Why Was My Post Downvoted? - An Open Message To @dantheman

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So I was a left a bit disappointed the other day when I logged onto Steemit and I checked my past posts, one of which I knew was due to give me a $500 payout. It's meant to be 4 hours from now, but the payout is gone thanks to a down vote from one of my favourite contributors AND curators @dantheman. Frankly I'm quite confused, I was very lucky that my post started trending after the initial 24 hour pay out period and I knew that I'd be getting a nice payout one month later.

UPDATE: Now all the up votes on the post have disappeared too! It had 214 yesterday..

This is the post, now there's a few reasons why this worries/annoys me.

  1. What did I do wrong? Firstly, if I did something wrong I need to know. I love Steemit and I want to continue being a constructive member, it's hugely discouraging for me if a post has been down voted and I can't even find a discernible reason for it. It would be really constructive if down voters gave a reason in the comments, especially when it's a Whale so that the poster can understand why this has happened and avoid doing it again. It's pretty obvious that my post was personal, original and definitely not plagiarised.

  2. Censorship. One of the things that is a promising aspect of Steemit but also a huge potential problem is censorship. As the popular @barrycooper pointed out there is still a massive issue when Whales pick posts they don't like and down vote them. This greatly hinders the idea of no censorship on Steemit. Now I don't know if @dantheman disliked my posts because honestly he's up voted my posts more than any other whale, but when I don't have an obvious reason it allows my mind to run wild with ideas. My post had 212 up votes and 1 single down vote from @dantheman, I think that if I had done something universally despised I would have gotten a lot more down votes than that.

On another level this came at a bad time for me. It's my 21st birthday on Monday and I was hoping to get this pay out in time for my birthday weekend, obviously this is a personal reason that is not related to anyone else but it affects my thinking when using Steemit.

All I want is to know why my post was down voted, I honestly don't care about the payout as I've made plenty on Steemit and I know it's not all about the $$$. But if I want to continue openly contributing to Steemit I need to know what I did wrong if I even did anything undesirable.

Hope to find out what happened.


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I think anyone who puts a flag should give a reason in the comments. Doesn't matter if you are Dan or Batman - it is just common courtesy.

Now the votes on that post have been completely wiped. This is concerning to say the least... Make it public @timd. Something very wrong is going on.

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I think it remains light grey permanently.

Indeed. The flag has to be removed or it has to be upvoted by the same amount of vesting power. Sorry to hear what happened. I checked out the post and I can't see anything wrong with it. IU'm unsure why you got flagged but there must be a reason. Contact Dan through his steemit chat channel and also the steemit-abuse-appeals channel. The community will help you solve your problem. Dan isn't the only person with power on Steemit and other whales are more than happy to go against him if need be.

If I was to be critical though, the only reason I could see your post being flagged is because @dantheman didn't like it. I don't know why but as you said, barrycooper mentioned this flaw in the design. It's the reason why I hate how the negative reputation system works. It should be a majority of negative votes, not just one vote from someone with a lot of power.

great comment, thanks dude!

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I agree- chat with Steemitabuse on chat, they will look into it.

Following I want to see if there is any answer, any follow up.

I read that if a subject has been over posted the trolls come out and down-vote you.. I am new to Steemit so I am not sure if I understood correctly. However, what I do is go out search out my subject before writing making sure 999 of the same subjects don't pop up. If I find a lot of them then I become more creative in my subject and content... like I said I am not sure if I read the article correctly about why people are down-voted so be careful of my reply. All the Best jamila-ym