RE: Have I Lost My Bread and Butter on Steemit?

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Have I Lost My Bread and Butter on Steemit?

in steemit •  2 years ago

I'm sure there will be a point where this will be more of a reality and less of a distant dream. When more and more people join the platform the interests will have to be more diverse and this will reduce the cryptocurrency talk to more resemble mainstream proportions. We just need to try and bring on as many artist, craft, gardening and other non-crypto friends!

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True, but I fear that the mainstream will bring in more stuff I absolutely could care less (like celebrities). Maybe we should be able to customize our front page to show different topics we choose and not just popular one.


Yes, well depends on what you consider celebrity, but if you mean Kim Kardashian, I'm with you ;-)

Maybe you are right in more customization, but in a way we do this by choosing who we follow as with any platform.

As long as there's no algorithm that decides to show me what it thinks I'll like the most, I'll remain in!