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This is the first in a series of videos from the core team, explaining the philosophy behind #promo-steem, and introducing the Steem Ambassador programme.

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It also gives an overview of what are going to accomplish with the website over the coming weeks, and how this is going to help promoters of Steemit and the STEEM blockchain.

Featuring the core team of @stephenkendal, @starkerz and @anarcotech, this video will give you an insight into the passion and thought that has gone into creating #promo-steem and the @steem-ambassador programme which is now taking applications.

We have been so overwhelmed with the response from the community, and are now redoubling our efforts to bring you the tools and resources that support and reward great promotional work.

This is going to take some time to accomplish, and we have big plans for this. It was always our goal to see how the community reacted to our ideas, and we are so encouraged by the extremely positive reception. There is still much to do (we are still very early days yet), and we with YOUR help we will accomplish all our goals, and more besides. In the meantime, check out this exclusive conversation with the three core founders of #promo-steem:


List of sections on the video:

00:00 - how it all started
01:18 - adding value to the blockchain
03:25 - what it is and the philosophy behind promo-steem
04:28 - a voluntaryist marketing department
06:19 - website vision
08:47 - steem ambassadors
11:10 - introduction to the guild curation system
12:09 - promoting STEEM for everyone's benefit, and our vision

Featuring: @stephenkendal, @starkerz, @anarcotech. Filmed by @ashtv and produced by @anarcotech

All rewards from this, and every @steem-ambassador post, go entirely into supporting and rewarding the work of promoters of Steemit and the STEEM blockchain

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Watching with a brew and biscuits!

Only good Northern biscuits we hope!


Aye, well @stephenkendal and @anarcotech are both Northerners. @Starkerz is a brummie, they sort of live in the middle of England and get ignored by everyone else for the most part. @ashtv is a Yorkshire lad too, and a brew and biscuits is a gourmet dinner where we come from!

ooh now i see, @ashtv i better come join with some good northern biscuit 🍪


i am also watching promo-video with biscuits and snaks <3

hared on Facebook. Let's get this video viral..!! If you are on Facebook we would really appreciate it if you could please share with your network. Many thanks.

i will watching this videos @steem-ambassador

Many thanks for sharing on Facebook. We hope everyone who still has an account on FB, twitter, Google+, Instagram or any other social network does the same, as this will help to spread the message must faster. Appreciate you taking an interest, and hope you enjoy.

Sharing now! Thanks guys ❤🤓

I love the idea that by promoting we are also enhancing and protecting our own investment - this is a very pro-active way to continue to ensure our Steem has value in the future.

Yes, you're absolutely right. As Stephen says in this video, everyone who holds STEEM benefits from us promoting the blockchain and the Steemit platform.

Great video @steem-ambassador .. Glad to see so many people are involved in promo-steem, the great Steemit marketing methodology...

Thanks @hms818. It's really picking up traction, and wonderful to see people from all over the world engaged in voluntarily promoting STEEM and Steemit.

Promo-Steem can take Steemit to mass adoption, to further improve adoption among the masses, we need to do much more in order to make it more appealing so that everybody sees the concrete example of the way they can benefit from it.
Mass adoption may not come overnight but Promo-Steem may trigger mass adoption.

We think so too. Ultimately, we are making history with a decentralised, voluntaryist network of marketers, actively involved in promotion, and rewarded through the blockchain. It's genius really.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wow its really good to watch this great video and your reviews and good talk on promo work is really brilliant for give us a new hope to join this promo work and do some good for steem platfarm like all of your team..
@stephen is a genious and smart man for this work and also start video with his talk and finish with his talk is really good and he had a brilliant abillity to talk,, also the starkerz and enarcotech are good members of your team...and i alwasy appriciate your efforts for all of us and this platfarm
massive massive thanx to you great team

Many thanks for your kind words of support. We really enjoy what we do, and want to see the entire platform succeed massively.

Really nicely put together guys: @stephenkendal, @starkerz, @anarcotech @ashtv and great production @anarcotech . We are lucky that we have such a forward looking trio of Voluntaryist Decentralised Promotion Centric Steemians. Really informative video and I hope that the dev work on the website is going well. I will be really happy to help in anyway deemed practical and will help promote and share the news of the website. Really buoyed by your posts....thumbs up!

Many thanks @cryptocurator, and thanks for your ongoing support.

brilliant post..You are people who are building future of steem..Loved the video and information on it..@steem-ambassador

We very much appreciate your support, but to be fair, without the community backing the project, it's nothing. We are, as Stephen says, all at some level STEEM AMBASSADORS!

amazing one and great explain about steem great video i will share it more and more to promote the steem .. resteemed ☺ @steem-ambassador

Thank you so much @zoon123. We appreciate your support, and thank you for resteeming and sharing far and wide with the rest of the community.

i might not be a steem ambassador but i have been using my facebook page in promoting the steemit platform

Great work. Anywhere you have an audience you can promote Steemit and the STEEM blockchain. Please keep doing what you're doing. It's really appreciated.

thanks for the acknowledgement, the man above is our guild.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

nie to see the video of all of you and your all talk on it and on website is good for understand us why promo work is good and give the good benefits to steem blockcahin i really like all of you promoters and this video is a good to release all confusions of every one and make a good excitings for make part of this promo

Thanks @robrowe. It was fun to make, and harder to edit, as we all had a lot to say. We can talk for hours about why the STEEM blockchain is number one, and what it means to be a promoter, and the toughest part is fitting it all into under 15 minutes!

a post that brings everyone to join in steemit, and bring the insights of everyone, and hope the promotions and @stephenkendal and @starkerz go ahead and succeed always

Many thanks for your support .We appreciate it enormously.

You guys are wonderful. Steem is growing wide and the #promo-steem has helped a great deal. I love what you all said abd I can't eait to see this things boom all in the steemit blockchain.

STEEM is already in our book the number one just isn't recognised as such, and hopefully within the next year or so it will start to take its place where it belongs, right at the top of the blockchain market caps.

its too good that you share this video for give your reviews on promo mission for steem this video will more encourage to all who are doing work for steem and who wants will do for steemit and steem blockchain we all will support you in this mission to make a part of this mission @steem-ambassador ....
great work and video keep it up always sir

Thank you @kellyrose. We appreciate your support and kindness.

wow excellent video indeed and i gained good information about promo-steem website and i am super excited about it's launch, thanks for creating such informative video for us, Stay blessed

Thank you. There is so much more work to be done yet, and we have even more exciting news to come very soon....Stay tuned!

Incredible work @dannyshine @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarchotec and the whole promo-steem group. You folks shake

We do our best. Thanks @max1994 for your support. It encourages us to know that the community is behind what we are doing.


I always follow steam-ambrassador promo-I have seen and studied many promos in various ways and hopefully successful and always glorious promos

Thanks for that, its massively appreciated. We do what we do for the benefit of the entire community, and we feel that the promoters are the ones adding a great deal of value to the blockchain.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

its better than average to watch this incredible video and your surveys and great chat on promo work is extremely splendid for give us another want to join this promo work and benefit some for steem platfarm like the majority of your group..

@stephen is a genious and shrewd man for this work and furthermore begin video with his discussion and complete with his discussion is better than average and he had a splendid abillity to talk,, additionally the starkerz and enarcotech are great individuals from your team...and I alwasy appriciate your endeavors for every one of us and this platfarm

gigantic monstrous thanx to you extraordinary group

Many thanks. We really appreciate your support and resteem!

Hi @starkerz @anarcotech @stephenkendal ,

Here are some questions I was wondering about, and I wanted to ask you if I can make a post looking for Steem Power Delations for the Guild.

Some Questions about the promo-steem Guild:

1- Is the automatic Guild that will vote a certain percentage, according to the manual curation of steem ambassadors and steemit users, will be steemit user: @steem-ambassador ?

2- Is someone working on coding or programming this guild as of now?

3- Is it ok to start looking for steem power delegations with people interested on the promo-steem project? Is @steem-ambassador the user that will be the automatic guild voter (controlled by a smart algorythm that will take into account manual curation to give a percentage of votes?)

Looking forward to hear from you!

Regards, @gold84

We've been planning something crazy in Accra, Ghana called THE MEDIA TACTICS APPROACH we wanna make videos on steem promo just like you guys are doing.

You can check my page for more details. my recent post about my sign up activity with @chronixx, a renowned person in the Ghanaian media industry.

I really look up to you guys. congrats @promo-steem, @starkerz, @stephenkendal, @anacortech and @ashtv

Great video and nice presentation, I have really dedicated my self to promote steemit to the hight level so that steemit will be recognized worldwide and it will also be the number social media platform everybody will be on.

That's the spirit @desmond41. We really love your commitment, and that of all the promoters. We just want to help everyone do the best they can to grow the STEEM blockchain, Steemit, and help themselves at the same time.

amazing contains now we are crystal clear about the steem .. and will do our best to promote it for further future tradings, good one @steem-ambassador

Thanks, we really appreciate your support. Keep on promoting and STEEMON!!!!

Great post..Loved the video it contain great information...Loved your steem promote program..thanks for information..@steem-ambassador
Thanks to @stephenkendal @starerz @anarcotech for giving us the information through this video and also @ashtv to flim this video..

You're very welcome. We are really starting to bring a great team around us now, and we are proud to welcome @ashtv as a part of it going forward. He's a super video guy, and really easy to work with...wait till you see what's coming next!

I am excited to see it..

Hi @ashtv,

Please can you drop me a message on [email protected] I have some video work Id like to discuss hiring you for.



We have let @ashtv know you want to speak to him. Thanks for your support Ashley. Hope you are doing great.

Hello there Ash,

Sounds great, I'll drop you a message!

Steemit is home. Since I came on-board, it has been a joy here and I have been preaching to friends and family. Though some are sceptical, I know they will join me as they start seeing testimonies. Thank you for being a steemit ambassador

Thank you for your kind words. It's lovely to see the word JOY in the mix when talking about Steemit. It's our home too, and we really believe in it, and want to see it succeed magnificently.

I cherish the possibility that by advancing we are likewise improving and securing our own speculation - this is an expert dynamic approach to keep on ensuring our Steem has an incentive later on.

Thanks @perry1. We think so too. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

@anarcotech you placed the exact words here! The first decentralized marketing department in the world history! This is what you came up with! And this idea could only florish in a huge magical ecosystem of a hige percentage of smart people like Steemit (on a great blockchain: Steem).

Your words say it! This is magic, getting people to voluntarily start promoting something, in this case steem, not looking at the reward thing to do it, and sure, at the end of day, everyone doing efforts get their rewards. This is magic from the brilliant vision of @dan .

I am sure he thought envisioned many of this things on every industry happening in his vision as an utopy when he had the vision, but he knew this would happen in its time, and freedom and everything he thought is comining, in monetary ways, in moral ways, in every manner.

Why moral because as you just mentioned with @starkerz and @stephenkendal , there is no orders here, people start collaborating with their knowledge and start promoting Steemit and steem.

We are in a moment in the time of history were the biggest transfer of wealth will happen! This is simply amazing.

Congratulations to all of this huge project that know is a big reality! Great video, very well sumerized, and great idea for the entire steemit community to learn what is going on promo steem!

One question, have you decided not to add the link to the promo-steem website on the @steem-ambassador and your personal blogs for a reason? Or its something not noticed? I was looking at this detail a few times and it was not there. Perhaps we can get a banner made so all the people on promo-steem can place a small banner at the end of all blog posts, with briefly about promo-steem and a link to the website. It would even get more people to know promo-steem?


Regards, @gold84

Yes, not yet, and perhaps a little oversight. However, steem-ambassador is different to our personal blogs, and for me I think it's important to keep the distinction between them all. @steem-ambassador is NOT a way for us to enrich ourselves, but a way to support the entire promotional community, and I think in keeping with the fundamental ideals of the programme, keeping it separate is a good thing, and keeps any form of corruptability out of the system.

You are right @anarcotech ! I just wanted to know why the promo-steem website was not available in our blogs. Perhaps all steem-ambassadors can add it if they want at the bottom of the posts. Thoughts? The reason is that more people can click on it and see all the promo-steem project is doing.

Regards, @gold84

Thanks for promoting steem..@steem ambassador ..Loved all of your information and video too..thanks for it

You're very welcome @luckyalam. We do it because we believe in it, and we love promoting too!

Amazing site and really motivating video. I just signed up on the website now and I'm going to do some preparations to write my steemit ambassador application blog post. I want to be a Steemit Ambassador in Dubai :)

Fantastic, we look forward to receiving your application!

Hahaha...such a wonderful ideas by @ steem-ambassador
Yes...1000% agree with you my dear friend...
I'm always trust steemit is very good social media platform..
I'm now byeeee to steemit...
Bcz...I always know steem can change my future..

Absolutely, the STEEM blockchain is already changing peoples lives, especially in some of the developing nations. We are very honoured to be a part of that journey, and we look forward to continuing to bring STEEM and the Steemit platform to every corner of the world, one account at a time.

Omg I was watching this video and it is inline with several initiatives that we want to incorporate in promoting Steem in several schools that we have adopted, as a means for creating an easy donation system that is transparent and know that they funds were used for the community.

Our group @steemitfamilyph is comprised mostly of doctors and dentist and we want to do medical and dental outreacg programs fully funded from Steem.

I'm pretty excited about the vision you have and what we can achieve.

I'm all for promotinh Steem.

We have been fairly successfull in our Facebook campaign to get people to Join Steemit and this is just some of the insights of those that join us from an original of around 10-20 last November U5dt1QPKWH6kD726cw2UdjAHWQsqXBS_1680x8400.png

Brilliant. Love the initiative. Well done.

the real revolution is the decentralization of the world as we know it today

Yes, it really is. Government's time is done. It's over. They know it, we know it, only the masses have yet to realise this yet, but when they do it's curtains for centralisation.

very helpful to me steemit application, and i much insight my congratulations of steemit application package


good luck and famous all over the world steem-ambassador

Thank you, we look forward to seeing your application for steem-ambassador.

Watch with drinks and biscuits!!!!Screenshot_2018-01-18-20-44-35-01.png

The philosophy behind #promo-steem is great and this will help secure steem and its investors.

Thanks @samiwhyte. We really appreciate your support, and we love the work you do. You are an inspiration and a massive credit to the promotional community. Thanks again.

wall let me tell you something i got it .. thanks for sharing this is very good post

Thank you. We really appreciate your support.

I like the same post you my friend .. and I am also happy to join you all in this steemit friend .. and I also want to friends with you here for his friend

Thank you for your support. It is appreciated.

Very good friend.

a very good post my friend.
I will always support you and I will continue to promote steemit in aceh. like you wake up steemit in your own country

Great news. We love the work you guys are doing out there, it really seems as though you have a thriving Steemit community going there. Best wishes to you all.

I have invited my brother to join in steemit activity and later he will introduce himself. please support from you. @dek-jal

Great video and a good job.excited for what future is about to bring in steemit.its a great placd to be and is going to get more crowded in time.cheers

It really is, and it's still such early days yet. There is so much more to be done to bring the masses to the STEEM blockchain, but it's coming, for sure.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Viewing with a blend and rolls

Now that's a great way to watch it. We hope you enjoy, and recommend Stephen goes with a nice Chai, @starkerz is good with Oolong, and @anarcotech, well he's a number 7 Super strong black coffee.

Next level, love it...any way I can get a hold of the #promo-steem intro you have in the videos?


It will likely be going on the website.

drinking a brewskey and watching the video, great stuff! :D

Just got my slippers on, Stella Artois and peanuts!!! this is gonna be good!!

Sounds like a great plan! Enjoy.

i will watching this videos @steem-ambassador

Very helpful video A really good post.
Great works, I wish you success.

Thank you so much. With the support of the community, this initiative will be very successful

I am so excited I love this idea that by promoting we are also enhancing and protecting our own investment - this is a very pro-active way to continue to ensure our Steem has value in the future. @steem-ambassador

My facebook friend share this video's


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that with us. Love the fact that your friends are sharing it too now!

I like the same post you my friend .. and I am also happy to join you all in this steemit friend .. and I also want to friends with

Thanks for your support. We are lucky to have such great promoters from all around the world.

@starkerz @anarcotech @stephenkendal I was wondering how much SP has the promo-steem guild. I can see if I can get some SP delegations to increase its power faster.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Regards, @gold84

That's one of the things we are looking for. I expect as we get the next stage built that more delegations will come. If you think you can help us increase this, fantastic. How can we assist you in this?

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @anarcotech I am already finishing a post about the born of the first autonomous decentralized marketing department, and plan to make some of the best known people in the platform to know about this. I want to know their feedback on this, and I am sure that if they think the project is a great initiative as we do, they will help us get those delegations we need.

Once I post this (for sure you are mentioned there as well as @starkerz and @stephenkendal), I would invest around 15 sbd to make it go a bit higher in the hot section. Perhaps I will need your help with some upvotes (if you like what the post looks like), so as to make it gain more visibility so more people look at it, and we can start getting more words, feedback, on the massive promo steem project!

Regards, @gold84

If somethhing is worth my fight I give I my hart

I aplisheted the work you do do promo-steem

Insightful. Thank you @promo-steem

Hey folks. Thought I would direct your attention over to the new "Steemit Twitter Promot Campaign" I have launched this week (with the help of @reko) : Just wanted you to be aware that we are also working in parallel with your effort. I have also followed you.

It's a beautiful and comprehensive explanation there. So nice to see the great stuff lying ahead for promoters this year. I'm so happy to identify with you guys on this. Steem on!

Oh my God...i had such no idea...there are two words coming in my mind now: SIMPLY INCREDIBLE! Thank you for all your hard work and for laying a new foundation and that we all can be an important part! I have brought my contribution with a very helpful article created for new steemians:)!

Thank you. Very much appreciated.

We need cities built on this philosophy! Help each other grow and thrive, what a concept! Thanks guys, I love it... :)

Very helpful and very helpful. A really good post. I like it.

Doubly helpful you say? Wow. That must have been helpful. Oh, glad to have been able to help! hehe.

Sorry, I mean help promo steem. Thank you @steem-ambassador

Sounds great, @steem-ambassador Anything that raises the awareness of Steem Blockchain, or Steemit, I'm in :0

Happy to share this with followers on Twitter (over 3K). In fact, I migrated from FB because, as a writer, I was disenchanted with sharing my ideas and writings on a daily basis for free. It was good while it lasted, some 6K followers on my personal and public page, but Steemit was a heaven sent - coming at just the right time to rescue me from FB and offer me new life.

Thank you, @stephenkendal, @anarcotech and @Starkerz for the good work you do & let me know how/if I can help you. Here's a further intro:

Cheers, Yahia

huh i am so tired today
I managed to get 4 people in steemit. I am very proud of you with your current position ...

Observando con unas palomitas y refresocmuy relajado

i watch this Promo steem video..This is helpful information

#upvote and resteem

g vcm.PNG

I am very proud of all the team and appreciate what you did. We have some videos on steemit promotion as well. I, @dokter-purnama, @razack-pulo, @dodybireun, @albertjester, @dsatria, and steemians of Bireuen Steemit Community (BSC) will always promote Steemit/steem for all people we meet in Indonesia. For us, everyday is talking about steem/steemit.

Have a nice day.

love the idea that by promoting we are also enhancing and protecting our own investment - this is a very pro-active way to continue to ensure our Steem has value in the good luck in victory

Very good post my friend. Thanks for sharing.
I like it your post

thanks to @steem-ambassador who has promoted social media steemit.I love being able to use the # promo-steem tag.

It was about time that someone makes an organized effort in promoting Steemit. Great initiative, cheers guys! : )

hey guys i have been putting some adverts and capture pages together. Im in stoke on trent UK been here 24 days and I did chat to one of you fellas couple weeks back hoping to link up :)

Hi mate. Yes, that was me. Seems like you have got a pretty good handle on After Effects and Photoshop. Might well be some cool things you might be able to help us do.

Yes later today im going to be sharing how im building up a twitter and instagram campaign and just puting an online marketing team together. Getting with the best people that I can here and you are at the top of that list so not the next post but the next one will be tagged @promo-steem will catch up very soon :)

@project-atlas is a project I'm trying to create in order to help promo steem through crowd promotions when the member grows to thousand we can start thunder clapping any open source project, trying to build up the community we are 30 on discord at the moment.

Great video my friend.. I am sharing it on my facebook pages, adding in my youtube channel and sharing with my youtube followers.. Great great work..

just found myself a new regular tag "promo-steem

whom to talk to for what happens at greece and the @greek-trail's try outs? you have a discord?

Thank you for your vote friends @steem-ambassador I hope we continue to connect and share.

Good post..