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Hi guys, how's it going. The @tipu upvote service got updated and now every upvote request will be rewarded with @tipU profit sharing tokens :)

If you would like to know about @tipu profit sharing tokens (TPUs), please take a look here. Basically every holder of the token gets share in @tipU profits. You can monitor the profit growing in real-time at https://tipu.online


Now, previously the TPUs were awarded only for upvote requests on new posts (not older than 20 minutes) but I got pretty high amount of questions like "why didn't I get the tokens"?

So I've figured out it would be easier to reward every upvote request, but the new posts can get twice as much (TPUs x2 for new posts). This way more users can learn about TPUs and maybe decide to use @tipU on new posts to get this double bonus.

Please remember that the tokens have no expiration date and they will continue generating profit as long as steem blockchain is operational. Of course you can receive them many times for different upvotes, there's also no limit here.

The update is now live so please feel free to test it :)

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions - cheers!
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Is it still 1% for the new posts?

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Yes and 0.5% for old ones but I will be tweaking it in few days - just need to observe the results of the update first.

Cool. 2x. I’m excited. I’ll have to text it out.

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I have noticed the message on my new post that says I got 2x the reward but it is still 1% so does that mean on older post it is going to be .5%?

That's something I also want to know. A 0.5% bonus in older posts is still great

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Damn, I thought I've included this info in the post - I did, but for the previous one...

Yeah, it's 1% for new posts and 0.5% for old posts - although I will be probably increasing this soon. Just prefer to implement the changes one at a time and check the results :)

This is one of my favorite features about @tipu... GREAT investment opportunities!

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Loving these tokens, been addicted to that.

I am really investigating this project. You are coming up with some really good ideas and bringing to light some methods that can really help the ecosystem.

Just put my reinvest payouts to "tokens" to build them up.

You have something that I see a novel here.

Thanks @taskmaster4450 :)

I love this line:

Please remember that the tokens have no expiration date and they will continue generating profit as long as steem blockchain is operational.

With MIRA being implemented over the next month, and the potential for the blockchain to get less expensive to run over time, this could make that statement to mean "forever". 👌😜

i also got many time this upvote. hope this are very helpful for new comer. thanks for support @tipu

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@tipu how do I get an upvote from you?

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