitable. I want to start finding ways where new users and users without the money to buy power to start earning good money off good posts and for there posts to be seen by lots of people. I am going to start digging really deep to find a way for this to happen and I will make sure to keep everyone updated on this, even tho I will most likely only get 5 views on this post. I love the idea of steemit, and I see the potential in it. I just see now that the creators have made a system where people with lots of money get the money. And I am here to try to make it so everyone can see profits and explore the amazing benefits of getting free crypto currencies by posting about all kinds of stuff (:

Thank you so much for reading, Please upvote, comment, follow and stay tuned for more content from me!


TRUE. Post with lots of steempower is more valuable, more noticeable and is always on on top. Only those who can afford to buy steempower has the capability to earn. I hope not.

That is what I am noticing, but I am going to be posting lots of great blogs and see if that gets me any attention(:

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Very interested in what you have found so far and possibly also in the future. Good intentions and purpose. Good writing skills but I did noticed a grammar error, you should have used 'their instead of 'there toward the end of the post. Thanks for the good work. Following, Uv and Rs, a fellow minnow, that you caught on another post, good catch.

Thank you, I will make sure to be better with my grammar in the future!

          Hello @tnelectronics, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to two individuals @mudcat36 and @davemccoy. They have started a project that is designed to assist new users in getting a boost up on steemit. It is called the #newbieresteemday project. By clicking on the tag there you will find a lot of very helpful people. In the group I do not think there is one person that has a vote slider yet, we all have under 500SP and are working our way up and helping brand new users get a foot in the door.
          In many respects steemit as a social media site where you can earn money is very much like a huge corporate conglomerate. You are just approaching the first floor (your rep is at 41) from out of the mail room basement. It would be nice if we could all be presidents or CFO's but we are not. Those making the big dollars, have been here longer yes, and they know each other better. The first level supervisors do not mingle to much with the corporate headquarters 3rd tier managers. Given time you too in 18 months will not be having a lot of interactions with brand new users if you are still around, you will still be primarily interacting with the the people you meet on your long corporate ladder climb.
          Keep putting out quality content, and people will eventually find one of your post, vote for it, and maybe even follow you. It really is up to the individual, there is not a lot of hand holding in steemit, very few lifeguards, and even fewer emergency medical technicians . Along with the two individuals I mentioned above giveing boost, always remember in the back of your brain somewhere that if you do run into a problem, @steemcleaners can help with most issues. That is with two EE's steem. Any way have a nice day, try not to get discouraged.

#newbieresteemday seems like a great project! Maybe they will even repost this post! Thank you so much for all the great tips, accounts and for looking at my content! It means a lot (:

I really enjoyed this post. I've been on Steemit now for a couple of weeks and I've wondered the same things that you write about in this post. It doesn't surprise me that there are some tricks going on behind the scenes to keep the people with the most steem earning the biggest share of the upvotes. I'm going to follow you and I will look forward to some more of your research. I think one way that we can all start earning more money is for new people like us to follow each other and help each other out as much as possible. We also need to stay persistent and keep posting, because although some have made big amounts in their first posts, I think it will take longer for most to build a following and start seeing some numbers. Stay Cool...

Exactly! Us noobies need to help eachother out so we can get some attention on our quality posts and to give eachother tips! Following you now!

I'm following you as well sir!! Thanks!!

Yes those who invest in the platform tend to get more steem going..

Exactly! Thanks for reading my post (: