Interview with Stephen P Kendal, Investment Expert on STEEMIT, DMA Mapping Buy Alerts & 2018 Cryptos - DTUBE Version

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DTUBE Version Interview Summary

Today I am interviewing a financial wizard, and crypto currency expert @StephenPKendal. We discussed the future of crypto currency, and the potential of block chain technology to transform society. We discussed how the biggest bubble int he world is the corrupt fraudulent system that has failed and is going to be replaced by the blockchain technology coming forward.

We discussed Smart Media Tokens and how they will be integrated from the STEEM coin which will drive up the price of STEEM dramatically. We both agree that a STEEM coin price of $17 or higher by June is a likely possibility. Also that a STEEM price in the hundreds is not a far fetched idea either as it is the future of social media and the steemit blockchain is the fastest and the biggest in the world.

There was a discussion of how BitCoin Futures is really "BitCoin Bananas" and a complete fraud which will be exposed.

Also discussed were Stephen's really unique "dma Mapping" buy alerts, which I personally have used to make money trading crypto currency. So I would follow him on Steemit (link below) for these updates.

Stephen has launched a steemit promotion group called Steemit Ambassador and the video for that launch is here:


You can connect with my guest Stephen with the links below:


Steemit Ambassador:



Thanks again to Stephen for dropping some serious financial knowledge today, and please follow him for more information.

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Nice !

Thanks for the interview. Keep up the great work and good luck to you and your fiancé. Stephen

Thank you again for taking the time. Seems like the steemit community liked it as well based on the value.

great interview, @stephenkendal is a great steemian, i too have made money using his dmapping buy alerts and he does a lot to promote steem. he is really an inspiration in the steemit community.

Great interview and looking forward to a higher STEEM price!

I wanna share a powerful analysis on TRON since it's so popular nowadays:

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.29.55.png

Yeah I have heard TRON is a good buy but I have not looked into it yet. Anyways:

end of line.gif

I completely agree with you, he really is an inspiration @stephenkendal

Yeah I totally agree that is why I wanted to interview him.

Steemit is the future of social platforms and 17$ is a piece of cake.Also, its not just about money, its freedom of speech without censorship.Great interview btw :)

Thank you for info and I’m excited to hear about the bright future of Steemit. Thinking of making it my main holding.

The best part of the interview, in my opinion, is that which discusses the possibility and potential of drastically increasing the valiue of Steem coin: 'We discussed Smart Media Tokens and how they will be integrated from the STEEM coin which will drive up the price of STEEM dramatically. We both agree that a STEEM coin price of $17 or higher by June is a likely possibility. Also that a STEEM price in the hundreds is not a far fetched idea either as it is the future of social media and the steemit blockchain is the fastest and the biggest in the world.'

Thank you for you for bringing this hope for some of us that have been discouraged by the downward slide of the Steem coin.

Bitcoin Banana's haha I like that. I guess they didn't realize that our bitcoin market is way to smart to pull off a scheme like the Future scam they just did, with out us noticing. Did they really think we wouldn't notice what happened? Or maybe they don't give a...They are ruthless!

Yeah hopefully it will highlight how fixed the futures markets are.

Hey Dean, I Resteemed this great post, keep up the great work brother!
Danny Zale

You are very welcome. Thanks for commenting, I just gave you a follow. Good luck on Steemit!

Awesome Dean! I've only been a Steemian for a little over a week so I only have 3 RULES on Steem Voter but I actually put you as my top RULE there so your posts get automatically Upvoted! Keep up the great reporting brother!

great interview very much needed at this hour when people are slightly scared

Yeah, there is a lot of FUD going around for no good reason.

Really awasome work .. actually we need to know all of things .. you really manage all of very nicely .. Great work man .. hopepully u continue more and more

Yess we hope Steem will going up to $17 on June

I would say $100 by January 2019 is not out of the question.

bitcoin is one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itself.... great times to be around....

Great interview.i am agree with you about steem.steem price up to 20$ in june

hopefully steemit is always glorious and number one in the world.

Great interview!It will help us to win!We should now keep the steam dollar deposited.
Steam is moving us upwards.Thanks for the articles.@titusfrost


Yeah Hold your STEEM and SBD for now.

Love your useful content. A compelling read and an informative experience. I'll be sure to follow you and anyone who follows me!

You are very welcome, best of luck.

Thanks for sharing... inspiring to a new member like me...

keep it.up

Really nice work @titusfrost
For new members this information is like gold. Keep sharing information like this. I'm new here and I'm lucky to be here. Meeting people, see their work. Getting more knowledge about steemit.

Thanks for sharing Keep it up @titisfrost

Let us all add on to our family and reach to a great height

Wao steemit will go to the moon steemit teem is great i know price will go high this is wonderful time to invest in steemit currancy

Thank you for the insight. Keep it up.

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great interview very much

you guys are talking all things that a newbie should know when entering to steemit platform, and yes steem blockchain is future.
Thanks for giving us such great information.
both @stephenkendal and @steem-ambassador are great.

Special thanks to @titusfrost for letting us meet these great guys.

very good, very interesting the commonity steem to grow further, thanks

oh sorry, I forget to mention we all should promote to steemit to make it big and bigger platform,it will increase the value of steem dollar.

Coincheck to repay users who lost money in $400 million hack
Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc. said it will use its own capital to reimburse customers who lost money in Friday's $400 million theft.

Awesome interview at great time. It's good to hear his opinion about steem price.

I like this.

Great interview , good effort, i appreciate it man, Carry on .

I want see what steem is in 4 years later.

great interview!

That was one hell of a GOOD interview, well done titusfrost

really awasome work

thanks for the great effort you're putting in steemit for us to make this world a better place,i cant wait to upvote and resteem this post,

You are very welcome, thanks for the vote!

nice post man i like this

Holy crap, I guess I should buy some STEEM!

Yeah I would suggest getting as much of it as possible.

price of $17 or higher by June

I really beleive in this

This is how most of us in africa we shll become rich and help our countries

Forr that I keep telling the people I know

Yeah I think that is a conservative number. However time will tell.

that is a great interview and i like the concept .

Great interview, We are want to always the higher rate of STEEM price.

Thanks for this interview bro . Love the energy! Big ups to @stephenkendal

Thank Good concept and work big plus from me and most steemit community.

Your dialogue gives hope for the future. !

Great interview! And really insightful

Good interview!

excelente post!! increible el crecimiento.
mis post y los tuyos. mira como dramatizo los mios bitmoji-20180107015439.png
saludos jejeje

This interview is wonderful and just what I would expect from you
Keep it up your one of the best

Very thanks for the interview.This interview is very complete for me. This time is a good for SBD Buy time.

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Great video man

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Nice work.

thanks for such a informative video

keep up the great work God bless you

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good news Interview with Stephen P Kendal.potential of block chain technology to transform society

Great interview

What dtube?